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: wow you have to work with your team to win in a TEAM based game? what a bummer... this game never meant to be played as a solo carry, it was always a teamgame, and riot finally reached that point, and before you say "then why can you go ranked solo" thats a challenge, it tests your teamwork skills with complete strangers >So riot should fix the game before they lose more players then they allready have. And if the game doesnt change i might too quit the game because why play a game you dont enjoy? what do you earn from doing that? why fix something that is NOT broken (talking about the teamwork aspect here)? btw where do ppl get this "the game losing more ppl than they get"? leagues playerbase is constantly growing, so if you dont like it anymore just quit and play something else, noone will miss you, dont force yourself to play a game you dont enjoy
Yes it's a team based game but more people is toxic now that its turned into a team based game. since its turned into a team base game more people has gotten toxic why? because they get teamed up with people that ruin the game for them completly and since they cant solo carry then its much harder and the get angryer way faster then before. and you say that the game is growing maybe its growing in accounts because more and more people are making more and more smurf accounts thats why. if you look at how meny accounts there is yes its growing if you look at how meny play live then you see that the nummber are decreasing. But i respekt your meaning. and btw saying noone will miss you is very rude so you should apolegise i wouldnt have said soemthing too you in a comment like this. be a little modest atleast and apolegise.
: I don't agree because this is a team game, and i play from day 1 knowing perfectly that i CAN and i WILL sometimes lose because my team (including me) is worse than the other. This is probably why i was never banned to this day even tho i happened too to have that couple of games where i flamed quite a bit (i'm no saint): i don't rage as a general rule because i DEMAND to win only because i think i played well and i deserve it, and my team prevented me to. If that was the case, i would have probably left the game after a week, either for a ban or by my will.
I understand what you mean with that but think. what about a player thats rlly good at the game and used too be good at solo carrying the game and he always got feeders but still could carry with him 1v 9. but then the game updated like now and he couldnt solo carry anymore because he relied on his team too much but they feeded too much so he couldnt get higher and no matter how much better he got at the game he could never get higher just cause he had atleast 2 feeders in his games all the time what happens with his ranking? it gets ruin just because the game got ruin in that way. my friend used too be gold because he was able too solo carry all the time but now he cant even reach silver 1 because he cant solo carry and the ranking system is dumb because everytime he gets too promo he has 1 afk both of the games and has a feeder at the same time one of the games or both. dont you see how its ruining the game for him? when i play league with him i talk too him on discord he tilts alot more now then he used too before, before he almost never tilted but the game is so ruin for him now that he actualy gets mad now. and it angers me too see him like this when hes an actual good player. i think hes better then me but he cant get too a higher elo because the game is so unfair now more unfair then its ever been. and you say its more balanced now i dont think so at all its not balanced its even more broken now with how it works because its ruin some people ranks.
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