: riot sucks ass
Ye Bro They Do And I'm Pretty Sure They Know That :^)
Zambit (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=EUW Summoner,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=orivqmy0,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-13T03:57:49.948+0000) > > hahahaha =D if you played teemo you would probably blind yourself you silver shitlord =D l2p and do not respond to me again you puskelekele lol you're scared to 1v1 me because you know you'd lose because you get carried
Just Saying : Zambit would win Challenger players are on a whole different level and bronze,silvers,golds and diamonds get rekt by challengers I once came across a challenger playing sona mid who carried our feeding team
: The EU LCS summer split champion is...
: Is this Katarina or the other person? Even More confused
P.S Katarina Is the hottest character in the game
: Keep friends close, enemies guessing.
Is this Katarina or the other person? Even More confused
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Why you should play League during night.
Now thanks to you I met the even worse kids who stay awake at night and give me nightmares in my promos
: I literally see nothing that could of been said sarcastic there... But tbh i hardly understand it without sarcasm the first place
Now you're confusing me as well Thanks so much
: I have no attitude? Personality 11/10? My "attitude" stays careless towards the majority of the people even if some see it negative or positive and be real... I dont have either I just dont buzz a fly... My "personality" is pretty much the same as a crimson assassin girl I once met and still love... My "fariness"? I'm fair, I feel the same towards everyone, except my lady with red hair... Idk why nobody figured that out untill now...
I was being sarcastic
Rioter Comments
: Avoid speakin to me while you preach lies and shame her with that term
Honestly you have no attitude whatsoever Personality 11/10 Your fairness baffles me
: Hate Life
No, I was the Project:Ekko who afked a match because my internet glitched and my loading screen didn't finish
: Very nice person. Angel infact. Her friends call her a she-devil.
Katarina is my waifu I have too much of respect for her to call her the devil
: Because after he flamed my build and gameplay and everything about me overall, I still had that 0.00001% hope in humanity that he'll say something smart. ^^
League has taught me how terrible the human race really is and how I am one of the only people who actually respect my fellow humans
: Im asking someone who actually knwos, not a random who doesnt even know the summoner's code. TY And clearly you cant read, because i havent swore in a game from 2 years. Excuse me, the Katarina inside spoke.
I thought Katarina was a nice person tbh :p
: Im asking someone who actually knwos, not a random who doesnt even know the summoner's code. TY And clearly you cant read, because i havent swore in a game from 2 years. Excuse me, the Katarina inside spoke.
Yes , but they do look at the chat
Rioter Comments
: A Noxian Tale - chapter 8
Wow, great writing You have skills I think you should maybe try writing books , I mean this was just great english
: Just wondering
When you get banned it works like this When you get reported many times in different games for offensive language multiple times, Riot checks you chat in those games and watched the replay If they feel that you are toxic, they ban you **** Tip: In games , just don't swear honestly its a waste of time , I learnt that by getting banned for 3 weeks XD Hope this helps
: Im confused. I should be happy that I lose 7 years of my life mastering her, to end up with a completly new kit and unable to pick her because she'll be perma banned/picked? ARe you kidding me? I"m currently ending with ~300 CS in ~35 mins games with less than 2 deaths 90% of my mid lane games already... Is this a bloody joke out of you m8?! You none real Kat mains are just anoying me to the last stance with your "Be happy she'll be OP"... like wtf... I should be happy for the 1000 nerfs after? brand new kit? new build? new style? I love my current style... 7 years i play strickly only her and nothing else and now you tell me "go play with new skills and learn again" and untill I manage to master propelly this low grade kit they'll give her with 0 ward jumps... Aka I wont bea ble to kill enemy wards anymore, or catch enemy lee sins/jaxs... They'll just rework the skills again... P O I N T L E S S rework....
I feel you 3 years mastering
: > [{quoted}](name=Kitty Katarina,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=ekKrtI7W,comment-id=0000000200010000,timestamp=2016-08-25T21:40:28.993+0000) > > This is why nobody loves you... Okay? i feel sad now :I not really ajajajaj
Don't listen to her , you're the nice person She's just butt hurt for Katarina's rework Piece Of Advice : When people tell you that you're being annoying tell them it's your way of socializing
: 1 skin per year, Ahri gets 2... tell me more... + Kata gets undeserved rework. Anivia doesnt havea single rework since release...
The Rework will make Katarina stronger and if you main her I think you should be happy that she is going to get an easier laning phase
: OMFG imagine pool party gragas....E= "fart"
Those sexy* flabs would leave a mark ;)
: I said 1000 times delete stupid project skin and just replace it with Pool party \o/
I think the Project skin doesen't suit Katarina as well , even though there have been many cahmpions getting teased I feel Katarina is the most focused on .
Rioter Comments
: i think you should take the 'Pro' out of your name, that fits more to this post
Can't be bothered to waste 1,300 RP or 13000 IP
Rioter Comments
: im just asking how can I win this game?(im not mad)
Step 1. Chew Tobacco Step 2. Drink Red Bull Step 3. Pray to Faker Step 4. Watch Anime Step 5. Watch Your Skills Grow Magically (Tested And Scientifically Proven) If you don't believe me ask your Maths Teacher
: A Yasuo skin idea
I have some points to rule this idea out 1. It'll look like Project Yasuo 2. This Skin totally takes away his Samurai theme which I suppose Riot Wants to keep 3. TBH Yasuo won't look good in metal armor 4. Yasuo has so many
Die Kaiser (EUNE)
: Funny chat messages from my games
I was offered Se**x** with a 21 year old if I advertised this cleaning detergent , but I said ''no'' as I have a strong will which isn't even close to being as strong as Ajax at you local grocer for only 9.99!
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: Carrying with an ADC is the hardest thing to do in this game
I main Yasuo and my friend gifted me Jhin I tried him out with his runes and masteries I got fed in the first match and carried my team I even got a quad > I agree that is hard to carry with an ADC , but if you use a broken champion like {{champion:22}} or {{champion:18}} you have a high chance of easily carrying the game. If an ADC falls behind they stay behind and then you eventually keep on dying as if you were play Call of Duty instead of League. I think Riot should try and make ADC champions a bit more stronger so that they can survive ganks without wasting flashes and eventually feeding the jungler/roamer
Rioter Comments
: Only one in a lifetime
Good Job But I want to know did you win the game or lose it? And, did you an jax get the same grade?
: Give Yasuo a New Skin Riot!
**Im saying he needs a skin because of the amount of people playing him not only because he hasn't got a skin in a while**
Rioter Comments
: I did understand joke. I don't find it that funny. Its a very, very dark joke.
Not as dark as your future
Spearki (EUW)
: hardly anyone is a real weeb they are simply otakus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YYYwhSILL4
I think I have all the qualifications for being a weeb -.- I've watched 3 months of anime. Whenever I tell an anime joke nobody understands it. And everyone thinks I'm weird for liking anime characters. P.S The Fastest way to a girl's heart is a chidori I'm predicting you didnt understand that joke {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Yasuo Mains Unite!
Everyone hates Yasuo So I've come to the conclusion that mabye he needs a slight patch So you haters stop ranting about how damn strong he is {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: If you are not building the tanky build, I would recommend you to check this, if this wouldnt be the kind of a nerf you would like to see... http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/jvHkYgTM-yasuo-balance-changes-solid-idea-pls-read-riot If yes, upvote please so Riot could see :< PS: Arigato-yo my fellow weeb.
Kenshin Ruroni , Samurai Champloo and Gintama Thats all it takes to love samurai <3 P.S Nidalee is my waifu {{champion:76}}
candoodle (EUW)
: > its very easy to fall behind with him and start feeding. this is what yasuo mains do all of them everygame yasuo mains unite and go away
lol, by yasuo mains I mean people who are good with yasuo not retards who have him at lvl 5
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: Do riot read my reports?
In my smurf account I reached Platinum V In ranked I come across lesser people who troll , feed and swear But almost 1/7 of every game I come across in solo queue has someone who is unsportsmanlike and whenever I threaten them to stop or else I would report them they say things like ''Go Ahead'' and ''Good Luck'' This shows how rarely riot takes action against trolls and unsportsmanlike players
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:268}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:268}}
I think the reason azir gets banned quite often is because of his ridiculous win rate and his ability to rebuild towers {{champion:268}} {{item:3029}}
: All of you screaming about how zed is banned every game must be zed mains but I main Yasuo, and even he has a ridiculous ban rate every game Most Banned Mid laners: Zed,Fizz,Brand and Yasuo
Pls Nubs stop banning Yasuo
: Mid lane: by the numbers
All of you screaming about how zed is banned every game must be zed mains but I main Yasuo, and even he has a ridiculous ban rate every game Most Banned Mid laners: Zed,Fizz,Brand and Yasuo

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