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: Totally agree on general problem the community has with sexism and racism (recently had someone in my team calling for everyone to kill black people) and also strongly agree on the language problem in france. The situation with Jax Anderson is a bit more tricky I think as I thought her song was ok when I heard it on YT but the performance was really weird and a bit odd.
but still the main argument I hear was "she looks too plain (in regards to her clothing)" and "ugh her tongue thing is gross".
: > >We’re currently working to ensure that the 2019 World Championship in Europe will exceed your expectations. I look forward to watching alongside you as the best players in the world meet to compete in the toughest, most competitive global esports tournament on the planet. Worlds 2018 Finals: 60000 capacity Worlds 2019 Finals: 20000 capacity Improvement???? Edit: There are 20+ better and bigger stadiums in France, and I am certain that enough people would come. Now it wont even get media attention in other countries, while in 2017 (Beijing), the finals were a topic in the national news in Belgium.
I don't think in Europe actually that many people will want to go there. China and South Korea have a different mentality about esports. At least that is my assumption based on experience.
: How to ward like an LEC pro
I'm a supp main. In my games usually I have a vision score around 50-70 in a 35min game. As I'm gold/plat probably my ward placements are crappy compared to Dia/Master/Challenger however what I usually have to play with are people who get in the same time span maybe 10-20 vision score, outright refusing to buy control wards or use their trinkets. I literally had people who started flaming me when I asked them to use their wards when they had still a vision score of 0 and 2 wards on their trinket ready for use after 10minutes of game play! I understand when people just don't know that its good to sell the dorans item when all other spots are locked to get a control ward or forget to use the trinket occassionally (happens to me sometimes too when I'm off-role) but then if someone comes and reminds you or asks nicely they get angry about it. Not to speak about the whole argument of "this is gold, people don't know what to do with vision" one of the biggest missconceptions there is (always better to SEE than to GUESS even in Bronze)
: I don't get why the women part has to be stressed tho, for me the people that are deserving to be in an LEC pro team are only the best of the best. Whether they are male or female doesn't hold any significance, as this is not impacting performance.
the problem is that because so far only men were successful and are present a) women could think they don't even have the chance/are not allowed in the LEC (like having a separate league but without teams/coverage) and b) to show that other women/girls play can inspire girls/teens to be more open about themselves playing games and c) its a good image opportunity for Riot after all the scandals in America
: Did you drive one during lessons? Did your parents drive you to the vacation location when you were young? Do you take the bus, a cab or a train? If the answer is yes, then no, you are not allowed to have an opinion.
you sure are a funny comedian. Unfortunately also quite wrong but thats okay at least I had a laugh.
: You all act like its easy to get big brands on board and while I don't like Shell myself. I like that gaming starts to get attention from bigger brands.
I have the same mixed feeling as you can see in my general comment to the announcement. However as a company you need to think about your image and audience as well. If your target group is likely to disklike a certain sponsor you might not want to go that direction. Not sure if Riot anticipated a big baglash with it
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: Ya'll here commenting like you don't drive around in cars yourself, using petrol. Start walking or stop talking.
I have no car. Am I allowed to have an opinion now?
: Introducing Shell as Official Partner for the LEC
as much as I like to see esports prosper and getting all these "conventional" companies on board I have to say that Shell feels like a bad choice. Esports feels like a thing for younger generations as an innovative, modern, future-directed sport/entertainment while oil production and conventional fuel feels outdated, old-fashioned and "backwards"-looking. With this plus the always present topic of global warming and climate change it just feels to me like a partner that will generate a lot of bad image for you Riot and it sends a wrong message to your younger audience. I hope that you will have the opportunity to change your decision next split/year and get a partner that fits better.
: Sadly I don't count Fnatic to be this strong in this spring split, I believe Nemesis has already been around in the challenger series without that big of an impact and I doubt fnatic can work around him as well as they did with caps. Rekkles relies too much on a slow lategame meta with his passive playstyle and unique champion pool. However, if Bwipo and Broxah improve their Synergy I believe Fnatic can still make top three as long as Nemesis and Rekkles can keep up with the best.
the players that stayed at FNC didn't get any worse though. Rekkles still a strong ADC, Broxah still the best jungler in EU, Bwipo definitely one of the best top laners. So why would they not appear in a "who's best" ranking? Everything else isn't asked here. Also I still hope that people underestimate Nemesis. So far FNC had a very good hand in picking Midlaners so I am willing to give them time. He can learn during Spring and then FNC can evaluate him and the team as a whole.
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: We don't know. So little info's they provide , I've lost my hope in them, giving us a tribunal. They just resorted to Automated Systems. We will be always behind compared to all other MOBA's
if I remember correctly they are testing an even more automated system already which is supposed to work completely stand alone at the end if I recall the announcement correctly (so no tribunal anymore). I am not a fan of that either but it might be at least better than the current handling


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