: I had a very similar idea of a wandering storyteller, collecting stories and books to manifest them in battle. In fact, the Q of yours and mine are very similar. This sounds like a good idea, do you plan that she'll be a midlaner only champion, or will she also played as a support?
I more had an idea of making a hybrid damage with high defensive and sustain capabilities, like Jax or Aatrox, so more of a top laner. You could build full AP with like lich bane as a (on hit) mage in mid
: Q like new Akali W like Shen E like Vi ult R like Aatrox W but aoe Not a first and last time riot will do some similiar skills between 2 champs , but maaan this champ could be more broken than Akali and Zoe together. My tought, they must slow down a little and make some simple champs like in old days , not some with 3 passives in 1 , and combo-wombo skills with 2 passives each. I wonder sometimes have i got my self in library to read about champs or to play and enjoy game. Now we enjoy more on statistics than a gameplay.
Well, actually, the Q is more like new Aatrox's Q, an overhead slash that deals more damage in a specific area, her W is more like yasuo windwall, but is has health and counts as terain, her E is more like 1 garen spin and then last proc of Riven Q, but a longer jump, while her R is more like Darius' E, but it doesn't pull all the way. The idea was to get a champion that has skills that are stronger if used together and make a unique idea. Btw, if you think the 'no level max' is OP, think about it, how many games do you even get to level 18? and even then, base stats aren't super high, so she'd be more of a late game monster with higher scalings rather than high base damage.
: I think it's a really good idea but not to be mean, Luna is kind of an unoriginal name.
I've never been good with names tho, I just need a name, an unnamed idea is kinda lame
: Riot's excellent matchmaking strikes again?
That is not too bad, I once had: G4, G4, S5, S1 and unranked in my team against a P5, P4, G3, Unranked and S2, which just confirms your statement, their matchmaking s*cks
Hunt3rK1l (EUW)
: Champion Concept: Luna - Arsenal Mage
Give me your ideas on this, I love making these ideas so I'd like some opinions of others too
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