Takumaron (EUNE)
: I would say the game is quite balanced. Everything can oneshot (or two shot), the game got to a point that if you get hit by one cc you are dead (even when you are 1v1 against supports)
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: game yes, matchmaking no. reason? people. it's a flipü of a coin if you get a troll or the enemy gets one. or if you get as smurf or enemy gets smurf who smurfs harder lol
: Lets call, leaving all the old mages behind with no dashes...balanced? Kata, STILL no mana to halt endless spam? Balanced? Hahah Hahah.. -_-
You are just harstuck buddy
: hey i like the game but i wouldn't call it "balanced" if you want some op champs.. lately i'm smashing top with olaf.. conqueror with taste of blood secondary, first item corrupting potion i swear the first blood it's pretty much guaranteed.. all i have to do is allin the guy the first 1-2 levels and snowball from there i never played that champion but i'm doing good with him.. pretty straightforward if you ask me
That's maybe 1 or 2,3 champs that you could call broken rn like riven and kayle but for a moba thats reeeaaaaly good
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Hansiman (EUW)
: I'd expect ranked to go up soon after the servers have been patched, at least within the same day. Patch is postponed by 24 hours due to Martin Luther King day, which was on monday.
Holy shit riot is %%%%%%ed. As if they didn't have everything set up yet after all that time to prep for it and than postpone it because of one day. This fking company man....
DocKappit (EUW)
: Having the same problem in normal draft queue. Can't join a new game after 20+ min and it won't tell me how long I have to wait. Restarting client doesn't work either. Kinda annoying, especially when we get no information from Riot.
: [Patch 8.3] - Client Stuck In Pre-Game Champion Select [CLIENT] [EUW]
I'm having the same issue and indeed the client says i'm not ready......
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