: hey i am 1v9 Escape Room this is my EUW account we want you to try it out on our team we need to find a mid and jungle for now
I hope you have a great day so far :) See you soon in the game.
: hey i am 1v9 Escape Room this is my EUW account we want you to try it out on our team we need to find a mid and jungle for now
Hy there,thank you for the messages I will add you.I hope we can find a team and start the journey. Thank you.
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Hi there.I m a d4 main top and i m looking for a very seroius team to play with.My past rank was D1 but I lost games and I end up on D5 this sesson.At the moment I m in d4 so if you want someone to play serious I thing I m the one. In game my name is Hopee. Thank you.
Priy (EUW)
: Comp Team LF Plat TOP and MID (sub)
Hi there.I m D4 main top lane and I m looking for a very serious team because I want to be a pro.I m living in London. If you need me please let me know.
Hi there I m looking for a serious team to play with at the moment I m D4 top main but not a long time ago I was d3 . My name in game is Hopee. Text me here or in game if you wanna play with you guys. Thank you.
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: Dang you're feeling bad about being Plat.. I never even made it to Gold. Maybe someday. Until then I'll just focus on other things, like Increasing my Mastery and getting chests. The most important thing about playing a game is not winning or being high elo, it's having fun and relaxing. I hope you can find a way to have fun too.
The thing is I want to finiah in dimond this sesson.I have fun but I like to muche to win .I don t know if i have time to reaxhe dimond again this year.I made it to dimond in one sesson from silver because I give my older account to my girl.
Arnoter (EUW)
: I guess you just have been lucky to get into a Rank that you dont deserve, thats the problem this whole Season has.
I dont think so i was 30 wins above good win rate good mmr.My mmr was for dimond.But after you riche dimond you start to lose alots of games. Thank you.
: I was near gold 2 then i demoted to gold 5 20 lp. Take a break or just stop being on try hard mode and enjoy your achievements. Plat 4 in EUW is still very impressive elo. If you're not interested going pro Diamond means nothing besides bragging.
Thank you.I m to sad to play again I have friends that are dimond and I play better then them in every game and they are dimond.And i have a friend he got demoted as well and after ge win 5 games in raw ans boom dimond 5 again.But in my case i had only troola aflk etc in my team really impossible to do something.
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