Poramies (EUW)
: Doesn't really matter what they talk if they don't write anything in the game client and if they do the same rules apply to them.
well they type it all the time for many months and im yet to see a single chat restriction or anything tbh
RallerenP (EUW)
: Well, if you had a 14 day ban previously you should have seen this coming. The 14 day reform card states that the next punishment would be a permaban. You can't undo a permaban that was placed correctly.
905 (EUNE)
: No reverting bans my friend. Companys policy. You are not allowed to get angry at trolls, you are not allowed to speak, you are not allowed to think, as long as you buy RP. Unless you are a troll, then you can count on honor 5 and season prizes... Best way is to give up and play Apex or something else or at least not buying RP, if enough people does that Riot will rethink what they are doing. You are not the first one to get banned for nothing.
: perma banned wondering if i can can undone prob not
I have seen alot of female streamers talk in this condescending tone frequently and never been punished so i figuired it was allowed but i guess not.
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: The biggest problem is the perception of what you're receiving. You are getting something at the end of every game in currency in the old system, win or lose. Now, you're working towards something that will earn you currency, win or lose. People don't like the grind, even if the maths is correct.
idk its just that ive climbed 15 lvs and got 6.2k blue essence
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