: Dalien I am D4 so not between silver / gold.
"We are looking for players for all positions ranging from Silver V to Gold III ranks, and especially for Supports." - No offense but is it so hard to read the post xD
: FROZEN FRONTLINE - LF New Roster (Support - Mid - Jungle - Top) + Substitutes
INGAME NAME: FreezingGust PREFERED ROLE: Midlane SECONDARY ROLES (Optional): - TOP 5 CHAMPIONS: Anivia, LeBlanc, Orianna, Corki, Vladimir RANK: P5
Βaz (EUW)
: Team Dangerline looking for a mid laner UK ONLY GOLD/PLAT
: Team - Acrolith [Gold]
I am interested for midlane. 19 years old,G3,large Championpool, good communication
I am interested. My role Mid and my IGN: xAeronxX
ZapperCat (EUW)
: Aetas eSports - LFP
Name: Robin IGN: xAeronxX Age:19 Country:Germany(speaking english fluently) Lane:Midlane Elo: Silver/Gold(S1 atm) Main champs: azir,anivia,Leblanc,katarina and more... . Laneable:? Teamspeak: Yes Reason to join:Looking for a serious and competitive team to play and compete in tournaments. I want a training schedule(minimum 2-3days per week) Already in an team: no xD


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