: Especially leona is easy to kite, if she cant reach you with her e shes practically dead when shes 1 v 1 against you. If she's not, you're bad- end of the story.
Yes she is but if she is already right next to out of brush, which is what has happened you cant escape her that easily. Thats where her damage comes in.
Hokuto (EUNE)
: Learn to ''kite'' and ''position'', I'm an adc main and I've got no trouble vs's supports and tanks, i have more trouble with lethality nocturnes, khazixes, rengars and the rest of the crazily overpowered junglers. P.S. Leona's e range is pretty low, just stay out of it.
I have been an ADC main for like 2-3 seasons now, and i have no problem with kiting and my position, yes it needs work but i still should not be being out damaged by her.
: I feel like they were going somewhere last patch with adc, mf was awesome! But this patch they just made a u-turn, nerfing Giant slayer and warlords. Riot needs to fix adc's or its gonna be an apc meta. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I think its because last season ADC's were very powerful, so they have nerfed them, and rightly so. But the nerf was way to big and made them useless, but the last patch helped them a lot, and then riot though "oh shit they are getting op again" and not the new patch has destroyed them again.
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