: No one care if you defend yourself. You are toxic you get baned.
: "Report Olaf , Literally Inting" , "Your champ is braindead and busted", " Litteraly 0 skill required playing kled but still broken af" and " Ff this" as proof of negative attitude/Flaming. (the 4 people flaming you, can be easly muted soo idk why you didnt do that right off the bat.)(edit: Also calling someone "low elo" can be flame)
Thats not flame, and thats not negattive. I discuss how broken a champ is. Since when is talking about a champ and saying that you don't like it and think it's op against the rules? So i'm not allowed to talk about champs? Olaf ran it down multiple times in my lane. Asking to report him is a normal and not toxic reaction. Thats like i'd go to jail after calling the police cause someone abused me. FF this? Is just trying to discuss the game state with my team. I thought we couldn't win anymore, so i asked them what they think. If they want to continue then i'd love to, but if they don't want to then it's better to ff so we don't waste eachothers time. So asking my team about the game state and if they think that we can win or not is against the rules?
: You didn't defend yourself, you insulted them back. You're as low as them.
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