SkyLândz (EUW)
: and when exactly u think ?? its been more then 2 months as i remember still nothing new
They will take as long as they need. Just like some people are waiting for Clash to be live.
SkyLândz (EUW)
: why no more tournaments
> _We want to take some time to analyse how the tool has been used in the past, and to see what we can do in the future to keep supporting events and organisers_ ^ Literally this
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ıce (EUW)
: Everything you need in 1 place!
sounds like a huge sell out commercial like intel
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: the reason he picks sion is that when im playing cait and winning lane, he goes to roam top and mid, and ult cc chain the enemy laner to try and get the rest of the team kills.. Sion is great in 2v2, he has a slow, two cc, and his passive is amazing, we literally win 2v3's when the jungler comes to gank, hell he even got to plat last season (he also started playing last season) by maining sion support,
well playing a champion over and over can make everyone get into higher ranks. It's true sion is amazing with that. But i find it lacking with the heals and stuff he doesnt buy redemption and locket? That could save your butt a few times.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: im stuck in mid gold with my duo partner! help us!!
U made this post just because u lost few games recently and probably got upset about it. Only solution is fix more of you and your partner mistakes and improve. Also just ping if they are about to do something stupid. U can't really blame on the team if adc got no peel in teamfight. But that is easily fixible by having your premade support playing a champion with some cc like janna (queen of peeling) or thresh. Your premade partner seems to play sion support a lot which is pretty uncommon. I am quite surprised that it kind a works. Though it probably wont the higher u will get. In terms of saving the adc...sion does it average job. U are gold so u still have a lot to work on.
Ziaja (EUW)
: [Team Extremity Grey] Recruiting new DEDICATED players[TOP, JUNGLE, SUPPORT] [English] [Tournaments]
What country are you from? Netherlands Fluent English Speaker? Yes/~~No~~ Gold 5 or above last season? Yes/~~No~~ Main the role you apply for? Yes/~~No~~ support btw Have Teamspeak and a good mic? Yes/~~No~~ *Be able to play at least 4 days a week? Yes/~~No~~
KyouCake (EUW)
: Poor girl drawing for you - for free
it's an interesting title "poor girl" drawing but nice regardless :'). I would be interested in seeing your traditional style of drawings.
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: Learning Support
[ ] try this guy
Which role are you applying for? Support What is your current soloQ rank? Diamond5 What is your champion pool? Nami Janna Zilean Alistar Poppy Nautilus Leona Where do you live? NL What is your age (don't feel that you have to answer this, however we prefer 18+)? 22 How Active are you, can you follow a Schedule? Every evening from 7pm GMT+1
: We want you ! New Ranked Team EUW
Game related: IG Name: IATECOOKIES Are you available on the times I mentioned above? Main role/Champs: Support (Nami, janna soraka, Alistar, Taric, Poppy, Leona) Secondary role/Champs: ADC (Caitlyn, MF, Jhin) Out of game related: Age: 22 Country: NL Got skype? Y Willing to make Line? Y (Line is a mobile app where you create an account with a username (so its anonymous) so we can chat via mobile phone). And just tell something about yourself! I'm fat
1LLuSïoN (EUW)
: Nederlands team opzoek naar extra speler! (NL) (Top/Support/Jungle)
Naam: Jun Leeftijd: 21 Role: Support - ADC Iets over jezelf: urgot is bae Wat je van het team verwacht: Ward skin
: Honest explanation about TSM
Simply asked. What made u first like TSM before thinking that way? I don't see how it's different from any other teams. Esports scene is getting bigger so ofcourse the organisations will take it more seriously. It's not the same as how TSM used to have like the "FK it Baylife" mentality back in the days with Reginald, Dyrus, Oddones, Chaox and Xpecial. Like every other pro players they are trying to play also as a job unlike we play league casually. Those players gets paid for playing it and u can legitimately count them as esports athletes. "C9 can go for Zac and Syndra, CLG Yasuo,Jax and its not "you just hate NA" crap. They have literaly NOTHING that can be called their thing. I consider that unaceptable for a high tier pro team that we should aspire to." To your response, TSM are generally known for doing well in playoffs or having good teamfights. Reason why u don't see their thing, which is in your case the players' personal champions like Dyrus singed, is because they are pretty much "meta slaves". Especially around season 4 when they have locodoco as head coach. The team listens to his decisions with the draft and locodoco including TSM often looks at the Korean meta. Now u say u like Dyrus, but u obviously don't realize that Dyrus mentioned many times over that he tries to copy cat what other top tier toplaners do. Personally, I'm a TSM fan. Because not only Dyrus or LustCena but also their hardwork. However I haven't started to dislike them because of how they treat the game as job. They still like to play league otherwise they would be retired already. I liked it because the personalities of the old tsm roster and respect that most of them are willing to leave their position to find a more potential player who can maybe win NA LCS or Worlds for their own fans out there."
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: +2 TEAM !
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: What is the meta right now?
i always watch websites like for its soloq tierlist or for which champions are statistically most played and have highest winrate.
: I get flamed because of my gender ;-;
I think u are new to the game. The league community is massive and therefore there are lots of people who are like that. You'll meet better players eventually or just look for them like ive been searching for the last 2 years xd
rogama25 (EUW)
: Persistent settings
Recently the settings are saved server sided instead locally. Which means whenever u log in on any pc with ur account you have ur settings. Now to answer your question. You have to do this manually. Step 1: Just copy the file with the settings you want to use C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\PersistedSettings.json. And paste the copied file somewhere and maybe rename it if u like ( forexample just Settings.json). Step 2: Now go login on ur other account and you'll notice that the PersistedSettings.json file has been changed in your rito folder. Just open both that file and the copied file. Step 3: Copy everything from the Settings.json and replace it to the PersistedSettings.json.
: Do you get less lp when playing with premades in ranked queue?
It used to be like that if u are 3+premade, u will get less lp. Not sure if they changed a bit because now you'll have 98% chance you'll meet the same amount of premade as u are with ur friends. Also ur mmr is ofcourse a bit involved.
Twinbo (EUW)
Able to use TS + Skype (Yes/~~No~~) - prefer ts over skype cuz skype uses lots of bandwith Age - 21 Language(s) - English, Dutch Division (Season 5 + Current) - both season plat 4 Primary Role - adc Secondary Role - supp Main Champions - ezreal, corki, lucian because meta Will you stick to a time schedule (Yes/~~No~~) - depending on the time What would you bring to the team? - mechanics, late game carry potential, own inside of game knowledge
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: New Ranked 5V5 Recruiting
In-Game Name: IATECOOKIES Age: 21 Region: EUW English Language: YES/~~NO~~ Roles: ADC Champ Range (how many champs in that role): 7 Main Champ (Top 3): ezreal, lucian, tristana Availability: Tuesdays, thursday, friday: 20:00-0:00 gmt+1 Monday, Wednessday, Weekend: anytime Last Rank: Plat4
: Who are you and why did you eat my {{item:2054}} ?
Yes i did. Question is who are u and did u steal my baguette?
Ulliete (EUW)
: Are you ok to play "off-meta" botlanes ? :D Like stupid combos panth/leona, rammus/blitz, roleplay lanes ...
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: [BUG] I can't lock my camera back while playing (It happened so many times by now!!)
It happens sometimes to me too. What i do to fix change my binding to center camera on champion. Press okay and then bind Toggle camera Lock on space and press okay.
Bombardox (EUW)
: My queue time is 10 sec max
because you're the one not having a long queue but they do?
: Is curse voice bannable?
simply put. It was but it is now allowed
ToXzZ666 (EUW)
: Are placements on EU:W broken?
it is normal ;). If u really belong to gold4, u'll get it in no time. Maybe euw players are getting better /o///
krokante (EUW)
: really low mmr
i think u should not trust mmr on It is not that reliable. Your mmr doesnt depend on winrates. U can be diamond with 40% winrate while ur silver friend has 70% winrate. To answer ur first question. No, u can't raise ur mmr with normals. Because you have "normal" mmr and "soloq" mmr. Your mmr is based on which elo u ended last season and how u did in the preseason. Added that with ur performance on the placements, you'll get ur new mmr for this season. The highest rank u can get straight away is plat1. All diamond+ would get plat. All ex-plat get most likely gold. All ex-gold get silver etc. etc. Basically u'll drop a tier after the reset unless u are challenger. (then u drop 2 tiers). If you didnt play any ranked games last season, then ur placement is all that matters for ur mmr. Personally i ended season 5 plat 4. If i would look up on the mmr im playing against others, which is 1780 so around gold 1-2. I would be placed there depending on my 4 future placement matches. ps: if u get 25+lp after ur placements then ur mmr is higher than where u are currently being placed.
Stell (EUNE)
: How 75g and teamwork won us the game
this is why vision is important
: Looking for teammate or team
Bro u dont need to give ur username only ur game name.
: Placements so far
don't be afraid. Embrace the elo you get
: Uh...The placement matches...Again...
you got old bruh, time to retire in silver with me
: S5: Silver IV. Post-Season Silver V. Won 7-3 placement and get BRONZE IV???
The results depend on your hidden MMR, how well u have played in preseason and maybe the mmr from ur duoq from all the placement matches you have played with. I remember from previous season i got placed around the same elo as i have achieved from season 3 (gold 5) after going 5-5. My friend was in the same elo except he went duoq with someone with silver mmr so he got placed in silver. Personally i have no problem this season to be silver/bronze, cuz dynamic queue makes me more want to be better with teamwork. It doesnt give me that much of an achievement when dynamic queue makes it easier to boost people around. Though the new system helps with toxicity so thats in the end a good thing. Guess u could buy an account on Ebay to check yourself if u truly belong in diamond.
Maigulis (EUNE)
: 8 win 2 lose Bronze 2?
Maybe u played badly in preseason or the gold players has low mmr too xd
Nénimë (EUW)
: Team Ranked in Season 6
Ranked team is still there. Most of your answer will be explained here
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MrNiekio (EUW)
: Starting a ranked team
IGN: IATECOOKIES Position: Supp Most played champs on position: morgana, tresh, leona, annie, alistar rank: gold 1 also fine to be put in sub


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