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Erustal (EUW)
: Hey, I can play basicly every role, support is my best one. Feel free to ad me. Greetings Draconics
yo mate trying to add you for some games if you feel like it
: Bronze top laner looking for players to get out of bronze with
i aded you im jungle and also looking for player to do the same
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Gizzah (EUW)
: hey man, 26 year old player here, dont really care about elo just wanna have some fun and play. add meh if thats cool! Gizzah
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Hey there. Since I saw that it's something appropriate nowadays and well a duo works better in a game than a solo, I'll give this a try :). Well, I'm old enough, don't like to post my age, but I main top lane. My top lane champion pool stands sort of like this: {{champion:86}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:8}} (barely play him top anymore though, keeping him for mid mostly) {{champion:48}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:122}} and a few more. Won't write my entire top lane champion pool here though, kinda pointless, since I also play only a small few from them anyway, even though I know how to play with all of them, no matter what champion my opponent is playing. Edit: Curiously I can't find your name on Are you sure that you wrote it correctly? :)
okay i will add you mate are you really that old hehehe
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Honestly said mate, people try to avoid Bronze players. So I kinda doubt it that he'll be wanting to play with you at all, especially since you had to write in your post that you are getting out of bronze which kinda looks like, at least in my eyes, that you are trying to get out of Bronze.
mate playing in solo que is crazy yes but i want to play in team cuz i know that's the only way but in this game is not even about that anymore for people is about showing of oh look at me im im the best, i want to play with people that really want to play and know how to play and that i know how to do
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Delz (EUW)
: Looking for premade(s)
what rank do i ned to be im 28 btw looking for the same getting out of bronze
Wondol (EUW)
: Duo Silver II
hi mate im bronze 3 im not bad player i main jungle if you want to see add me kaponi2gs
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