: Suspension System is dumb
dont even bother , just when you go into game mute everyone including pings . dont even try to communicate.
Nhirê (EUW)
: Smurfing Jungler looking for duo.
yooo i remember you man , we duoed last season, you used to main shaco . welcome back buddy, ive added you
: Smurfing on a silver acc add me
Shayniqua (EUW)
: LF D4+ Smurf to duoq with on my smurf
: [EUW][Diamond+ and Platinum+] Looking for players to complete our rosters.
Excellent and friendly community. Ive been there for over a week now and enjoying myself a lot.
: [EUW][ALL ELOS]Looking someone to help manage a community
A great community thats growing extremely fast. Ive been there for a week now and its filled with friendly and amazing people.
: plat jg main smurf lf people to play silver/gold or normals
Tehmad (EUW)
: After break looking for people to play with
You are welcome to join us. You can find a LOT of ppl to play with. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/Emu8I0be-euw-damage-incorporated-multi-gaming-clan-lf-casual-players
Endro88 (EUW)
: D3+ lf for smurf duoq currently 12-1
add me , im d2 main but to duo with you ill have to login to this acc
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TheNhíre (EUW)
: P2 jungler looking for somebody to level a smurf with.
main accounts banned or suspended i think ? :P
: Lf jgl Smurf/climbing back to plat.
definately not a smurf.. 52% win ratio lol
sSeEeSs (EUW)
: Master Jungler on unranked account LF other smurfs on unranked accounts.
: Looking for a smurf to climb up together! Im smurf too
: Looking for someone to climb to PLAT with. ( im dutch )
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: D1 midlaner LF D3+ .fresh. smurf to go 10-0 PLACEMENTS ASAP and rush high diamond/master
Shaden (EUNE)
: Looking For DuoQ (EUNE & EUW)
NuebrOne (EUW)
: Looking for duo q ( arround gold )
: LF Smurf Games (EUW)
sSeEeSs (EUW)
: Master Jungler on unranked account LF other smurfs on unranked accounts.
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God Windz (EUW)
: Lf Duo to Smurf from unranked
this guy isnt a smurf.. i added him on my unranked acc , he was like from what i see in your games you arent a smurf. I hadnt played a single game of ranked on that acc lol.
: LF DUO SMURF (Currently Plat2)
i would but i have got an unranked acc im lvling up
: Lf Duo to Smurf from unranked
: Tell me what you're looking for while I tell you about Esport Synergy.
spent on the discord server for 2 whole days, i didnt get a single guy talking to me.
Faboya (EUW)
: [EUW] Five Seasons Diamond Player Looking For a Tilt-Proof Bronze or Silver Support Main!
: Looking for fellow smurfs for placement soon
: Lf Duo to Smurf from unranked
that acc is not unranked its diamond
LW Smart (EUW)
: need duo high gold to get quick mmr on my unranked smurf
: Lf d3+ smurf to duoq with on my smurf.
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