Eambo (EUW)
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE/EUW] 08-02-18 - Platform Issues
I am not having issues with getting into queue or loading screen, but rather when I am ingame I cannot imput any command whatsoever, but beyond that the game runs smoothly with no lag (as per seeing allies pass my screen or minions walking normaly on the minimap) It is the same as this guy is experiencing: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/W1zbmmzl-cant-do-anything-when-in-game
: Cant do anything when in game
I share this issue as of today. I think it is video driver related. I did a couple of restarting and once I got a directX error, inquiring me that my video drivers were not up to date. I have a Lenovo laptop with an AMD Radeon R4 Graphics processor. I cant play minecraft as of today either, giving me a crash on loading where it fails to stich the textures, inquiring that I should use a lower resolution texture pack even though I use default. Either way this was not an issue one day earlier so idk what to do.
: Annie ulti bug
You missed the ult, barely but it happened :S I mean she didn't get stunned because she wasn't hit. She took no damage.
tipjar (EUW)
: "Zed was too underpowered so instead of taking two hits to kill we made it one"
I just want a mage item that prevent burst damage for a few seconds upon taking damage, only available when at 90% or higher health or so. I feel that assasins should be able to kill mostly/only weakened targets, that is those that are out of place and more importantly low on health. Assassins that can point and click bring a carry down from 100 to 0 health the moment they can click on them is bad.
IˆwˆI (EUW)
: A Zed mains view on the Quicksilver Sash/Mercurial changes as of patch 6.9.
Zed's main power from his ult is just a targeted dash to ensure a free hit with his Q and E, aswell as being able to auto attack. Regardless if the mark pops or not, zed being able to reach you without much counterplay is very strong. I'd say the pop is like 40% of the ability's purpouse. Now I do agree the pop should not be countered by zhonya's. What if zhonya's active caused all buffs and debuffs to stay and all their timers freeze (death mark stays attached).
Hyxaru (EUW)
: Fiora the grand __duelist__
Guys remember that Fiora can dash very often, most of your lane opponents cannot and thus have a harder time procing your vitals.
: looking for a good Skarner's build
I build exactly the same as you, but I would take the boots of lucidity with 5% cdr from masteries. This will lower your Crystal Slash cooldown to 1.5 seconds. With sated devourer, your Crystal Slash can be spammed rapidly. And it even has a freaking 0.9 AoE AD ratio. Also, titanic hydra gets proced allot with sated devourer, further increasing your damage. I would use rangers trailblazer to get sated devourer fast. Skarner is a fighter, not a tank. And even then black cleaver, titanic hydra, sterak's gage will negate most of your slightly lower vitality then a full tank.
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Hyxaru (EUW)
: Anyone else just doesn't get the game to start but can log in?
I managed to get into a custom game after repairing. Yeah!
Hyxaru (EUW)
: Anyone else just doesn't get the game to start but can log in?
Currently using the repair option from the launcher, but this stinks.
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Hyxaru (EUW)
: So I got a few questionmarks with a warning for negative attitude I just recieved.
I know it is but a small warning, and it doesn' bother me that much, but I feel a certain injustice after how an ally 'raged' at me last game and I got a warning out of nowhere.
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