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: Bianca's fan champion spotlight
Nami e + sona W/taric q + chogath w + karma ult
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: [Gameplay] Fiora can block Illaoi's Vesseling
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: Special annoucers /// Personal thoughts
: Winner of the Selfmade cosplay contest!
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: Xerath P Manasurge Icon is Broken
: Wunder on Bwipo: "I'm going to smash him so hard he'll wish he had the broken arm instead of sOAZ."
: Wow we obviously found a winner Kappa
> [{quoted}](name=I Abuse ADCs,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=qEHER9Vh,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-05T16:46:56.336+0000) > > Wow we obviously found a winner Kappa I actually spent so much effort in getting my phone to connect to my computer lul
: Show your selfmade cosplay and win a 1350 RP skin!
[]( Teemo cosplay
: Hey Chénny, Could you share a screenshot of the error message?
> [{quoted}](name=TheLUCKYfighter,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=u7doo24d,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-23T17:54:03.835+0000) > > Hey Chénny, > > Could you share a screenshot of the error message? Ah never mind it fixed itself just now
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: Sites, pages, or anything, to join daily tournments in whatever mode?
Bob Vance (EUW)
: Got very low lp for a victory - normally around 20lp
Speaking of which if you get low LP gain on loss prevented Why can't we lose less lp if an AFK'r happens
: The Star Guardian Giveaway (Reposted)
What star guardians told me Was a funny story Don't go near kids they said They should see me in my shed >:)
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: A Little Suggestion To Make Blitzcrank a little more convenient
orr just changing it to target champions only maybe?
: Championship Ashe
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: Alih - The Water Goddess
0.3% is too underpowered, it makes no difference so either change or remove it
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: im done
intentional or not they still harm the playing experience of the other players
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: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
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DeLany12 (EUW)
: Where to send clips from trolling players?
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: Creating ranked team (All ranks welcome)
IGN:Chénny Role:AD Rank solo:S3(peak S1 but been on an oof recently) Rank flex:B5 Do you have discord:Y Favourite champs:Every except vayne and draven Age:17 Country:Britain
: Looking for team/adc
: Read this if u cant climb from low elo,....
"Requires skill"-Inserts yasuo I'm done and I'm out
Holten (EUW)
: Regarding banning your own teammates pick
I always ban out my own team picks if they do some stupid crap such as "cough" wannabe LCS dudes playing kayn mid with bond of stone in silver
: Clan searches competetive Teams to represent us on ESL Go4Lol Cups etc.
Hey I'm interested but do you guys not have a discord server? I find teamspeak annoying to use
Nath (EUNE)
: First of all, in those games, mute all and focus on the game. When one player feeds, its not a big deal, because he can still have impact in teamfights and lategame, so your priority should be getting him to stop feeding, and to stop him from tilting, so that he does not int. I play jungle, and I choose my jungler depending on the meta. Now its lethality meta, so I can go wild with some crazy and sometimes unviable picks (wukong is an example because his early game is terrible, and junglers need early game pressure in this meta). My best strategy for winning, especially when you can't carry alone, is this: find the best player in the team, then I camp him, and make him strong, so he can carry with me. I had a game yesterday when I mistakenly camped zed toplane. I got him 6/1 score in 15 minutes, but he was just not competent enough to carry that game, so he ended game with 8/8 and we lost. Sometimes it feels like all your teammates are monkeys, and if you want to win, you have to carry yourself. In those cases, I go and gank lanes that are easy to gank, and snowball, and I focus on taking the kills. I cover towers and take farm over some less valuable objectives, like ocean drake. I focus on clearing, going back, ganking, and then again, in that order. The point here is that I get fed, so I can have a greater impact in teamfights. For example, I will explain my J4 playstyle in both situations: 1. Someone on your team can carry: I give my best to be on that lane as much as I can. I will blow flash and die if it means getting that dude a kill. I usually don't farm as much and instead focus on that particular player. My build varies, but its either full tank, or full assassin. If for example the champion im trying to get fed is a bruiser, I will build full assassin, so I can burst the only threat to them (the adc), or at least pressure them enough so they don't melt him down before he kills everything. If the champion im helping is adc or an assassin for example, I build tank, so I can jump in and occupy the enemy team long enough for them to do their thing. 2. You must carry: I usually go for the smite component of the jungle item, rush tiamat, then ghostblade, then black cleaver, titanic hydra, and the last few items are decided based on enemy team comp. Usually cinderhulk + defensive item, or duskblade + guardian angel. The point of this build is that with ghostblade, titanic hydra, black cleaver, you have enough burst damage to kill enemy squishies very fast. Then the health from those items allows you to stay alive long enough to get out, or for your team to get ahead. With cleaver you shred enemy armor and make your adc deal more damage. Ghostblade is a great tool for running away, since I usually am on a big killing spree, so I try to deny enemy gold. I will gank a lane a few times and get kills, but as soon as that particular enemy starts giving less gold, I switch. I prioritize farming to ganks, and only stop clearing when I see a countergank opportunity. I try to get as many important objectives as I can, and I sometimes sacrifice a teamfight or a skirmish win in midgame to save a tower, get dragon/herald. No point in getting your team gold if they just end up getting caught alone in the jungle anyway. If the game progresses to late, I try to direct my team, shotcall effectively, and stop players from giving up or making stupid mistakes. In teamfights super lategame, j4 is not really effective, but with flash, E, Q, R I can usually take 70% of adc's health away, while knocking up half of the enemy team, which i found to be effective against teamfight oriented comps, because they usually panick and focus me instead of my adc/mage that end up destroying them while I die. Sometimes I when I am desperate, I do vile things in order to win. For example, your whole team is getting destroyed, every lane is lost, you are getting counterjungled, and it seems pretty grim, but you are in promos for the 5th time and you just cant lose. So I open or something like that, and try to find a guy on the enemy team that has lost a few games in a row. The more the better. Then I focus on tilting him. I gank, i spam emotes, I deny him farm, i sometimes just stand in the lane with my laner and deny him from everything. If he keeps his cool, his team will make my team surrender in a few minutes. But most of the time, those players get annoyed. Start flaming first me, then their team, usually their jungler. Then their team starts making mistakes, and they flame each other, and before you know it, your team is ahead, has baron, and enemy team has not grouped once since 15 minutes, and you get a win. Now i get what people are going to say. But before you start raging and calling for my head, read this: All this guy has to do is hug tower, and relax. He can at that point just let his team carry him, while I stand on his lane and lose farm, gold and exp for me and my laner. Another thing is that guy can just NOT flame his team and continue being friendly or just passive in chat, as well as in game. If he gets annoyed by my cheese tactic so much that he forgets about basic game principles, then how is that different from feeding? Both are results from poor game knowledge and execution, and as such can be punished. Its like picking eve. Her power is not in her kit, but in the pressure she creates. The pressure only exists in the enemy player's heads, since she cant be at all places at once. Still, I am not proud of this, and I say it should not be ever used for anything like this. But hey, its perfectly legal, I never flame that player in game, or try to tilt them with words, only with allowed in game actions, that do not violate the summoners code in any way.
Although I play every role except jungle(lmao) this helped me a lot. Actually, because of this^ I might start giving jungle a try.
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: Flex is fine. Played 10 games, won 8. Got infinitely carried like hell in more than 5 of them. Like legit "dead weight" carried. Got placed in Gold II. (my average rank is S1-G5) Never playing flex again.
i played 10 flex placements lost them all
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MacDeath (EUW)
: Then thank Riot for the freetime you gained by not beeing able to play their game. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
ill also thank riot for making such an addictive game which eats more of my free time than this downtime :/
Infernape (EUW)
: No. You aren't paying for anything and you have not loss anything of value.
: That would never happen. Why would you buy skins if you had a different one every week? Skins are one of the few paid things in the game (you can buy champs with Ip and no one buys ward skins or summoner icons), rito would loose a lot of money.
There will be 5 or somethin skins for random champions(random skins) each week
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: [Riot related] After 2 hours of browsing Riots Career options, I have gathered some results.
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