MonstaX (EUNE)
: One thing bothers me in your thread and its your first sentence.You know to some people this is more then just a game, this is their passion.Maybe you dont care about it but there are those who do.So please as much as i want for people to stop whishing cancer ignorant and insensitve people like you should also stop calling it just a game...
Mate I've been playing this game forever. I love it just as much or even more than most people. But the reality is that, it IS just a game. Would you go kill someone in a football game just because you lost? No you wouldn't.
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: Zed OP? Dont think so!
Play Annie, wait till he ults, Tibbers on yourself and GG.
T1tan7 (EUNE)
: Well, its working fine to me, without bugs 😊
Working just fine for me aswell.
Febos (EUW)
: Master yi isn't OP. The combination {{item:3931}} + {{item:3124}} + {{item:3153}} is. To deal with master yi, the only thing you need to to is pick a champion with point-and-click HARD CC (and still good champion): {{champion:1}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:111}} There a some champions that have easy enough skill shots that can do the job: {{champion:53}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:412}} If that doesn't work for you, then you could try fighting "OPness" with "OPness": {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}} If that still doesn't work for you, then just ban him every game. Easy fix. Master Yi isn't the problem and the game is still playable.
QSS says Hi!!! Oh well, Master Yi is OP in low Elos, we just have to deal with these whine threads.
: I am genuinely worried about the new Assassin item
I dont believe this new item is gonna be such a big problem. You see, Riot has to do changes. If the game never changed, the community would stagnate and the game would die. This way, new stuff, new options, new game. Yea. I dont mind it. Also, Mercurial Scimitar is pretty much a must buy every single game. After you've gotten your IE and RFC or whatever on your ADC, the Scimitar is your next item of choice. Its not gonna be a huge deal. Mages can Zhonyas out of it, Marksmen can Cleanse out of it, Tanks can probably handle it. This is just a new exciting way to build up assasins. Although I do disagree with the fact that they are buffing assasins and not pure mages. I dont know.. Maybe Riot wants the game to be full of assasins and not the old school mages, like Xerath etc. TL;DR I dont think its gonna do much this new item. However I am very excited to see how it turns out.
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: WHY BAN???
Can't tell if troll....
Tycser (EUW)
: That is probably the reason, yeah. And let's be honest, LoL players WILL abuse it. I just felt I had to try, that's all. Though I think my solution is pretty solid. Still abuse-able though.
We all thought about it mate. It's just not gonna happen. Wish it would though.. Losing alot myself cuz of ragequitters etc.
Tycser (EUW)
: Bring back 'loss forgiven' for people like me who are really trying
Like in Dota 2. Someone leaves, they got 5 minutes I think, if not, stats wont be recorded and you can leave the game freely. Well, its gonna get abused. Thats why Rito wont do such a thing.
: Do you ACTUALLY read the terms of use?
Why do you post this? If Riot didnt make these ToS; No flamekid, ragekid, hacker, scripter, cheater, abuser or pretty much anyone, would ever get banned. Nobody would ever get banned. Would you want that? This thread is kinda pointless tbh. Any game or company has these. Why does it come as a surprise to you?
Enlight13 (EUW)
: I am just going to leave this here.
Omnus (EUW)
: In light of all the recent threads complaining about lag and DCs...
Thank you. Lmao But I lost 2 games cuz of dc's and afks.. So I understand peoples anger and stuff. BUT FFS PEOPLE THE GAME IS FCKING FREE TO FCKING PLAY CALM YOUR FCKING TITS THANK YOU Cheers bud
MrSnaiden (EUW)
I think Skarner is probably the best SoloQ jungler to carry with. He's got everything, and he's a juggernaut.
: I keep getting unknown error...who the fu ck is suppose to know what error it is then
Try repairing bud. Might help. Wont promise anything.
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: [PBE Changes] - Shorter waiting times before game start
This... This is beautiful. See fellas??? RIOT FCKING LISTENS!!! <3
: I cant log in
Thats just weird cuz Im in and playing..
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: Strange things happen in bottom left corner
This happens for me too!!! Omg I thought it was my computer just getting sloppy. Thank you!! Riot please!
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Huehashas, Unfortunately no matter the tool you're asking about, the response is always going to be "be cautious". As these tools are third party, we do not own, manage, maintain, audit, vet, or generally have affiliations with a majority of them - so we can not vouch for how legit they are and how well they adhere to the third party policy. That being said, the latest information we have given out about Lolwiz that I personally could find was 11 months ago: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Sargonas,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=ao7rYcrT,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2015-03-25T07:17:22.320+0000) > > Hey everyone! Just wanted to chime in, since someone asked about our thoughts on this. LoLWiz, in it's current incarnation, is no different from visiting OP.GG or LolNexus or any other similar site. The only real difference is that it is displayed via an Overwolf Plugin, rather than a web page. It's powered by the Riot API, and no questionable access the game client, so as of right now we have no issues with using this app and will not frown upon players who do so. > > That being said, we reserve the right to change our stance on this, if in the future the LoLWiz app adopts any functionality we find to be harmful to player's experience or the game's ecosystem. (Though if that happened we would first attempt reach out to LoLWiz and try to course correct things there, instead of banning players.) Also, naturally, we can never officially condone or promote the use of any third party tool, as we can never guarantee your game stability or safety in doing so. > > TL;DR - It's not directly affecting the client, as it is a component of Overwolf and not a game-mod, so you won't be banned. I do not believe Lolwiz has changed much - it still does not interact with the game, it does not change game components, and it is simply an overlay of information taken from the API. As with any application however it could be updated tomorrow to include things that are against our third party policy - which is why you won't get an outright "It's cool forever!", and why Sargonas above mentioned we reserve the right to change our stance, should LoLWiz change in a way that would be harmful.
This is my first rioter reply yay me! Thanks for the fast notice and reply aswell!! My second question would then be, do you guys make us aware of it? If it has a new update and it's now interacting with the game, would you guys tell? So that the innocent lazy players {like me}, will have a chance of uninstalling in time?
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Tao Ming (EUNE)
: Client improvement to have more fun and less champion selects
I think its something you have to do on your OS. Dont think rito can do much about it. Should be something with priority, google it.
Talonest (EUW)
: Chat Resctritions as an OPTION for those who enjoy the game like that
Try asking Riot Support for it. Give a good explanation and give good arguments for it. Heck, they might even give you a perma chat restrict. I highly doubt it, but its worth a shot. Good luck
Xplosive3 (EUW)
: Do you mean something like 3 months by using "a while after"?
: Oh sorry man, i thought this was a suggestion board.. why are you so bothered anyway, it's a suggestion board, people make suggestions and it's not up to you what gets implemented or not
Seeing it being mentioned on 5 posts every day, thats why Im bothered.
: It's not an issue for me as i know i have to press a button. It's for other people who cannot press that button thus resulting in 20 minutes queues for others. Later edit : i don't know if you read but I KNOW i have to lock in ! the issue i have is that not everybody knows this and i have to go into 5-6 attempts to a game because ppl cannot press that button. Also writing in caps doesn't make your point more valid especially when you don't understand the issue is long wasted time before entering a game, not my inability of pressing Lock In ;)
For crying out loud, its been a week since its release. Give it time...
: [Suggestion]Add automatic Lock In after timer expires
Not gonna happen. Deal with the fact that you now HAVE to lock in and stop spamming forums. EDIT: ALSO, FIRST TIME YOU USE THE NEW CHAMP SELECT, ITS WRITTEN ALL OVER THE CLIENT THAT YOU HAVE TO LOCK IN!!!! Really getting annoyed of people like you.
Xplosive3 (EUW)
: A question about chatbans&Playerbans
Im pretty sure your account status improves with time. I was suspended for 14 days as well and after that I havent flamed and stuff. A while after a popup occured in the client that my account status was improved. Dont know though, this is just personal experience
azizz45 (EUW)
: Free to play champions available in ranked
Was curuis about this aswell.
1lam (EUW)
: How many game did you win in placement matches ?
First account 4/6 P2-G2 Second account 3/7 G3-S4
Lexient (EUW)
: Placements
Cuz its a soft reset ffs....................................................................................................................................
Sveh (EUW)
: Casuals, stay out of ranked.
Upvoted. This is starting to piss me off as well, there are so many modes for casual play. Why the fck would you want to go competitive if you don't care about win or lose? Cheers bud.
: Fervor Renekton is balanced
Undying Grasp is also pretty darn stronk.
Hance (EUW)
: Looking For A Supp! Like, Now!
I'd love to be your supp. Used to main it back in s4. Hit me up if you're interested
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Wardonian (EUW)
: Game crash in champ select, kicks me off gold promo....
Been there... Feel bad for you mate. Nothing you can do though Nothing Riot WILL do.
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Is there any proof Riot does anything to intentional feeders and afkers?
The unskilled report button is just an aid band around your bleeding finger. Do you REALLY think people that are ''unskilled'' gets banned? Do you REALLY think they get punished for being ''unskilled''? Please.
: What about if you change the afk "detention"
> [{quoted}](name=MidnightBeastOoO,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=H0l8Paq1,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-03-28T00:15:02.940+0000) > if you go afk the &quot;detention&quot; Also if you are not moving in less then 5 mins you get afk! well maybe i am not moving because i am doing something you know not all of us need to be 100% playing. just call it afk after all 10 mins I needed to quote this for the lelz
: Draft mode normals and what ranked restriction did to it. Warning, Rant inside.
I feel ya ma' man. Even though they are doing their best to tell us its NOT exactly how you just described it, it is JUST how you described it :D Nothing to do about it mate, Riot have their way and if you dislike it... Well.. Not their problem. I will however suggest you'd go with team builder. I know its a bad queue and it often has long wait times, but thats all you can do.
Dame (EUW)
: Imao players who joins the game joins to play, so there doesn't need an option to surrender. Well it pretty different, if that broken shit(matchmaking) puts 4noob(or premade) player in your group, cause when this happen, there will be no fun for you.
Exactly!!!!!! People join a game to fcking play it!!!!! Not to surrender halfway through!
Beer Wulf (EUW)
: A very simple, minor, request...
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: Well, you caused it yourself. And it's a punishment, it's supposed to hurt a bit. Man up and see it as what it is: The consequence of your own decisions. Work on yourself, improve, get rid of this restriction and you will be a better LoL player than before...because social skills are also part of skill. You will notice the difference when you suddenly climb the ranked ladder again.
Thanks for the honest and positive feedback. The thing is though, I take responsibility for my actions. I merely think that the community is a bunch of whining b!tches nowadays. Dont get me wrong though. What I want to say is, countless of times I've been accoused for flaming when I simply asked for a gank. I tell people to stop the obvious feeding, get wards, avoid ganks. THAT'S APPARENTLY FLAMING AND THATS WHY I GET REPORTED!!!!! That, my dear fella, is what I'd put into the category of bullcrap. And thats the reason I made this thread. You can't even try to help your teammates without them getting pissed off at you. Also, is it wrong if someone from the opposing team writes stuff like: ezpz, thanks (when you do something in their favor), nice try, etc. etc. That I respond with: Keep that for yourself, nobody is pointing out your mistakes, why are you pointing out mine? IS THAT FLAMING?! COMEON
Huehashas (EUW)
: Thanks for not letting me climb guys.
Im totally fine with the chat restriction, I may have defended myself in a ''toxic'' manner. But the ranked restriction is killing me!! Im finally good at the game again after a long break, and then this bullcrap happens..
Squishie (EUW)
: Some ppl..
Oh hey there. I played with you recently, dont know what game though :D
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Shmucer (EUW)
: SHOCKING interview with Riot Employee
This is the best video I've ever seen. The guy subbing it, I praise you. Our lord and savior, whoever did this, you deserve all the fortune life has to offer. Fucking hell, so funny!


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