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Febos (EUW)
: I'm not trying to excuse Riot, nor do I know something you don't, but whatever testing they make isn't the same as going to live servers. *** Just to give you a sense of proportionality. PBE likely doesn't have more than a few thousand players. Let's say about 100k players. EUW alone has at least 2 million. That's 20 times bigger than PBE. Now suppose only 20% of PBE population is active at any given time (because it's a cross region thing). Suppose also EUW has 50% active at peak time (right now). You're looking at 50 times the size in this scenario.
That's all well and good, however as a developer myself, I am aware that the environment for the PBE shouldn't be different to the live servers when testing for a release. If they are testing in non-identical environments, that is a rookie mistakes and a company that makes 2.1Bn a year should be able to hire professional programmers.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, We're looking into this right now and ranked queues have been disabled while we investigate.
Don't you tend to look at this stuff when ((((testing))))?
: Really fun game riot
They made 2.1 billion dollars last year in revenue. When they sold out to the Chinese in 2015 all quality control was lost as quality doesn't make as much money as some nice artists who can churn out star guardian skins like there's no tomorrow.
I am also stuck. I disconnected the first game, then it mad me bugsplat and I had to restart my entire PC. I tried to reconnect and bugsplat happened again. Now in second game and its not starting. Riot Games your client sucks. Sort it out.
: bugs and game quality
They sold out to the Chinese.
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