Bediver (EUNE)
: Filled it. Is your thesis going to be publicly available? Would be nice if you could share it with us when you finish it :).
I will be able to make it public as soon as it is graded but it is in German since I am attending a German university. If youre interested just send me an email at and I will send you an abstract in English if you want :) happy to know that people are interested
Sea Salty (EUNE)
: Done ! Good luck fellow summoner ! ^ ^{{summoner:13}}
eingew (EUW)
: Since I know a bit about that, I gonna try to explain why he probably chose numbers instead of ranges. Short answer: Clear numbers contain more information. Long answer: In statistics variables can be put into rankings. Nominal for variables with no ranking between the answers e.g. gender/haircolour. Ordinal is for rankings, like your league rank. All above is metric, e.g. size. The higher your variable is ranked, the more information it contains. So if you decide to ask for "1-5" and "5-10" games per day, your variable has lost information, because it can't be expressed in exact numbers anymore. You would have to calculate a ranking for the possible choices and while doing that you would lose information you could otherwise be able to use for more specific and comprehensive calculations. You always have to determine, whether you want to make it easier for the subjects or if you risk information and validity of your study. Usually you should aim for the highest possible scale -> numbers would be the better option.
exactly. working with ranging options like 1-2/2-3 etc is just not as efficient as working with absolute numbers. I figured that people would take the average if play time or similar are inconsistent and so far it looks like it is working out. thank you guys for your participation
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Page 3 last question there is a problem in the answers 1,2,3...7,8,91,10,11. 91 shouldn't be there Good luck
: I filled it, good luck with your thesis ^^
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