: Simply because missconception ! Many people believe teemo is useless or a sign of a troll and feeder. In truth, i hate teemo but only when i see that "support" picking it, simply because im sure they will do bad. Teemo is not entirely useless, he is just a different type of champion with a different type of play, he is more like an ambush type of champion, using the shrooms to zone out, avoid ganks while also when someone steps on them they are revealed. Also it kinda of counters auto-attack champions. Teemo has its own use regardless what people say ! Just ignore the people and do your thing ! I climbed to gold yesterday for the first time ever playing trundle with 70%+ winrate. And people flamed me, you know why ? Because i choose to build bloodrazor on trundle rather than cinderhulk or warrior. People might think "But trundle will perform better with those items, those who flamed you are right" And maybe they are, if i was in higher elo ! I choosed bloodrazor to have that insane early attack speed together with my W and press the attack, the result was, super fast solo dragons and heralds, and also turrets falling down super fast, doing inibitors like ez and powerfull 1v1's. It worked for me, so i did't care what people told me and i just kept going. And here i am, gold V for the first time ^^ Good luck man !
I have not played trundle but I think its another champ I may try now you mention bloodrazor ;)
iSneez (EUNE)
: well it's simple mob mentality 1) many players use teemo as a mean of trolling, if somebody didn't get them a position they want, or banned their champion intend or not ban something they wish, they lock teemo and say they will troll and they will 2) many players understand wrogn what teemo counters top and they take teemo as a counter for strong top laners that they don't know what to go against them and they decided teemo is ok, and it's not, so they fail miserable and feed a lot. _ (I myself beat many teemos top laners which did not intentional feed or troll, but they were very bad temeo, so I guess they just think the teemo is counter for my picks and didn't knwo to play teemo well, and after I kill them, take fb and some other kills, I got so far ahead, and teemo being behind farm and super squishy and me being tanky with huge damage, every time teemo come on lane I would instant kill him even in towers. So for the team he look also like a troll) 3) lack of tank, cc, and anything really useful that other top laners can provide_ With all this in mind people think every teemo player is a troll and a feeder, or simply as in example 3 they see teemo as useless. And the only thing many in this community knwo to react is extrema flame and blame. IT's same as community flame yasuo players, and many time they ban their pick intend, and as soon as a yasuo die or the enemy gank bot/top lane they say typical noobs yasuo feed/not follow etc.
I have climbed out of bronze 5 in to silver with main teemo but I still have bad games where normally I would have no problem killing the top laner but clearly a good player can still beat little old teemo :)
: Because you make one mistake: you actually care about what some random backward kid is shouting at you in the chat, instead than laugh back at him or better still, mute him. /thread
> [{quoted}](name=Sarchiapon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LoMEnXEM,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-08-09T11:13:39.682+0000) > > Because you make one mistake: you actually care about what some random backward kid is shouting at you in the chat, instead than laugh back at him or better still, mute him. > > /thread well said I have now started muting players it actually helps and stops the tilt ;)
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: Constant Disconnect from Pvp.NET and Crashing
I am in the middle of a game and we have all froze

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