Gerbie (EUW)
: No problem. Took me some time aswel, I was once young and got upset about those simple things. Now I'm old and wise... {{champion:26}} As soon as you realise that it has no point to rage you're ahead of 80% of the LoL players I'd say.
exactly! it just feels WAY BETTER, since im allowed to play ranked again, i havent dropped a game! i feel like this is because of my attitude and keeping it up for the team!!
Gerbie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Houdoe,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=JTn18EJv,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2015-03-20T12:26:37.962+0000) > > since when ingame, people tend to see feedback as "flame" and you'll get reported anyway.. Exactly that. It's a bit unfortunate, but a lot of people feel like they're being put on the spot and really a lot of people who play league simply don't know how to take or give out advice properly. There's no point in argueing whilst playing the game - afterall it distracts you from it and costs time. If you do want to help during the game and give tips, be very careful with it and always talk about the future. With that I mean, it's always better to say "Perhaps next time you could..." instead of "What you did there was.." We can't change the past, but we can improve for the future.
Hmm i might try that sometime, its not always that they say its flame, some people say thanks i'll try it and others just dont respond, i guess everyone has his own way of taking in feedback.. Also, you're right about the distracting part, when arguing you cant look for rotation to siege upon, or focus on farming since typing takes all the time:p Thanks a ton man!!
PyroTom (EUW)
: I think that everyone should tell each other when they've made a good play, and good job. Or if someone is doing bad, just tell them to play safer and give them help when you can. Flaming really doesn't help any situation. But sometimes I have to flame someone who is just trolling, or AFK.
I feel like i want to call out ragers or trollers too, but i taught myself not to because i'll be just as bad as they are, whenever i feel like i want to type i just mute whoever is inputting negativity! Thanks for your comment!
Mada (EUW)
: gj! gj! is especially strong if you have the chance to say it to someone who didn't do particularly well before that. That's what I really like to write. Also if someone flashes at the beginning of the game or something like that, I write "So what? The enemy doesn't know ^^" And with people I often play with, I like to apologize that my playing quality very strongly correlates to the fun I have in the game. So basically passive aggressive is my cryptonite. Please never write stuff like "rly?" or "why?" or something like that to me or anyone on the team. It will make me play worse! But I want to play better. So I can have more fun ^^
YES YES YES, people hate receiving critisism, so its better to just let it go, they are probably saying f*ck behind their computers and if i comment on the flash the first thing i'm gonna see is "stfu" so i'm just gonna not say anything:p By the way, i find myself having way more fun lately, especially when people make mistakes.. i just laugh!! XD
CplAzazel (EUW)
: I love to see this! It's so nice to see restrictions actually working and reinforcing what us good guys have been saying all along! Positive attitude helps teams work together and win a lot more and if you loose you can all have a laugh and just appreciate the skills of the other team!
Don't get me wrong, i had to get like 3 or 4 to finally understand im being an ignorant fool, but the message got through and im glad it did! :P TY!!
: This is BS, I wonder when you get banned again, if you will see this "punishment" as none other than ridiculous
First off i never got banned, i have been restricted and honestly, if i wasnt such a dick, it wouldn't have happened.. i made those people report me so i got punished for it.. as long as i dont trigger any reports, i'll probably be good, and thats what im doing ;) I wish the same for you buddy!
Gerbie (EUW)
: It's simple really. Just follow this flowchart. You feel like talking in the chat, and what you wish to type out... 1) Contributes to winning the game or help improve your allies performance at this moment? Go ahead and say it! 2) Has a bad impact on the progress of the game i.e. flaming, calling out someone's mistake, raging? Do not say it, just shut up and keep playing to the best of your abilities! Everyone makes mistakes - usually the player itself knows best when they make them. Calling someone out on their mistakes during a game is really annoying to that player regardless of what it was. If anything speak up about it AFTER the game and give them tips to improve. Just raging helps noone.
I'm pretty much doing this, if its not going to affect gameplay in a positive way, i'd rather just shut up.. and giving tips AFTER the game helps a ton since when ingame, people tend to see feedback as "flame" and you'll get reported anyway.. Thanks for the tip!!
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
"your flaming will set them on fire and they will solely focus on replying to your spiteful taunts, completely throwing the game off balance only to satisfy your sadistic hunger. " This was me basically.. It's just a matter of not letting it get to you, if you play bad and someone calls you out for it, just accept it, responding is only going to make him more angry, and suddenly both you and him are 1-7 and then the rest of the team is gonna go at it :p Thanks for responding mate! appreciate it!
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I'm trying to do this!! whenever someone puts up a negative attitude i just say WE GOT THIS BUDDY!! also, i found out that people really like the word buddy. I feel like it really helps when i say something like : Relax buddy, we're gonna be fine! Thanks for responding to everyone by the way!
: Great! Even when only one person decides to behaive better, it's a progress for the game. :) My first rule of taking the motivation up: NEVER flame back! Don't say "xxx reported because xxx". With this the others will flame even more and they dont care, because you already report them.
This is so true! i was that guy that always responded to them and eventually ended up also flaming, its way better to just not say anything and incase of extreme toxicity i just press mute :)
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