: What I am implying is that fnatic may know how to play vs the european playstyle, but what will happen when they get to the eastern one? I mean hell, Korea and China fight over buffs, whereas european and american teams don't seem to do this (they mostly just let the enemy have it because it does neither give you a tower nor does it get you a baron/dragon.
time will tell, throug somehow I think fnatic will rape everyone, cos they know how to close games super efficiently and fast if ahead and most importantly how to come back... gg wp
: How to beat SCHWEINE?
swain kit has very little ability to get ahead. he is only scary if he is very far ahead (like 2-3k gold), also without landing his hard cc, which is easily dodjeble, he has a hard time to stick t someone. while it may look like his late game is crazy strong his range on ult is very small so adcs that can 2-3 shot him lategame can just kite with help of supports
: idea is nice but some people would be fucked like if you have random passive (not gnar) lb q gnar w darius e and gnar ult your lb q cant trigger second time and your damage is kinda 0
that would be part of the fun XD
Kouèn (EUW)
: Please Learn English before playing English Games...
did you know that lol is owned by chinese? PLS learn chinese before playing chinese games
: PBE Updates on Skarner likely going a wrong way
don't worry your {{champion:72}} and my love {{champion:82}} are on their way to join the league of the dead champions, alongside great remakes such as {{champion:26}}, {{champion:45}}
: Also, what I remember from the 2 HotS games I've played: - People on a team evolve in level at the same rate - People can't get judged on farm - There are no assists, everyone contributing earns a kill People are less reliant on a bad personal early game. So they are less likely to be completely unimportant afterwards. For my personal experience, for the biggest part toxicity doesn't come from emotes or all chat. It comes from how people/teammates play or behave.
yep and that's the reason why 2-3 people on the losing team kept wishing cancer and death to all when the game was ending in hos until I've disabled the chat.
: Way less flame in Heroes of the storm
I've played a bit of heroes of the storm and after 3 games in a row of nonstop crying and flaming I've decided to disable all game chat there, so pls stop your bs about how it's a toxic free paradise oh and there is no "report" ability so most likely they would not even get anything for it cos bad words were disguised/not in english
: ***
not really, I played her a few times and I don't enjoy playing smash your face on the keyboard type champions. it just means that you are actually a very slow learner... that's all lol can be broken down to 3 tipes of major skills: 1) overall game strategy, how to win efficiently games if you are ahead and come back if you are behind 2) knowing when to engage and disengage, knowing when the champion you are playing with has a power spike that is greater than the champion(s) that you are fighting with 3)being able to press the buttons of your champion correctly and on time, knowing what and when to press you don't need to play any games with any champion to know the first 2 major parts, only the last one requires practice with a particular champion and riven is like one of the easiest champions to learn.
: ***
by properly you mean you learned the game strategy and match ups? no offence but it's not learning the champion but learning how to play the game. as a champion riven has the same skill requirements as garen or annie, though annie is a bit harder since she actually has 2 skill shot abilaties
: ***
wow you are a slow learner ... it took me 5 min
: Hey SirZeros, There is a variety of reasons for the reconnect button to appear, it can be a local network issue, something related to the computer/client, an ISP issue, a server side issue etc. While the symptoms for these problems end up being the same (reconnect button appears) the issue that causes it may not. Could you add a bit more of information about what's the behavior of the client you are experiencing when the reconnect button appears for you? How often do you see this problem? Example: When I jump from champ select to the game I see a black screen, then it disappears and the reconnect button is shown but I can't get back into the game because the same black screen appears briefly before going back to the reconnect button. This occurs every single time I try to play a game on EUNE. Once I get a bit more information on your specific issue I maybe able to help more.
I have exactly the same problem every time the game gets patched - very slow connection then when you start the game it never loads and reconnect button appears endlessly. the problem seems to go away after a bunch restarts of the client and it takes to log into the first game about 20-30 min and becomes normal afterwards. I tried doing that in custom games but for some weird reason it does not solve the problem so I'm forced to ruin someone else game with an afk ps it happens on all regions, so once you do the procedure in one region they all work fine
: Am I the only one who doesn't want new champions?
my major problem with new champions is that they are all stupidly op on release, with only bard being kinda crap. yasuo, reksai, ekko now... while i like some of the design and think it's cool, they are so broken and so unfun to play against for the next 6+ months after their release that it makes me just hate them and my mind just refuses even the idea of playing those abominations. also since riot releases champions super op on purpose (they even admitted doing so multiple times) I would strongly prefer if they would just stop releasing new champions all together
: I don't have to agree with that because there is a lot fun when new champions are coming up. Because whenever u will get bored same champions whole the time you might have fun playing with new ones new tips new play style
get bored with old champs? there are like 120 of them, even if you play 24/7 and 1 game per champion it will take a week to play through all of them...
Sdars (EUW)
: I really dislike the concept of tanks/semi-tanks with burst. But the thing about those 3 is their damage is still way lower than Vi's, and their engages are dodgeable.
there are ways to dodge vi ult as well {{item:3157}} for mages and {{item:3140}} for adcs and {{item:3222}} for support so if you put your effort into it, you can just dodge her ult
Sdars (EUW)
: So about Vi...
a lot of champions have high base damage and can go full tank and still deal a lot of damage as long as they are fed, eg - {{champion:54}} - give him a few early kills and he can mass murder everyone with his ult while being completely unkillable, {{champion:421}} has shit ton of damage as well even if goes full tank, {{champion:102}} can do it with a full tank build etc
MrVört (EUW)
: Galio Support
the main question is not if he is viable, but rather is he better or worse than other supports? his ult is awesome, but the rest of his kit feels kinda mediocre and if you don't land a good ult you will be totally useless, unless you expect to be able to peel for your adc with some shitty slow.
KagMaster (EUNE)
: If u report them they will be deleted from ur queue
Aomei (EUNE)
: Riot...where is the new client? The replay system? Anything??
replays the dream XD but somehow i think I will not see it in my lifetime
: It is really this that is making me hesitant about trying out ranked. I do great with my favourite champions, but still even with them sometimes you just run into better players. It is how it is. Even on a good day I can experience getting trashed with my best champ, and at that point there's really not much to do than fight with tooth and nail to try and win anyways. Which usually don't help, but the issue isn't the losing; it's the people who just can't handle that we are losing and fly off the handle. Sometimes games don't go so well, that's all. Of course it is frustrating when the team is doing well, but the mid keeps taking chances and dying, ignoring pings, ignoring to put down wards, won't call for help or come and help anyone else... You can actually lose just because of one person, if the actions of that one person is sabotaging enough. But it's still just a game, nothing to get ones panties in a twist over. But yeah, it makes just the thought of ranked really scary, because considering how badly people react in normal, lol, I am not looking forward to seeing their reactions in ranked whenever someone makes a mistake :P
people tend to be more chill in ranked, cos they know that flaming only makes it worse...
Agidyne (EUW)
: Typical SoloQ Champ Select.
huckasex (EUW)
: it will be encouraged to be toxic to other players thus it wont happen but good to know that you want to increase toxicity
nobody is gona bully someone to get 20 ip... this sort of people just have to be punished, and if they get toxic over 20 ip they will get toxic over cs or just randomly dieing in enemy's jungle so nothing will change there.
Fórsa (EUW)
: Ye it's really fun when all this guys who write qq threads are unranked bronze and silver.It's like in WoW when some guys crying about op setups and classes when they playing on 1500 mmr. Just hope Riot will not listen them.
the game should be balanced around the majority, not around 1% diamond players. thank god that's what riot is thinking and that's why we had another katarina nerf in the last patch...
: If you tried HotS once, you regognize that this community is a community of angels. But that's because of the style of HotS. You don't have gold after you kill something, EXP is for all, not only one. So there is no reason to play egoistic. You even get a "kill" when it's only an assist, and they aren't worth THAT much either though. You won't ever hear a "omg ks", "stop taking my cs" or something like that. The playstyle of HotS is way more obviously aimed on teamplay and does not grant egoistic players anything (taking all the kills, abandoning the team to not die because of "stats", farming all the game, etc) Think about that and then ask yourself where all this toxicity in League comes from: They too often forget that League is also a game based on teamplay
but it's also the downfall of the game - good luck solo carrying when you can't snowball your advantage
: People that in ranked go intentionally afk with the purpose to ruin the game should be permabanned
actually I think the guy just wanted attention, he wanted you to beg him to stay and play... guess it worked
: yo i agree here. there are too many guys just losing on purpose cause i dont know why. i had a ranked, was playing viktor, good cs, ahead in kills/assists not dat mayn deathslike evryone else, as nasus said " fuck this, i go troll now" and so he did, intentionally feeding, doing nothing helpful, telling enemies what we do. i guess his reason was he lost his lane. he was like 0/3/2 so nothing special. But he totally ruined a game we were ahead just cause he wanted to
that's rare for nasus players... guess he was a total noob since it's very common for them to go 0/3 and carry lategame
: No, I don't have to do things just because you think so.
it's not about having to do anything... nobody can force you to press the buttons, but rather what you should try to do if you want to win, if you refuse to communicate and work as a team... well you are more likely to lose. like do you let your teammate go to his pref role or take it and force him to play elsewhere..., cos when you do you better carry and not complain about feeding
: Have never been to bronze. I started in silver 4.
that's very unlucky, the joy from finaly getting out after 25 failed promo attempts is unforgetagble
: I am a silver scrub for 3 seasons now AMA
how long did it take you to get out of bronze?
: supports rant
yeah sona got nerfed a bit too hard... through she can still do her poke staff but since you can't solo win botlane any more and going full ap kinda makes you useless lategame overall makes her weak. That being said I think janna is still very strong, especially after the coin buff, same goes fro nami.
: what about ennemy team not having fun 5 v 4
I'm with you on this one in normals... I get no joy out of winning 5v4 unless my enemy ragequit after losing his lane to me only.
: 5.11 patch notes
ekko no change... and no nerf on ryze srly? worst patch evar and why would you want to buff jayce? he was fine as it was
: > [{quoted}](name=Horus Maximus,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ftPLBw9g,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-06-08T22:31:01.337+0000) > > lol kata and riven are high skill champions, guess all garen players should be proud since their champion is way harder to play. Kata isn't high skill, she is relatively easy. And Riven is low ping rather than high skill.
did you read my comment? hm maybe you are tiered.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: The problem with this is that there could/would be things that simply can't be countered or fought against. That kind of system isn't based on an individuals level of skill, but exactly on those op champions/heroes. Whereas currently the skills to beat all the champions are in everybody's reach. If you can't beat these champions right now, you can only blame yourself. If you couldn't beat these champions in an unbalanced system, well, there would be no point in improving, because one's skills wouldn't be the factor defining the victor.
considering how matchmaking system works there is no point in improving, it's just that it's annoying how some people that enjoy playing op 0 skill smash your face on the keyboard and at the same time are actually very bad players can easily beat you. eg currently there are retardo ryze running around - boring to play but op as hell. unskilled people want to win so much that they are prepared to suffer through games with that abomination
: Why isn't Shyvana played that much?
it's not that she is bad but rather there are better options that do the same and more things better.
Hogsy (EUNE)
: So if by picking Katarina and Riven and mashing all buttons you just win, why don't you pick them and get yourself to gold?
a) I'm gold b) I don't actually care about ranking up c) i find them boring to play, even playing soraca is more fun
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Because professional level represents the maximum potential for the heroes/champions. If you base balance on bad players, it will mean the good players will be able to abuse the flaws in the system much easier. Whereas if the system focuses on pro players, there is always counterplay available if you know how to use it.
I would prefer to play a game where only 1000 out of 10 000 000 can abuse system and I will probably never play against them, rather than having a system where the game goes omg they picked that champion gg unless we have that 1 out of 1000 pro people on our team
Siiniix (EUW)
: Problem is you are comparing pub winrates (ranked games) in both games while dota has a huge discrepancy between pub and pro games. For example the hero you picked for dota with the highest win rate in pubs is one of the least picked hero in pro play simply cause he's pretty shit in most situations. So what does balance mean? Having close to 50% (45-55) on all heroes on all games no matter who's playing them, or having close to 50% winrate on those heroes in pro play. If you choose random pub games then yeah i guess dota looks insanely imbalanced, but if you choose the pro games you will see that most heroes that you see being played often will levitate around 50%.
why do I care if the champions are balanced for pro lvl when I play bronze lvl? since vast majority of players are not pros that means that game is unblalnced for like 99% of the player base. as developer you must make a decision if you are making a game for 1000 people or for 10 000 000 people, and I prefer the dev that makes games for me and not for the pro dude.
Hogsy (EUNE)
: Are you implying Garen is harder than Kata and Riven?
a lot harder, with garen you actually have to time your q with their slows... riven and kata are press all the buttons and win
Hogsy (EUNE)
: Extreme Ego Inflation.
lol kata and riven are high skill champions, guess all garen players should be proud since their champion is way harder to play.
: Players just don't care about reports... they brag about smurf accounts and apparently nothing happens to them... smurf or not... they keep on coming in greater numbers by the day... I'm loosing my patiente in a game that was supposed to be fun and entertaining... i don't want to be challenger far from that but getting fun in ranked games is just IMPOSSIBLE... allways someone to feed, troll, abuse... Until a day that i will be forced to stop and look for another game from another company looking for that "good times" playing a fun game... RIOT... that day is coming... sooner that i expected... unfortunatly...
Kitsy (EUW)
: Because to deem a champions balance levels you compare it how it does for its potential vs other champions potential etc. You dont balance a champion over the incompetense of other players.
well luckily for us riot does not think so, that's why back in the day they nerfed amumu and that's why they will nerf kat
: Refund Idea
idia is great, but 0 chance of getting implemented since riot is on a hunt of monetarisaton right now
Kitsy (EUW)
: > b) have a nice reaction time and awareness while the 5v5 going on This is why she almost never see a competative game in LCS etc. Katarina just like many other assassins and niche champions are pub stompers. They excel at killing people who are bad at the game. (no offense) So what should the game be balanced around? Bronze-Gold? Or Diamond-Challanger? > c)not make a mistake of her w that she ulted... which happens all the time cos same animation Now this is a point i can agree on that it should be easier to see if she ults or W. Riot said they are on a crusade for clarity (rip sona), so they should do something about this point.
since the vast majority of player base are in bronze - gold (over 70%) it should be balanced around them. that's not taking into account all unranked players, and since majority of players don't even play ranked and around bronze-silver skill that makes about 90% of players that would greatly benefit from katarina nerf. why should the game be balanced around 10% of player base?
: No, the next champion is going to have an ability with high mobility which may briefly turn you invulnerable and invaluable, an hp execute or higher damage vs lower hp opponents, a boomerang type of ability, a skillshot, and a kit which will include harass, sustain, burst, high dps, mobility and cc. Because none of the new champs have that. PS no hard feelings rito, just a joke.
is it? very close to truth so far, exxo can't execute low hp, but has the rest. next one will probably have even more
Kitsy (EUW)
: Pick 1 champion with stun on a short CD and be on "Katarina" duty.... Seriously Katarina is just a different version of Master Yi, Akali and other champions alike. Loaded with damage and dies extremly fast when focused.
just no.. and all champs you mentioned do not delete your team so fast, also apart from katarina there are other enemies on the other side and you can't always save all of the cc for 1 champion, and even if you do it only takes 1 sec to delete half of the team so you a)have to be close with insta cc (that very few champions have) b) have a nice reaction time and awareness while the 5v5 going on c)not make a mistake of her w that she ulted... which happens all the time cos same animation
Ancestor007 (EUNE)
: We have a special deal just for you(its for everyone but we say it like this to look awesome). Are you sick of dying due to ganks, roams, gacechecks etc? We have something that could help you. {{item:2044}} For only 75 gold, your safety is ensured for the next 3 minutes. {{item:2043}} At the price of 100 gold, this product can keep you safe until someone is smart enough to check the bush. {{item:3361}} An upgrade to the boring trinket, that basically gives you unlimited wards. Also: Blue trinket, Sightstone, Teemo shrooms etc..... And, of course, pings! A simple ping can safe 2 teammates. Stop QQ- ing about champions and learn how to counter them. Every champion has something that makes him/her anoying({{champion:27}} cough cough). Just learn to counterpick and how to play against a champion. Also, you can ban her.
what about the rest of the team? you suggest as a midlaner I should roam around and place 30 wards on the map... oh wait i can only place 3... oh wait the botlane ignores vision and still pushes at 30% hp... happens all the time
Uvec (EUNE)
: She cant feed off lane unless your teammates are braindead.
jamsteren (EUW)
: all you have to do is play her a few times and understand her so its easier to counter her i myself main viktor and i played kata a while and i almost always win lane against her just make sure u get a good slow or stun on her or anu form of cc and u can burst her down really easy {{champion:55}} = instantly dead when i play {{champion:112}} :3
it's not about winning the lane but winning the game
MisterA1 (EUW)
: It's funny how you still think lee sin is a top tier jungle, while he isnt even close to that. This just says you are one of those people who hate a champions kit, while they aren't necessarily overpowered. Same goes for all the other champs you have listed: {{champion:39}} her kit basically has everything for a toplaner, but she doesn't fit well in the current meta. (she is still strong) {{champion:55}} plays well against chaotic teams, because she capitalizes on people's mistakes {{champion:7}} Annoying in lane, but there is so much counterplay, unlike most people think. She actually has to be in your face to do damage and it can be stopped even in mid air. Think of champions like {{champion:103}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:101}}, even {{champion:99}} can do it. {{champion:92}} Noone likes riven, hard to lane against if you arent a top main and does alot of sustained and even semi-burst damage, while she has an ad scaling shield on low cooldown. The easiest way to win against her is just to pick a champ that beats her lane, she wont be that much of a treat anymore. {{champion:119}} Has obvious counter play. {{champion:64}} He used to be the best jungler, but nowadays there are simply better champs that can do the same thing better.({{champion:421}} ) + he struggles if he doesnt get going, because he is very squishy and his damage is meh if you dont build ad. If a champ has an annoying/overloaded kit, it doesn't necessarily mean they are overpowered, think of {{champion:412}} {{champion:150}} .
yes but {{champion:412}} is overpowered as fuck... top priority pick in pro scene and by any support main in soloq, same goes for {{champion:150}}
: And I'm just here ranting inside my head about how OP Brand is... I mean really... you cry about Katarina but not Brand?? Brand: Offers CC Offers AOE damage Offers DOT Offers ultimate which deals easily 1k-1,5K damage to one person Doesn't have counter play to his ultimate Has "skillshots" but hitboxes are so large they are just "shots" Katarina: Offers AOE damage Is melee Is super squishy Relies purely on getting fed Relies purely on getting ultimate out for at least most of its duration Relies on enemies not giving a f%#¤ about her casting ultimate Relies on allies dealing damage to the enemies Relies on allies CC'ing the enemies Relies on allies tanking for her Relies on allies peeling her Relies on resets Relies on enemies throwing all their CC to somebody before going in Relies on enemies being squishy
brand has no mobility, he can't jump in and out or run away..., also his cc is a skillshot combo ie you have to hit 2 skillshots to to it and it's a single target
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