: BUG when you start to /mute all. you can't ping on the map, click enemy stats,runes.You cant undo it
Yeah same here, but only if I use /mute all, and it can't be undone, it made my first game today feel like cancer, couldn't ping anything, was surprised that chat was even working, and it automatically mutes everything, it mutes people in chat (which is what we wanted in the first place) and it mutes people's pings and emotes (which never happened before), this patch is pretty messed up already, and nothing about this was even mentioned in the patch notes, when you ping, it actually shows up on other players's screens (as long as they didn't get affected by the bug) and you can hear your own pings that you used in the game if you check the replay, even thought you couldn't hear it while you were playing it LIVE!
: Low fps since last patch ?
Same, %%%%in' same, every other game runs perfectly, even the PBE is smooth, but the FPS in the live server is just terrible, this started yesterday at night, and I have no idea why, when the patch was released, I had no problem at first, but couple of hours later it started lagging af (my specs : RTX 2060, SSD 240, i5 8400, 16Gb RAM, which clearly has nothing to do with the issue)
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: Iron - Bronze Problem
Dude, go into a game and as soon as you spawn, hit /mute all, and ignore every libtard in your game, weither they troll or afk, doesn't matter, you can win a 4v5 even in Gold elo, so don't think too much, (would be better if you play solo carry champs like Jax/Darius/Illaoi/Yi...etc), just go for it, whenever I smurf in Iron, Bronze, Silver, it feels much easier than playing vs intermediate bots, because in every game, you'll notice that you're not playing to get ahead in the game, but rather to go inside their heads.A First blood gone wrong can literally destroy the enemy team's mentality and that's more than enough to win that game, even in Platinum, I find myself trying to break the enemy team's momentum rather than trying to beat them in game.
: yeah but it's like getting skins for free anyways i tried it turns out people can't see the custom skin only you still fun lmao
Yeah it is free, and only you can see the visual effects that's coming out of the skin, which is pretty much all I want, personnaly, don't really care what others see.
: U can get banned with those programs?
Well obviously so far I havn't been banned because I'm not doing anything that it gamebreaking wise!
: is this against lol tos? will you get banned for modding official skins?
Nope, read the official Riot respond here : http://leagueskin.net/p/download-mod-skin-lol-pro-2016-chn
: All skins available in the Practice tool?
Good idea, bad for Riot marketing, they'll get a drop in Skin sells 100%, that's just from an economic perspective, you can always use alternative programs like ''Mod Skin LOL'' or if you have a PBE account you can try it out there and see if you feel like buying it!

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