AEX Xesc (EUW)
: Looking for Rakan Main arround Low Plat / High Gold Elo - Can I be your Xayah? owo
Kuldersak (EUW)
: This is not a new idea DOTA \ Dota 2 and STEAM have been doing this for years.. ALSO ITS FREE!!!!! on DOTA2 u can even choose specific casters following your pro, commentating and give advice tips of coarse League is gonna charge.. com on!!
Yeah, dota 2 spends hundreds of thousands dollars to make a international championship every year? to not say about the regional tournaments and others big ones
Tílls (EUW)
: Don't know why people are complaining, it's a fair price as it's the whole split. And the free version is still free....
indeed, people are kinda dumb, they expect a "deluxe" service for free, like, wtf guys
QUIX2468 (EUW)
: PUBG had this on theirfirst invitational ... and it was for free{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yeah, but Riot's events spends like, an insane amount of money (way more than any other games company), and they do it every year, every time more expensive, so i dont know, people dont create better things for getting nothing in return, thats how world works, better service = higher the price
Fox Force (EUW)
: They wont stop until we, the plebs of the world, are sucked dry {{sticker:cass-cry}}
I dont see any problem, seriously, it is an addictional product that doesnt changes anything in your free experience, do you want? Pay for it. It's simple and fair. Lol.
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: Dogs (League of Legends Edit)
Your effects of Editing are good, but its a litlle confusing if you want to people understand what the player is doing.
: The comments are the worst things i've ever seen in this boards, just the non sense bulls%"t Stop making straight champions star guardians, for god sake. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Sure because to be a straight person or a Guardian of the Galaxy you need to wear dark clothes only
Declined (EUNE)
: There are a TON of bugs if you know where to look, and what to pay attention to. There will always be some form of bug in League somewhere. The challenge is to prioritize which bug gets looked at first based on impact and difficulty to replicate, so even if a bug is exceedingly difficult to replicate but has game breaking potential..... well then it's gonna get looked it IMMEDIATELY! It's a process of determining which bugs has what priority, before getting fixed.
please, I explained the "trick" in a comment in this same post, can you check it please?
kriegnes (EUW)
: well how about telling us what your magical op trick is?
idk if its a "practice tool" bug or a real trick tbh, but like, you can cancel ahri's ultimate cd (between R's) if you click to walk before the animation ends, like riven's Q. You can jump twice to any direction using this, but its really hard though. I didnt used it in normals yet cause I'm afraid of getting ban and i didnt sent a ticket to riot by the same motive xD. As i said, i didn't tried in normals/customs, so idk if its just a practice tool bug.
: Star Guardian Season 3
we need more boys as star guardians, seriously, how can I even ship ekko and ezreal if ekko doesnt have a star guardian skin :/{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Smerk (EUW)
: It depends on the trick. Something not obvious and hard to do is fine, but if you're trying to exploit a bug or something like that then you can be punished
Hydnoras (EUW)
: As long as it's no bug abuse it's completely fine. It's not wrong to be better than the people in your games lol...
Thanks! I'm not sure if its a bug, it doesnt looks like one at least. Isnt anything out of the "normal abilities", but is something new that noone expects because its extremealy hard to do whenever you want (at the moment, i just get sucess like 3 times of 15 trys). I tried to tell to my friends my discovery and they laugh, because it really sounds crazy, but when i showed them, they were like "wtf, this is possible?".
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Just a heads up before anyone tries to complain about male "magical girls": male "magical girls" do exist(i think it's a rather more recent trend)
true, you don't need to be %%%%ing scary and looks terryfing to be cool or powerfull, we need more type of male skins line
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Lavenora (EUW)
: Caitlyn portrait
Wow, thats cool. Good job mate {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Gold 5 ADC looking for Support! (PLEASE READ EVERYTHING)
Cant even if im 17 ? :/ sad, the unique criteria i cant fit is the age.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I know, but at least Riot could make Annie in game like the splash art right? the difference is huge
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: This took hella lot of time. Upvote...
Synric V (EUW)
: Plat 5 negative winrate wasting his time with champion concepts {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Well, I play for fun then ... yes. Anyway I love creating champions concepts so my rank does not change anything. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Should've entered the December CCOS on the NA Boards. You'd get better feedback there.
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: I don't have any info on those issues atm (will ask around though) but I could imagine that since the PBE signups only got opened again 3 hours ago there is a load of traffic, which may cause this issue. EDIT: there indeed seem to be some technical difficulties going on with the PBE sign-ups at the moment. They're working on it.
oh ok, thank you <3
: Hey RottenEggos, Whenever people are needed for PBE more is looked at than just your honor level, athough that is a very important factor. What kind of player you are, what you main, how active you are, etc or some examples of other stuff that gets looked at as well, which won't be that accurate/good on your alternate account. I think the better plan is to get rid of your honor level 0.
Why EUW/EUNE players can't ever register in PBE? I click 100000 times and always shows : Error, try again ( or something like that)
pogme (EUW)
: Can't login aswell, the euw signup page for the pbe is still down tho
David 777 (EUW)
: Overall great (but I'm quite unconvinced about redirecting allied projectiles -- its troll potential is way to high)
I know it, but i think isnt "troll" due to do the combo " allied skill + Valky's E" the marksman needs to "miss" the skill intentionally: 3 Example: Jhin +Valky Vs Alistar and Miss fortune, if Jhin needs kills Miss Fortune using R he can't complete it because Alistair is using "body block". To have a "chance" he needs to trust in Valky. I know its looks a kinda troll but its a nice mechanic and gameplay ( a great "cost-reward" ).
INoKami (EUW)
: That communicate thing was more related to me but whatever :) About the numbers, can´t promise I can help, cause there´s still a ton of my own concepts I wanted to translate, then I wanted to keep on working on my other ideas... and then there is Real Life as bonus.
INoKami (EUW)
: Gotta give you that, the basic idea of it is cool, would definetly try it! But since I´m a hardcore-concepter-something, I need numbers. It´s just hard to say wheter an ability is OP or not if you don´t know, how much damage it deals, how long the cooldown is, strength+duration of the CC-effects... The other peeps from the german boards, whom I´ve worked with, know, what I´m talking about ;) Yeah, still: Awesome idea and everything... _Yo, is this guy unable to communicate properly with others?!_
Thanks by the feed back, I already have an idea of ​​the recharge times of the abilities and damage, however I do not expert in that aspect, due to that I did not add them yet however is the next step ( Any chance you can help me with the statistics?). I know the numbers are a very important part and I know you're right. About Valky, the power of the Mirrors he has received gives him the ability to speak any language he has already heard 1 time (a mirror reflects anything). He communicates normally with anyone, but it is not as warm (as I mentioned in the lore)
INoKami (EUW)
: Click on the arrows above/under the number in the top left corner. Above to upvote, under to downvote (works same way with comments).
: Want Star Guardian Urgot
Want Star Guardian Ezreal
INoKami (EUW)
: Will take a look at it! General Update: 27 views, 3 guys telling me they (kinda) like this concept and one downvote. Do I need to understand this? :) (NO, I do not ask you to upvote it! Think of it as a... sarcastic comment)
NoobStory (EUW)
: That's what I thought when reading it, and as I'm nowhere near a dev in abilities to foresee the possible impact a skill could have in game, I'd rather have it without position locking at first. Obviously, if it's op, it might have to lock in place, but I think it's already a hard spell to use with such low mobility, as opposed to braum's shield that synergizes well with its targeted dash
Yes I understand, but because Valky can redirect a skill shoot this is something overpower, if he can move through the first part of the E is something definitely no counterplay. It's just my opinion on skill balancing. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
INoKami (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Loggrin, the lost Searcher
I liked your concept, the passive is a litlle op but the ideia is really cool. I wrote a champion concept too, not as good as yours but please check it :D ( its called "Ideia for new champion: Valky, the protective reflex" )
NoobStory (EUW)
: This is such a nice concept *-* Even though I don't really like skills that make you unable to move, I don't of it would make it broken. Let's hope for it to be implemented in game soon!
Thanks by the feed back! :D . Because of E's functionality, making Valky unable to move is a way of balancing the skill.
: Awesome idea, riot please release this!!! Great job :)
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YepNope (EUNE)
: You put a lot of work in writing this but it probably won't be noticed by any Rioter. I think you should send it directly to them, because champion sounds pretty interesting.
How can we send a ideia directly to Riot? Please help me, I'm finishing a new ideia about a new champion and i need to know how to send it


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