: Mac OS - Trying to reconnect - Patch 9.22
I have this same problem. Had a lengthy back and forth with riot, who in all fairness initially tried to help and were very responsive. However, their final suggestion was pretty much... DOWNLOAD THIS, IT LETS YOU TURN MAC INTO WINDOWS THAT'LL FIX MOST PROBLEMS. Lol... let-down. My fix at the moment is to VPN to America as this might actually be an issue authenticating with EUW servers? Some other suggestion is that it's a bandwith issue. But it's a pain as I have to quit in the loading screen and hope it reconnects in time.
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: The passive/ult combo became a minigame. I don't know rito's ideas but I don't want to play a minigame if I could just burst them down, you have to be more careful and predictive of the enemy's actions. (after a Q they come towards you to get out of it, then W-E-R and if you're lucky you got the passive..) It's really annoying especially against tanks.
Yeah, they forget he's a completely and utterly skillshot dependent champion. You have to pray you don't get 40%CDR {{champion:236}} or {{champion:105}} {{champion:238}} (not gonna list all the hard engage/mobility champs). And in addition, late game has not existed until mid-season. I do not want Vel to be irrelevant when riot decides inhib towers can fall at 20 mins.
: Dear Riot, the reworked Vel'koz feels off, very, very off.
http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/u6IoLAaa-whats-wrong-with-velkoz-vel-main Check out my stuff (very nice poll) OF ALL THE THINGS RIOT COULD GET WRONG, THEY GOT MALZAHAR AND VEIGAR WRONG... WHAT ON EARTH, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!
: New Vel Koz is a joke
He is a BEAUTIFUL one trick pony. He got me from Silver 1 to Plat (I was never ambitious) http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/u6IoLAaa-whats-wrong-with-velkoz-vel-main
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: *"quorum sensing to become a temporary multicellular organism thus hive mind"* Oh a fellow biologist. As it happens I hold a degree in molecular biology already. And no, they don't become a "temporary multicellular organism", varying gene expression according to intercellular signals to achieve better results for the entire colony, doesn't even remotely compare to terminal differentiation of somatic cells in order to achieve specific goals. Suspending a biofilm in LB medium (or whatever you want to use), thinning and plating them, would very quickly demonstrate to you that you are still dealing with completely independent organisms. Introducing an Amp resistence in a sub-population, mixing it with the biofilm, letting it grow and then provide ampicillin, would achieve the same. it also doesn't compare to a hive-mind, as there is no or very little processing of outside information, merely reaction to the presence of other members of the same species. --- *"If you think that's not enough reason for a democracy, you're too simple to argue with."* A democracys decisions are not necessarily based on what is the best decision, but on what is the decision of a majority. We use it to govern our societies, because we have no better system that is practical (a technocracy is better on paper, but how to chose the ruling class is an unsolvable problem). A computer game is not as important as our society, and on top of that is a limited system, in which decisions can actually be made by a couple of experts with the necessary education. You and I are biologists. I would never presume to be able to make the systems governing a large online community, same as I would not allow a specialist in web-programming to run my laser scanning microscope. As to the economical implication, so far it works exceedingly well. Unless you can prove to me a large efflux of players based on riots decisions, the facts are in favor of my PoV. --- I do trust statistics on a daily basis when I read papers and use them in my daily work. Its a prerequisite for our line of work my friend. I am aware of PR methods, but in the case at hand, I have no reason to doubt riots honesty, as the data presented seems consistent with my own observations. Plus, please state why I should trust the nil-hypothesis more? What proof do you offer? --- *"Don't worry, I went through three teamwork crests and a year of playing before getting chatbanned without being toxic"* You are aware that the honor-system and the restriction systems are completely separate from each other? --- *"If you like to be passive and watch people get bullied over a computer game that's fine. It's okay to be spineless."* Ad hominem is never a good alternative to arguments. I do not care about anonymous people on the internet, and I am aware how flame-psychology works. Entering such a discussion is feeding the flames, it doesn't make things better, it makes it worse. Riots community team contains experts in that field, they are ware of that, that's why "comebacks" and other types of response to flame are most likely flame as well, and get people chat restricted. --- *"I also know that every situation demands an appropriate response."* Yes, and the appropriate response to flame is mute + report. No, there is no other response deemed appropriate. --- *"On an end note, from your naive view of the way things work I'd put an estimation of your age to be 17 or under."* Again, ad hominem, also possibly attempted argument from age, both logical fallacies. Don't do that, you seem like an intelligent person, and as such you don't need such devices. If it is of any importance to you, I am 31 years old.
Chill out hotshot - I know the difference, hardly intended on busting out terminology. You essentially telling me that they alternate between planktonic and biofilm form depending on stress and nutrients doesn't make my head spin. An ant colony for example works in the same way so there's no argument that it doesn't compare. External stimuli affects the quorum sensing of bacteria. This can be demonstrated by putting a biofilm in a stressful suspension, filtering then harvesting the exudate (removing the stress compound) before introducing it into a safe biofilm culture. The quorum signal causes them to alter their phenotype and replicate the stressed biofilm. Pheromones produced by the queen radiate to the worker ants - also ants can communicate by passing on a motion signal which is then echoed to neighbouring ants and thus the message is communicated - In comparison to a biofilm population, the quorum signal promotes transcription x translation of more signals (in MOST of the population) which conveys the message. To save myself composing a long winded response which only seems to get longer each RE: For a 31 year old you dedicate a lot of time to responding on the same day. Fair enough do your thang. At the end of the day, you haven't been on the receiving end of a punishment system that encourages the good old "report X9" that premades like to flaunt. If you claim to be the unshakeable player that will never react to something you find abhorrent, that's you. I like to think you'll have a week where you're so tired of seeing duos and toxic premades bullying a player that you'll decide to engage them and enjoy a chat ban where you can't thank people for giving you blue buff or a decent leash in the jungle. If I had faith in Riot's bible of reacting to it after playing for well over a year, I wouldn't feel the need to stand up for my community. I feel the chatban was worth it. I'm well on my way to another Teamwork crest, on two accounts. I doubt you personally would report someone who was arguing with a flamer, but it seems you believe it's okay when an automated system takes action based on the reports of the flamer's friends.
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: You do understand that retaliation isn't acceptable? Fighting fire with fire both get burned, simple.
That analogy is cliched and badly thought out. Perhaps I manage to burn the first flamer to death by showing them members of the community are actively against their toxicity. People that that use the mute button to hide from flamers are probably the ones that walk past a fight in the middle of the street without trying to intervene.
: *"Of a collective mind of people who decide what they want or don't want in their game."* Swarm minds exist in state building insects only, not in mammals. Since I haven't sprouted any new legs or membranous wings recently, I assume I am still not a bee. We don't have a unified, universally applicable opinion, that's the problem. There are people in this community who think saying "gg easy" is perfectly fine. This is a computer game, not a democracy. Riot owns and runs the place, hence they make the rules. This system gives them a way to make their rules the only ones which count. And since riot seems to have a better understanding of what is morally acceptable than many many players, I am fine with that. --- *"How is toxicity at an all-time low? At the very least it's the same. Or maybe because everyone is chatbanned"* Its low because riot says it is. They have the statistical data over millions of games played. You have your anecdotes, which is a nice euphemism for "stories you have no proof for". Oh and if everyone is chatbanned...how come my account isn't? --- *"I would rather have less toxic people being chatbanned than innocent players like me who defend people that are being flamed getting chatbanned."* So you jumped into a flame, thus spaming the chat and being an annoyance to others...plus, you didn't prevent flame by doing so! When will people learn: ANSWERING TO A FLAMER FANS THE FLAMES. Flamers. Must. Be. Muted. End of story. --- *"how I should use the mute button like you and every other player does."* Here is the thing mate: You already know what you need to do. Why aren't you simply doing it?
*tries to sound intelligent, goes way off tack* Collective mind in the context I spoke in is not hive mind and since you're soooo keen on biology whilst I'm actually studying a biological degree, bacterial biofilms use quorum sensing to become a temporary multicellular organism thus hive mind. Bacteria are not state building insects *snorts* ---- I share a mutualistic relationship with Riot, I'd say players can live without Riot but Riot is nothing without it's players. If you think that's not enough reason for a democracy, you're too simple to argue with. ---- You strike me as someone who not only believes raw statistics can't be manipulated to support whatever you need it to but also as somebody who takes the word of damage control PR. Runescape's Jagex are the reason I take the word of game companies with a pinch of salt. --- "Or maybe because everyone is chatbanned" Somehow translates to me literally saying everyone is chatbanned. Don't worry, I went through three teamwork crests and a year of playing before getting chatbanned without being toxic, I hope that if you do experience it you think back to this conversation. --- You fail to understand that there are several ways of handling a situation. If you like to be passive and watch people get bullied over a computer game that's fine. It's okay to be spineless. --- "You already know what you need to do. Why aren't you simply doing it?" Because I don't build the same items every game, I also know that every situation demands an appropriate response. --- On an end note, from your naive view of the way things work I'd put an estimation of your age to be 17 or under. I have taken the time to reply you because you seem to feel like you know the indisputable truth about everything which you don't.
: Nice picture. So you call the entire playerbase of LoL toxic, out of hand, and you still can't see what you are doing wrong? I would say the system works perfectly, because with that kind of attitude towards your fellow players, I can only imagine what other comments you type in your games.
"The entire playerbase." I have friends on league and I am part of the playerbase. I ask my friends to not be toxic and it works. I call out specific regions for more toxicity than others, spanish and french speaking especially (generalising but deal with it.) and dutch generally less toxic. (I'm from england.) But you're so eager to justify the 'system' works that you've completely dismissed the proof that I was reported for making comments on gameplay in all chat (all chat can be disabled with no negative impact on your team strategy.)
: And why would we want to replace a decently functioning automated system with one that has the disadvantage of depending on the personal opinion of anonymous people who cannot be made responsible for the outcome of their decisions? The current system actually works better than the tribunal ever did. In case you haven't noticed: Toxicity in ranked is at an all-time low. Toxicity in normal draft is down as well, since the toxics with ranked restriction know they restrictions get extended if they don't behave. The reasoning behind the system, is to keep toxic behavior out of the community, not to cater to the ego of self-appointed web-judges.
"personal opinion of anonymous people who cannot be made responsible for the outcome of their decisions?" Of a collective mind of people who decide what they want or don't want in their game. How is toxicity at an all-time low? At the very least it's the same. Or maybe because everyone is chatbanned due to the vague definition of toxicity as I myself have been a victim of. I would rather have less toxic people being chatbanned than innocent players like me who defend people that are being flamed getting chatbanned. But please feel free to come on your Riot-Loving self righteous ascended horse and tell me how I deserved any chatban the computer slams on me and how I should use the mute button like you and every other player does.
: *"You do realize that a lot of players have been getting unfair punishments since tribunal was taken down, right?"* You do realize that you should be prepared to offer proof for such a statement, if you expect people to take you serious.
Funny you should say that. I got a x5 enemy team report last game for this Two games after my chatban which I got for virtually no reason. (went from three teamwork crests over 9 months to chatban... right after tribunal went offline.) I just LOVE how people like to speculate on the report system and make out like it's perfect.
: 8 games chat restriction for not flaming at all.
I got 75 + 35 for retaliating to flamers... THE SYSTEM IS PERFECT THE SYSTEM IS BEAUTIFUL Oh and I got a x5 enemy team report literally for teasing over all-chat. saying things like "DAMMIT I WANTED TO KILL THAT WARD" for dying over pink ward... That was my second game after completing chat ban. Ironically I got a +1 Friendly and +1 Teamwork. At the end of the day, you're only slightly less likely to be reported for winning the game than for outright toxicity. pahahaha Riot PLEASE get a grip, control your mad dog of a system.
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: ***
Then according to League status quo, if someone is disturbing your game play verbally you should mute them. You see how that fixes nothing? I'd rather get people off my back immediately when they're saying "omg lol look at ur farm." "we have no mid." "we have no adc" than have to mute them.
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: So this kind of thing will most likely get a player banned
Yeah I took a picture today. All I said was "Do you mind if we ff? [FRIENDS NAME]'s net is broken. GJ EZ" (I said GJ to ez cos that was my last chat slot and Ez just sniped dragon in the blind from base.) Next thing tristana says: ok Sejuani reported for toxic My friend says: What? [we're premade etc, he knows my net is bad] Tristana: idc Tristana: xD I just roll my eyes at this game sometimes.
: I apologies for being french and never thought I would have to
I love this guy. I accept your apology. I can't stand the French/Spanish LoL community.
: Should Smurfing be reportable in ranked?
YES I 100% Agree. I started off in bronze 3 in my first season (S4) and my plat friend offered to carry me. I didn't play too well because I was in a silver lobby for the seven or eight times he smurfed and I was terrible at the game. (All but one of my renekton games and 1 annie game were thanks to him.) Everytime he got a pentakill as {{champion:24}} I was like okay this is a bit stupid, I'm not learning anything from the game. I eventually told him nah I'll do it on my own and he didn't believe I could until I picked up {{champion:161}} as my new mid-lane main, learnt other roles and carried myself all the way to gold. Boy was I smug. Even in my provisionals, my housemate asked me to play with him and the difference between gold and low silver is absolutely shocking. The experience you have from over 400 more games is incalculable; it's not just about reflexes etc you just know TOO much about the game to be matched vs people who don't. You can tell when a {{item:3157}} ends just from the sound and in your mind you've calculated exactly how long it'll take the projectile you're going to fire to hit. You can tell how long an enemy ability is on cooldown for and when to engage. It's not like the dude had 100% winrate when he smurfed but it was damn well over 80% which transfers into a division promotion. When he played {{champion:24}} is was 100% winrate, he could 1 v 5 everyone. When it was {{champion:119}} and he was forced to rely on a support, it was risky til late game when he killed people in two hits. 1. Right now, I'm teaching my friend how to play League on my level 12 account. I only own {{champion:99}} and {{champion:268}} on that account and I usually play champions I've never played before (that's how I picked up {{champion:131}} and {{champion:90}} etc on my main.) But then you get tryhards who play {{champion:11}} , {{champion:55}} , {{champion:84}} , {{champion:7}} - champions that newer players have no idea how to deal with and then those same people are toxic and flaming new players claiming they're "feeding" and it's this whole cascade that teaches players that yes it's okay to be toxic.{{champion:11}} The only problem is it would be incredibly difficult for someone to judge when another person was smurfing or not. If it was possible though I'd make it reportable. I must say though, Elo {{summoner:14}} Hell isn't real. The net gain from smurfing only got me to Bronze III (i complained to the smurf my team was making me lose after I got demoted and he helped me back up.). My best tip if you're struggling with ranked is STOP PLAYING IT. When I realised my main {{champion:99}} was getting me an amazing KDA but not wins, I stopped playing her, played about fifty (not even exaggerating) {{champion:161}} games in a row and just tore through everyone. {{champion:161}} is still keeping me strong today because I have such a deep understanding of him, his build paths, strenghts, weaknesses, counters, tips and tricks. Do the same, find your flavour champion. You will be Victorious.
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: Yes I do believe that. [This post](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=47319005#post47319005) may be about a year old, but it highlights something of how Riot deal with reports and punishment. > The system is not automated at all currently. This wave of bans, and the wave of chat restrictions prior have been the result of close collaboration between a number of teams including Player Behavior and Justice, Business Intelligence, Player Support, and our regional offices. **Human interaction has been a core component of each step the entire way through.** My emphasis. Also, [this post](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=49021815#post49021815): > If you got a punishment, it was because a legitimate report came through and the behavior was verified. The automated, machine learning systems Riot are using are to automate the parts of the system that they're confident it can handle without human interaction, such as gathering reports and making cases. But Lyte has repeatedly said that they've got humans evaluating the cases before punishing. Riot are just bad at communicating this in ways that are easy to find. They should have all that information in one place, and keep it updated when new systems appear.
Saying Riot looks at reports is like saying Jagex judges RuneScape botting on a case by case basis. It simply isn't true. From the Wikipedia estimation of 1,000 employees at Riot Games, how many of those do you think are dedicated to spending 8hrs a day reading who's been toxic or not if any are. I'm not saying Riot are like Jagex (who I do actually despise.)
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: ***
*punished yet. They do it in waves - some guys at my uni I've never played with got their chatban on the same day I did. I told people "I don't care, report me, see if the tribunal thinks I'm guilty." Then I found out there is no tribunal anymore lmfao.
: Being Chatbanned x Rank Banned.
Thanks for all the feedback! I've been having a lot of fun not talking to people in the game. Especially when I want to say someone has no flash etc. (Nah sarcasm aside: I couldn't care less about talking, all I did before was try make people laugh at the start of the game which I can still do when I teach my new friend how to play LoL on my side acc.) Funny story: When I was between the ages of 9 - 12 and I used to be bullied in school do you know when people stopped bullying me? It wasn't when I sat there and took it like a scuttle crab, but it was when I Vi-punched the biggest bully in my year and the fight escalated to thrown chairs. I'll NEVER forget the last day anyone tried to pick on me. At the end of the day, the psychological effects of me letting some kids rage at me or my friends mean more to me than me firing back at them with every ounce of energy I have in my fingers and then getting rank/chat-banned. Yes I understand there's a mute button but I'd prefer not to use it - if you can tell me who I'm hurting by engaging someone who's flaming me I'd very very much like to know. If you believe that the person retaliating to toxicity negatively affects the rest of the team (Who, like I always do, should be sticking up for the person under fire) the I think you're very flawed. (And by the way, I don't exacerbate the problem when I defend other players. I firmly ask them to stop, my favourite lines are "It's just a game" or "Don't worry, I believe in you.") At the end of the day, if someone's being bullied whether in real life or in game and are fighting back, it's an interesting and perhaps wrong decision not to take the cause of them retaliating only against the people that are being toxic into account. I'm not completely against the new system, it's a blunt hammer that works sometimes (and I have seen it affect genuinely toxic players who have tried to change their ways as a result.) My point is it could be much better.
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