: Whatever team you have choosen im Pokémon go
I just took red because Valor {{champion:92}} :3 I don't really care about the teams
Nickry (EUW)
: Champion Idea
So much CC and a gapcloser Very interesting but kinda OP imo I mean he doesn't scale that well and has kinda medium high cooldowns, but e.g. His Q if you have 45% CDR you can silence him for 2 seconds and after ~0.7 seconds you can do this again And thats just 1 CC Imagine all of his spells with 45% CDR You can silence 2 seconds, Stun 1 second silence 2 seconds repeat Totaly fucks most of mages xD
DBP Echo (EUW)
: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/06/red-post-collection-ask-riot-on.html?m=1 ''Yes, we are working on a plan to bring Championship Riven back for Worlds this year.'' They are trying to find out how to satisfy both the ones who already own the skin, and the ones who missed it, when it was released. So it Will be released this year :)
There's written nowhere that it will return included as a part of a championship bundle.
: If i encounter you in game and you "prove" yourself to be a nice player (or just keep silent) i will humbly apologise to you, even if i didn't say anything bad in game. I do so to every nice Riven player, since no matter how hard i try, i tend to dislike them just for picking the champion and then feel bad about it. I am a Riven racist...but i at least try to be a decent Riven racist. Sorry HuntingScream.
: We can judge whoever we want for whatever reason. Riven players have PROVEN themselves as the worst kind of gamers we have ever seen. Not because of their skill. Some of them are actually really good. But their ATTITUDE is the same. Unless you prove me otherwise by not uttering a single curse word during the entire game, i will watch you and look for an excuse to report you. You wanted to know "why people hate Riven and Riven players". You got the answer. Whether you like it or not, that's your problem. This is the truth.
I'm a kind Riven player :s I never leave I just sometimes feed ( x'D ) and I rly rly rarely flame in chat I just slap and flame myself in front of PC but not in chat xD
Kronixus (EUW)
: Lol I actually was checking him out and he's rrly good.i rrly want to main riven tho
The way I got rivenmain: - played her first time sucked rly hard - still had tons of fun - watched boxbox - fell in love with him ( no Homo xD), he's just such a nice and funny person - want to be like boxbox - riven main born
: I didn't find a pic of Spongebob wildly jumping around like a lunatic, so the one i got for Riven was the best i could find. And Syndra... i didn't find any pictures of Spongebob with spheres floating around him. But you know what Syndra has? Some really, really nice legs
>you know what Syndra has? Some really, really nice legs x'D made my day :DD But all in all a great job :3
: EVERY Champion described in form of Spongebob pictures
I don't understand Syndra and Riven? XD
All Skins are amazing But why fiora? Project isn't that old I wished they took another champ :S But still amazing skins <3
: Lets talk skins. Difference Between LEGACY & LIMITED. Mystery chest, Hextech Crafting & Gifting
> LIMITED is literally what the word implies (once in a life time offer that never comes back). Limited skins were only available during a period amount of time, and after that time ends, those skins never come back. You cant unlock them in any way, nor can you buy them online (Cause Riot killed all the unused codes) so dont go to ebay or any type of 3rd party skin shops. > Isn't that contradictory with the fact that you wanna bring CS Riven back?
: That's what i call a skin ! (Star Guardian Urgot )
Take my money {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: I think bringing back Championship Riven and other skins that are no longer obtainable is a big mistake. Why? Because they will lose value. King Rammus was a skin given only to the players that played during the Beta version, why it should be available again? PAX Twisted Fate was the first skin that was given for free at the first PAX Event. Black Alistar was given to the players that pre-purchased the game before launch. Some skins shouldn`t come back to live. Never.
I can understand your way of thinking and some of these skins shouldn't realy be re-released due to the fact that they were given away to players for some reasons. However CS Riven were available in Shop for a period of time, so the only reason why you own it, is because you bought it (maybe you got it free by visiting the finals, but noone can distinguish these 2 groups anymore). You can't show something special by owning this skin like you do by owning black alistar for example. Furthermore you talk about Value. How do you define value? Ok, you can definie value by rarity but in the end it doensn't matter because your accountvalue is 0$ anyway. Something you can't trade in anyway can have a special value for you, but can't have a value overall.
V4Vendetta (EUNE)
: Championship Riven And Unavailable Skins
Some of these skin were available in shop at some point, some not. So there are some should be re-released too (just for fairness) and some definitely not imo
: Best championship riven idea for worlds
This would be dumb for people like me, Who dont care about LCS and have no clue about the single teams and their power and i want this skin so badly :S {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: ChampionSHOP Riven Ideas
Option 7 {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} who devise such nonsonse


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