: well tbh, what is the problem being d4? atleast ure not silver or gold? why would u go higher? only stress and more hardship will follow there, and also your grammar needs fixing so maby you are the problem to your own demise? your chaotic writing is also can be a implication that you yourself is your biggest enemy. who knows. {{champion:120}}
Bro I didn t ask you to help me with my write in the first place.And english is not my first language.
BadboyUG (EUW)
: Lend me your account, I'm B5. I will take you to D1 or die trying!
: i know how u feel i had the same thing. But even when u get 15 lp and lose 23 ull get to D3. i did it aswell i was D2 then everyone in Diamond got demoted to fix matchmaking. so i become D3 then i lost all my games and i was stuck D4 0lp for while but after a month i started climbing again
Thank you this really motivate me. Wish you a good day!
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: hey i am 1v9 Escape Room this is my EUW account we want you to try it out on our team we need to find a mid and jungle for now
I hope you have a great day so far :) See you soon in the game.
: hey i am 1v9 Escape Room this is my EUW account we want you to try it out on our team we need to find a mid and jungle for now
Hy there,thank you for the messages I will add you.I hope we can find a team and start the journey. Thank you.
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Hi there.I m a d4 main top and i m looking for a very seroius team to play with.My past rank was D1 but I lost games and I end up on D5 this sesson.At the moment I m in d4 so if you want someone to play serious I thing I m the one. In game my name is Hopee. Thank you.
Priy (EUW)
: Comp Team LF Plat TOP and MID (sub)
Hi there.I m D4 main top lane and I m looking for a very serious team because I want to be a pro.I m living in London. If you need me please let me know.
Hi there I m looking for a serious team to play with at the moment I m D4 top main but not a long time ago I was d3 . My name in game is Hopee. Text me here or in game if you wanna play with you guys. Thank you.
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: Dang you're feeling bad about being Plat.. I never even made it to Gold. Maybe someday. Until then I'll just focus on other things, like Increasing my Mastery and getting chests. The most important thing about playing a game is not winning or being high elo, it's having fun and relaxing. I hope you can find a way to have fun too.
The thing is I want to finiah in dimond this sesson.I have fun but I like to muche to win .I don t know if i have time to reaxhe dimond again this year.I made it to dimond in one sesson from silver because I give my older account to my girl.
Arnoter (EUW)
: I guess you just have been lucky to get into a Rank that you dont deserve, thats the problem this whole Season has.
I dont think so i was 30 wins above good win rate good mmr.My mmr was for dimond.But after you riche dimond you start to lose alots of games. Thank you.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: I was near gold 2 then i demoted to gold 5 20 lp. Take a break or just stop being on try hard mode and enjoy your achievements. Plat 4 in EUW is still very impressive elo. If you're not interested going pro Diamond means nothing besides bragging.
Thank you.I m to sad to play again I have friends that are dimond and I play better then them in every game and they are dimond.And i have a friend he got demoted as well and after ge win 5 games in raw ans boom dimond 5 again.But in my case i had only troola aflk etc in my team really impossible to do something.
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