Pookyl (EUW)
: Banned ... !!!
Writing a comment, as my friend "Pookyl" as written a comment about buying an account, he is now banned from chat too .. lol Well you can also ban mine : Fuck you Riot.
Honuz (EUW)
: No really ?
Na, there is one chat log only. In pre chat Lucian said "do not worry i'll carry", i'm supp. Lucian said that i was bad cause i do not save him .. well.. he as been caught by Blitz at least 5 times .. ! So .. to reply to his assumption that i'm a bad supp, i asked him where was his carrying. About the dash .. well .. i peeled Blitz near our red to let's say 30% life ... he run .. flash to Drag pit .. and ... annnndd ... Lucian miss his dash .. and bang in the wall .. Blitz escape. Lucian will end 0/9/3 in this game and flamed me only because ... he was bad and can't carry. I warned him un pre chat cause i wanted to take a supp that was able to carry, Lux, Zil or even Sona.. that's were he said .. "no take a tank i'll carry". When i said "you're kind" it's the other supp said "naaa you're ok Alistar, your adc suck" ... lol.In fact i really feel that i was the cool guy in this chat log.. problem is that the agressive part is missing .. the one from the other players.
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Honuz (EUW)
: Screen Darked out after chosing Summoners spells
Update today, problem seems to have disappeared... :D, 4 games so far and no problem.
Honuz (EUW)
: Screen Darked out after chosing Summoners spells
Thanks man .. mean i'm not dreaming ... ;D
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: ARAM problem with Warmog.
I feel that Warmog on Soraka is pretty bad ... you need 3000 life for it to be effective... better go the AP way (more heal)
Hoaxer (EUW)
: screw? like with a screwdriver? Or did someone litterally have sexual intercourse with the database? Either way im really confused :S
As a swedish i suppose you need some english lessons. http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/screw+up
: [Resolved] Can not log on to EUW after "Live Server Maintenance"
I feel that someone screwed up the database ... :D
: minion block? what the fuck?
> [{quoted}](name=VallaarMorghulis,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=GaATAEGq,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-17T06:17:54.336+0000) > > just had a game where i was middle as lissandra vs talon upon striking a few enemy minions i tried to retreat and the MY own minions lined up behind me and i couldnt pass them forcing me to run around them like if a anivia wall was placed behind me. Talon ofcourse assasinated me there because i was in melee range and couldnt retreat cause of minionblock. So Riot pls. Hii, A week ago i was playing Alistar supp, helped jungler on Golem, i just stand behind golem to q them... then they lock up me here .. i couldn't go away.. :D, i was just forced to share exp with jungler ...
: Just wondering, I recall a time where Riot said they were going to increase the server capacity by building an extra server in Amsterdam. Anyone of you know something about that? Or is it just my mind that's all twisted?
Yeeaahh that's the probem in fact ... they got a server in Amsterdam .. but these guys are smoking wayyyy too much.. and bam ...
Dêvoki (EUW)
: dont u get really high ping playing on euw server?
I got 40-60ms, France
Caltys (EUW)
: EUW server lagging?
Same here, from France ... can't log in ... !
Hyperbowl (EUW)
: Lost connection, now unable to reconnect.
Same thing here, was in a middle of a ranked .. was disconnected and now impossible to connect again


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