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: The more criterias you introduce, the more complex matchmaking becomes, and the longer queue timers might potentially take since there's a lot of factors to consider. Queue timers become so extreme due to certain roles not being popular, like support. Too many people would opt out of that role, meaning queues would increase for every single player. Honestly: How bad is autofill? Last time I counted in my ranked games, I played a total of 32 games before I got a single game of autofill. Can you really say that playing an autofilled role that infrequently is a concern? To me, the tradeoff of an acceptable queue time is worth it.
I have no issue with autofill - nothing at all. I understand there needs to be a possibility to enhance the matchmaking System, as people were leaving LoL due to high timeboxes required to play a game. What really bugs me is the fact I actually WANT to be autofilled (thus why I pick the 'Autofill' option), although there is toplane role I don't want to be assigned as that often (considering the most recent games I've had, in 100% of them I was assigned as a toplaner).
Hansiman (EUW)
: I don't have the link on me right now, but I believe the test was conducted in OCE. The end result was that queue timers quickly jumped back to what they were before autofill was introduced, which is a huge problem. Remember the days when high elo players had 90+ minutes queue times? That's what happened when players could opt out of a role in autofill.
Just wondering, what about disabling the ‘Autofill protected’ option along with restricting the primary search time to 3-5 minutes? Wouldn’t that resolve the issues?
: your idea has been tested already with no good results so they returned to full autofill as the only option. Edit: Man i love it when people downvote a statement, not because it's false but because it's not what they wanted to hear {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Have you got a link to results of such tests?
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