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: Talent Fix
Also the talent point editing in the old client was better and faster. Now constantly you get those popups and you can barely click it to quickfix a mastery page if you need to edit something while being in champions select. Just keep it like the old client 1 click 5 talent points at once and re-adjust it by clicking on the other talent in the row. Plus adjust the popup notes to another spot maybe next to the mastery so you are still able to click on it..
: 1. people play at internet cafes 2. you could be playing in dorms which causes riot to bans several people at once 3. some can change their IP by simply turning their router on and off 4. as mentioned before VPN IP bans are so flawed that they're pointless.
And then there's the MAC ban.. Since every piece of network device has only 1 ID you can easy ban a mac adress. There's only a small amount of people that knows how to bypass and change. The others need to either buy a new network adapter or play chess.
hssnXbashar (EUNE)
: So i opened a Hextech chest after the key frags got a reset
i got udyr's ultimate skin and my gf has sona and ez not fair {{champion:79}}
: The Main Problem with Season 6...
The core of the problems: Mastery , items. Ever since the update of the mastery page this game is out of balance. I also keep repeating the devour jungle item and rageblade is to much to be in this game... Balance out the mastery page and delete devour or change it to 5 hits. Tweak rageblade and lower the attackspeed. The devour: The hell we all know sinds it's announced.. First it was the unlimited stacks, the on hit effect, damage and now the combo of items together. Almost the whole community is asking for it.. WHY DON'T YOU DELETE IT??
: Bring back ryze
Ryze weak? Ryze has close to 4k hp tons of magic damage out of the LOADS of mana items such as {{item:3040}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3065}} destroys a full ap midlaner without taking almost any bit of damage seeing that midlaner with a build having almost any magic penetration item + magic resist having 500/600 ap damage available with a passive who scares every single soul in LoL and does close to 10% damage to ryze with only spirit visage. AND YOU tell me ryze is weak? You win the nobel price of the year...for stupidity.. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Guinso and Devourer
I don't see any value in these items to remain in LoL.
: Budget Pc
Always build your own pc don't order a pre-build. It always cost more to buy a pre-build pc. As for how i see it i wouldn't go for a dual core but also not an AMD-Nvidia system. Always try to build a pc that connects to all the parts of it so like Intel (cpu) -Nvidia(gpu) or AMD (cpu) -AMD (gpu) they relate to each other and will always perform better instead of cross. If you want a pretty cheap pc go for a build with these brands and they will also great parts: AMD (cpu) AMD (gpu) AsRock (Mainboard) G-skill (RAM - Memory) Seagate (HDD harddisc) XFX / Seasonic (PSU power supply) XFX psu contain Seasonic psu Aerocool (Case) If you build it smart you have a pretty great mid-range / high-end pc. But don't try to bottleneck anything.
: How to balance the dmg of tank champs
Every tank atm has more damage dealt in every match as who ever the H goes glasscanon or full AD.. Wished tanks stayed tanks and not oversized leblancs...
ExTrAliOn (EUNE)
Who is that Pokemon?
vorkyno (EUNE)
That's a damn nice drawing of Tahm Kench dude!!! You should do another one! It gives you double the amount of RP too!! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: about ranked
As Sulpurous is saying it depends on your mmr i was at 0 LP for 6 games before i dropped but the moment i got back in promo's i gained 2 wins for free in the promo wich is nice..
: Cam
U will get used to it if you play long enough when i started league i had some trouble too with it but it works out fine after a week or 2.
{{champion:17}} You silly
chill22518 (EUNE)
: {{item:3027}} , {{item:3157}}, {{item:3158}} , {{item:3089}} , {{item:3100}} , {{item:3285}} on {{champion:245}}
Im not always using that build it depends on the enemy team what they play if they have a lot of tankyness i rather go for pen items instead of glasscanon it works a lot better.
: I need an answer from riot (AFK IN RANKED)
this system can be abused if someone duo q and let him stand afk if your match is going bad.
NamelessD (EUNE)
: Yes you are mad, obviously and when people are mad they don't really think, they just say something without making any sense. > I just speak some sense in your head and the difference of what i play and you play. Another Dunning-Kruger kid ... Talk less and play more, maybe you will know how to play one day. Until that day you can keep crying here on boards.
I would love to play a game against you were zed and leblanc got banned and mine mains and see how you perform, because about your stats as a whole i think you should turn a little bit down before you even try to make a point.
NamelessD (EUNE)
I'm not mad why should i? I just speak some sense in your head and the difference of what i play and you play. But what you try is to get here "think you are mister chalanger" but infact your just one of the "hi im mr faker you suck" players. It's good that you deleted your post because we all know what triggered the posts after it but anyways i don't hold back from people that think they are "Non-toxic" while they just are. i've seen enough of this game already to know a lot what's happening on the rift. I'm also still exploring better builds that I can play best with. I don't need a guide to get better or watch LCS or some other lame streamer trying to rip some coins of because they discovered item A is op on champion B and copy cat the whole story. If you don't know what i was trying to say by my first post you should have shut your mouth in the first place. Players who realy play in ranked nowadays see 2 items thats either {{item:3930}} or {{item:3085}} or {{item:3124}} and then they call theirself "skilled" or they see champion A with item B that's realy OP used by someone on stream or LCS or whatever they get to see it. They pick champion A get item B and be the biggest nightmare for your own team. Now that sorted out shush and do your thing like i do mine. But don't come here disrespecting me because you get a full force back. AYE{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
NamelessD (EUNE)
: I prefer not arguing with you, you are not worth of my ban and if I will be honest with you I will get banned from boards for offensive language and 29,2% win rate (7 wins/17 losses) is terrible, don't even try to blame your team for that. > [{quoted}](name=SymphoriaGaming,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AZaBqFlw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-03-01T05:24:21.934+0000) > > no people buy {{item:3124}} and {{item:3085}} and think they are playing in lcs. > it's the recommended build for every champion atm! With that you told everything you had to tell, bye ...
You just came around you main zed and leblanc with a copy cat build every match again that already tells how "good" you are. I'm 2 times gold 1 times silver i play a diversity of champions that i like and not 2 god forsaken champions that scale like 5 champions together in order to win a match. You are just one of those players who can't create skill on any other champion that doesn't 100~0 in 1 combo. Play a champion that requires skill and if you've build that up show me your diamond shiny border. You didn't even started to play ranked this season so SHUSH!
NamelessD (EUNE)
: ***
Tell me what has that to do with ppl going rampage on items without knowledge what to build against someone. However the winrate is on my ekko i mostly come out winning the lane losing the game not generaly that i'm having a bad game "sure i have bad games" but it's not all on me 1 player doesn't lose a whole match it takes a team. I like to play ekko because i start getting the hang of it and 8 out of 10 i always get out on top of both teams wether we lose or win the game. If you don't take the time to watch the games indept then i kindly ask you to shove your sightings up on your tiny little thing where the sun never shines. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Neonchan (EUW)
: But why would I be punished for having learned the game before masteries were introduced?
Why do you think it's punishment? It would be an improvement to ranked. 1. You don't get troll picks people play what they are "known" to play with. 2. You have matches where players are matched by skill equal to their opponent because you don't gain mastery by thrashing around a game. 3. Ranked would be taken more serious since you have to progress to get even in it. 4. Players always tend to pick the OP pick over the pick they realy know but end up ruining the match for the other 4 players. The only real downside is it takes longer to get ranked available and you have a less big pool. I only have 10 champions mastery 10 but i know how to play those 10 and know how to play against champions that could counter me. What's the big deal? The pro's weighs more then the cons in the way i see it.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Zed.
His ult just need a longer cooldown or his base damage needs to be lowered.
: a gtx 750ti will not run the game at 60fps, but around 150 fps, so your clear on that :D, unless you plan on playing other games but league, maybe you should lower the gpu to another one for cheaper price 16gb of ram,again that is overkill, i would suggest 8gb, your cpu cooler isnt needed at all unless you plan to OC your system, (the amd cpu comes with stock cooler) if you want i can build a budget pc for you, for league related
It's overkill for a regular gamer, but if he decides to do something else with it it's good. Second to that if he wants to play other games in near future 8gb's of ram wont be enough anymore atm the recommended ram is already 8gb. I do recommend the external cpu cooler it's much easier to clean and it runs a lot quieter and lowers the temp in case of cpu stress. The only thing i don't recommend is the amd - nvidia build, since they don't realy relate to each other. I would always go intel - nvidia and AMD - AMD.
: do u have diffrent builds on the champs u play ?!
no people buy {{item:3124}} and {{item:3085}} and think they are playing in lcs. it's the recommended build for every champion atm!
Eveninn (EUW)
: I consider myself someone who Plays a lot. Yet I doubt I'm anywhere Close to those conditions. Let alone that I find literally no joy what so ever in playing toplane, which obviously makes me not Ave any mastery Levels on toplaners. If I get toplane, I still can make it working by playing Vi or Eve whihc I both can jungle, or just something like WW, because... I don't think I Need a particular mastery with him to pull that off. So if I'd want to Play ranked now, I'd Need to get mastery 4 at top, which would take any Kind of fun from me playing this game. Also would I need to get a 3rd jungler and Support and adc to that mastery Tier. There is a reason why I don't have by now: I don't like any 3rd on those positions nearly as much as the 2 I already main. Last but not least: amongs others, I got mastery 5 on Liss, Talon and Ekko. Give me literally any mage like Brand or the likes, and I'll do better than when playing one of those 3. I had my fun playing them, never learnt them to any sort of competitive Level, and never would want to take them into Ranked. Now if Lux happens to be banned and Ahri picked, I can still Play most toher Mages Rather well, but I can't pick them, because I don't have the mastery. On a side note... how will someone ever safe certain Champions and swap then? :c
Ideas are welcome to work this out but the way ranked is now is picking the 10 most op FOTM champions and screw up anyways resulting getting players mad because someone plays the FOTM for the first time in his life. Watching lcs players doesn't make you better it only makes you think you can be just as good but sadly some of them amongst us think i pick kog so i carry this shit team because im faker. I want ranked to be balanced out because the matches i see and play are just ridiculously bad because of those players. That's what i want to prevent with this.
: Just out of curiosity, what rank are you? I can definetely play all 5 roles but I choose to play 3 particular champions because they are by far my most confident and favourite picks. It's not necessarily how many champions that you play that determines your experience, it's how much you've played against other picks. It would get hit, people like me, we wouldn't be able to play.
Im gold. It's not that players not play all roles or can play all roles necessarily but about those players who just sees someone play a game with a champion that's totaly unknown seeing that it's OP and start to play it with not the slightest knowledge how to play that certain champion. I see to many players picking kog, xin, yi, malphite, yasuo or what else champion thats FOTM atm and they one by one ruin the game ending up in throwing the whole Ronald McDonald fund into their hands. That's what bothers me extremely atm because you get matches with just "zero" skillbased matchups. Since i dont think Riot will be balancing the game in near future i think this could be a suitable optional solution if worked out properly so any ideas are welcome to work this out fine and getting a more fun and skill ranked.
: I wouldn't say 3 of each class, when it comes to ranked my champion pool is relatively small: Top: Gnar, Chogath/Nasus Mid:Xerath, Veigar Adc: Varus, caitlyn, Ezreal supp: Bard, Sona Jungle:Vi, shyvana As you can see aside from adc i only use 2 champions per role depending on the enemy pick. Although i agree that you need at least level 4 with a champion before picking them for ranked.
As i just said lets reduce 16 to 10.
Neonchan (EUW)
: I have a job so I will most likely not be allowed to play ranked until 2019 with your system. I'm still easily able to hold myself in silver when I have some time to play and actually rank. It's not Diablo3, ranked play is not based on grinding paragon levels for somehundreds of hours first
I have a job too and a household and pets and i'm able to do it, it takes time but going from 0-30 takes time too in this time you get able to level your masteries and move on in ranked with a skillset. Second to that yes i think 16 is a bit much but lets say atleast 10 that means 2 for each role and since the dynamic queue you actualy only need to play 2 major roles so i think it's fair enough you have 5 champions for each role you play.
Joosua (EUW)
: So what with those people who played much longer before the champion experience came to be? i played lots and lots of champs already before that and know them but i dont have them all at a high experience lvl. Besides that the experience system doesnt tell how good you actually play a champ. you get point even if yyou play badly so you will become lvl 5 somedays even if you never win a game with that champ or never play "good". Why is did i place good in " " ? because the champion experience doesnt tell how good you actually play a champion. its just based on farm items and stuff like this and not on how your macro game or your team play is, which in my eyes is more important then beeing the boss on a champ
It seperates the players who actualy know how to play a champions instead of going blind in ranked with a champion they played for 4 times or is FOTM at that time and ruin the match instead. I don't mind that people play bad i do mind that people have 0 understanding how to play a champion those are 2 different things. It takes close to 10 matches to get 5 if no win more but in about 10 matches you know how a champion works and what it does instead of those players play leblanc and use w before they know q multiplies the w,e damage.
: Queue times are already long, let's not make them longer.... What about people who only pick 3 champions in ranked (like me)? I'm playing my most experienced champions but I'm not allowed to play ranked because I'm not diverse enough? Well sorry to say that the new champion select is more rewarding to those who prefer a particular lane. You don't get forced to play anywhere anymore.
People who only pick 3 champions into ranked are in my eyes not experienced enough to play ranked at all. (no offense) But everyone has to learn all 5 classes to be able to play ranked normal "not that i say you need to be pro in every class" but you need to be able to play each role. Before the dynamic queue you needed too now it got eased out which i was highly against it. The queue times don't get hit by this i don't see a reason why that would be.
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wolf5659 (EUW)
: Riot and their retarded matching system
I think i'm actualy the only one who finds it more fun to play with bronze players then in silver division or gold. The most flamers you see in gold/plat and the nicest people you find in bronze.. The might not all play great but it's actually more fun to play with the than any other division. Once you get out of bronze you meet hell itself the players are playing so awefull that i have not a SINGLE tiny clue how they ever got out of bronze..luck?
Grammos (EUNE)
: How do you pronounce LoL ?
It's pronounced "FotM" or "FreElo" or "OP" LoL is 3 years ago doesn't exist anymore it's to oldschool. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: People are getting frustrated playing this game, because it is such a broken mess right now. This is the reasons why the number of trolls and leavers is increasing
I don't think Riot will recover from this broken piece of crap. I knew it was comming in either s5 or s6, we all saw it but noone did something about it. League of Legends isn't about "skill" anymore it's about who picks the most broken champions in a single game. Riot literaly burned League of Legends to the ground starting from s4 till now. Don't see a reason to still play ranked either, each game you play it's a clash of the titans match and not a skillbased match. For me it's the first time i really thinking about to leave League of Legends behind me and quit because all what happens in the Riot office is designing a new set of utterly destructing champions instead of even trying to balance the game.
: Finally some goddamn Devourer nerfs
Sated needs to be removed.. It's just to op on aa champions. The old Jungle items were the best of all and i don't have slight clue why they got removed in the first place.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wards Bot,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=TbAhF5nV,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-28T00:20:12.082+0000) > > I&#039;ve gotten quite a few of these over the years and learned how to translate them. Please feel free to share any of your own. > > &quot;ffs do something useless support&quot; = Body block the hook and die in my place so I don&#039;t have to learn how to dodge skill shots. > > &quot;ward already&quot; = I was busy slow last hitting minions while they cleared your pink, now go buy another so it can happen again. > > &quot;wtf why is bard top&quot; = I just let my lane opponent teleport bot lane for a double kill and expect no consequence. > > &quot;don&#039;t leave lane ffs&quot; = Babysit me and don&#039;t expect me to understand how to play 1v2 for a few seconds while you ward the dragon pit. > > &quot;u do nothing&quot; = Vision control mean nothing to my locked camera mode. > > &quot;u just watched me dieing&quot; = I just used all my gab closers to engage and didn&#039;t think twice about the distance I created between us or the enemies standing in-between. > > &quot;why isn&#039;t baron warded!!!&quot; = Why didn&#039;t you re-ward Baron the second they swept all your existing wards on it so I can attempt to steal it instead of being at the objective in time to contest it. > > &quot;report the support&quot; = I just declared myself a jerk and now I will be surprised when everyone reports me instead. > > 1- ur job is makeing ur adc Safe and dont let them out farm him.. so when someone says stay infront of me that means i wont be dead and i can farm because u dont have too farm and u can focus too dodge 2-this is the noob calls' but anyway u can safe the pink if theyr coming for it 3-i dont even like bard.. 90% of them is trolls 4-well u have too ward drake when theyr bot is going back. because they have eyes no one is blind. they will engage on ur ADC when ur going too ward drake so use the weak vision spot's and do it when the lane is freezed. 5-ur right 6->< 7- :D 8-if u did the first 4 things right ! ur not reported
I dissagree.. The game is about objectives, the longer your turrets remains the less chance they got to freely push your lane to force you back off in a teamfight to save the second turret in the lane. Missing an ADC in a teamfight is equal as missing a lot of damage. If your ADC is not capable to 1vs2 for a few "seconds" he doesn't know how to lane in a different situation. You can simply back off for a few seconds.. Missing cs is less important as losing a turret and since it's about the first turret the adc/support of their team can't realy dive into your turret since they will always give a kill if you are playing "adc" the right way. The support role isn't there to just protect the "adc" but to protect a whole team. So if your support decides to leave your lane for a temporary time to ward a drake or help the jungler then he or she is playing support right. If you die in the process you are doing something wrong, because it's atleast expected from you that you know how to play the game in general which means, "Laning safe" "Dodge" "losing cs if needed instead of losing a kill+turret" You can't blame anyone of your team except you and yourself only if you can't lane 1vs2. PS. If you get grabbed by either blitz/tresh q or morgana's q or whatever snare that's based on a skillshot it's not your support to blame but your poor positioning.
Aladyyn (EUNE)
: There is no excuse for going 0/8/0 in lane. Like literally none. It's all on you. And your teammates are right to be angry at you, even if it's not a reason for reporting.
> [{quoted}](name=Aladyyn,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=enVxFylH,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-02-24T03:24:06.308+0000) > > There is no excuse for going 0/8/0 in lane. Like literally none. It's all on you. And your teammates are right to be angry at you, even if it's not a reason for reporting. Excuse or no excuse as long as he/she's trying to play well against the opponent im ok with it. 0/8/0 is typical nowadays since top doesn't exist anymore for junglers. I'm on a lose streak on ranked but guess what i asked help alot from my jungler and he ignored my lane fully i got ganked once or twice in 7 matches straight. I'm not someone who make demands from my jungler i try to play safe but if i get pushed into my turret and they have a chance to dive me i'm wasted with low hp. The jungler knows i'm struggeling but if his choice is to gank a botlane or midlane that's already ahead it's becomming his problem and it wont be me to blame for his poor decision.
: Do people realize what "Intentional feeding" means?
: Launcher just "freezes"
Same and now i have a 30min ban from queue riot needs srsly a new launcher because every single change on it makes it even more f'd up then it already was.
: Is it just me or is Rammus suddenly becoming popular....?
A champion that's played in LCS as a strange meta pick will be played in ranked after the lcs match. Sadly there are a lot of wannabe's...
Ulthar v2 (EUNE)
Can't rly agree more what the OP has to say.. S3 was perfect everything after that is like the sequel of the movie 2012..
: Its hiliorus getting banned for MKLOL after all that years l :O
Apperantly it's not since it's clearly said that it's forbidden. Why do you need to use a 3rd party program on lol anyway.. hit tab and you see the timers rather use the skill and memory of your brain instead of needing these programs.. I don't get it why everybody has to tweak every online game nowadays.
: Idk man, like covering my eyes so I don't see what kinda piece of shit I'm playing? What else jeeez
He just went from mad to mental.. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Mepodis,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=469s4AOJ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-11T22:41:15.296+0000) > > She is broken. The true dmg is way too much.... Honey, old Fiora could have easily been countered just by stacking armor and HP making her only truly viable sometimes in jungle. % hp true damage was necessary to make her viable on top lane. Now she requires skill to play and skill to outplay. People just want easy lane against her by getting thornmail. Well, nope.
How to outplay someone thats - Tanky - Insane heal as ult which is easy to proc - Slow - Insane damage from 1 item only - Gap closer - %hp damage - Extremely much LS Every hit you land on her gets healed with 1 auto.. The old Fiora was a pain in the butt with the untargetable ult but now she's even more hatefull because you can do anything against her. A stun doesn't shut her down because she just lunge forward and smack the stun in your face. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Kog'maw broken attack speed
Hope you guys know i'm talking about only {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} that he has and nothing else right? If you are tanky or playing just fine he still melts you like an icecream in a magma chamber.
: AP Junlge On-hit Fizz
Fizz is strong as jungler for so long.. People used to flame me that AD fish is nerfed nerfed untill they saw me getting in destroyinh a whole team with just auto's.. I stopped jungling because of the everyday change of jungle..
: And then you engage him before he has full stacks and suddenly he sucks
> [{quoted}](name=NoDaddyItHurts,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VjZeTRnj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-12T05:52:48.706+0000) > > And then you engage him before he has full stacks and suddenly he sucks When suddenly someone else is near him and suddenly gains 2.5+ AS and melts you down like another minion nomatter how much armor/mr you have. Sorry but i don't believe it, we tried and we felt it.
Rioter Comments
: Yeah P2W games give you power for money. e.g better guns, better cards, you still need skill but it's not that hard. Where as in league you have to learn to play the champ regardless. If you start playing League and spend 10000 euros, you still have to learn to play the game and to truly learn will take you at least 2 and a half years.
That's why i said read good. Early lvl's 1~30 don't have a big choice of champions to play either don't have a runepage or it's incomplete because they can't pay for it with their ip.
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Riot...what is your issue with regular mages ?
I don't think mages do need a new item. They already gain so much burst from the items they already have. DFG was even to much for a mage because they ruin a team pretty much solo. However i don't see why it's necessary to give the "AD" champions a new item either they already profit a lot from the most AD items that they can combine almost everything to adept to any game.. "if they have a little knowledge atleast". The armor buff on Zhonya's doesn't do a lot because the moment you get "zhonya" you already got screwed over by every AD champion unless you heavily counter hem. But thus that's also easy to fix but you have to buy a useless item to compensate that on non-mana based champions.. ROA.. Anyways most mages have a lot of mobility or silence/stuns/snares etc. so they are safe to play in the first place.
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