: Weiblicher Supporter mit Mutterinstinkt auf der Botlane.
: Lonely ADC player looking for a 'Tryhard' (Female) supp. No it's not a troll.
: Plat 2 Currently looking for Duo - Wanting to Hit Diamond before end of season
were you toxic last season? you dont have a border. i was gonna suggest my boyfriend as duo q but u lost that border for a reason 8D or were you bronze?
Fitcher (EUW)
: Auto fill is the same a choosing support.
disagree. hm i always fill, sometimes i get jungle even tho i always hope for supp :B
lol2907 (EUW)
: Mute button
i don't think flame is the problem on euw. Previous games ive seen afk players, players complaining of kills stolen and abandoning the game and coming back later to ruin the game, intentionally feeding, helping enemy on all chat etc. The main problem is the players behavior and mute button doesn't stop that kind of behavior "omg you ks, i go afk" its always like this.. you have a chance to win when such negative player leaves but the game is lost when he is back, claims afk farm, feed n etc. how to deal with those? Thats the main reason i get restricted from games cus i don't know how to deal with that kind of immature player and since we all know this community has all kind of ages but mostly teenagers raging and behaving bad towards team plays. So give me a solution and i shall behave well next matches ;) I always escape to eune, you don't see that very often there.
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