: The mistake i made..
EUNE English in a nutshell, not trying to roast but ay step up your English game up if you want people to understand you. I also don't suggest using slang 'cause it makes it even harder to decipher.
Sharkai99 (EUNE)
: Disscusion about permaban
I love post like these with players attempting to crawl back into the community after being perma'd. You also left out the fact that you did indeed receive a 14 day ban, which should of been enough for you to " reform ". Plus your chat logs make me filled with cringe. > Sharkai99: wu reported inting > Sharkai99: 2/8 lux reported int Just because they have a bad KDA doesn't mean the actually inted. I'll take you back to Season 1 and 2 where " INT " actually meant running it down mid. Players can get stomped, and it happens quite often. Looks to me like YOUR reports were invalid, and the reports made against you were indeed Valid. I'm not in EUNE but I am glad you are out of the community anyway. The reason I am glad is because you HAD the chance to redeem yourself after a 14 day ban. I think I got chat restricted back in Season 2 or something, since then never got any other restriction/suspension/ban because it scared the living hell out of me so I reformed. I've spent way to much time on this game ( account) to get banned. Even now when I want to type, I just end up deleting the message before sending and mute all. Pretend I am some Korean guy that doesnt speak English to refrain from typing, or just flame them outloud in my room where nobody will ever have a chance of hearing it. if I ever got a 14 day ban I would never use the text chat again, not even to type gj. ( ok kidding but you get the point ). TL:DR Typical appeal , gets a 2nd chance, blows it, cries about being perma'd. Deserved. Bye.
: So as a main top/jung what should I do?... I was gold 2 last season I've just recently been playing again since this season. However my champs I usually play have fell off meta now. It seems tank meta is the way forward now...However when I play tanky, my team fails to deliver ! :(
You can stay with your non-meta pick! My Vladimir is one of the worst mid and top laners at the moment, and he got me to Dia 4 just fine. Find what things you are bad at, and work on them!
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: Where can I train?
Flex Queue kid. Git gud
: She was a plat smurf.
and lmao if she smurfing from plat+ bruh she can run any build she wants and get a quad on these plebs. I don't enjoy going on another acc to low elo because in a non-cocky way, it's TOO easy. The elo is way too low skilled for me. People haven't the slightest clue what to do. They build wrong, masteries wrong, runes wrong, horrible mechanics, horrible positioning, everything in general is just really bad. Sorry to put it so blunt but it's the truth. I remember a few years ago when I hit my " knowledge spike " I went from Silver 2 to Plat without getting stuck in gold because it all became clear to me.
: I still don't believe that can justify her damage. :( she was unkillable in the end took 4 ults to kill. then rest of her team cleared up and surrendered.
and of course she was unkillable, she had hella tanky items, and the ONLY person that had a useful item against her was your Black Cleaver, otherwise nothing could penetrate her armor lol. Your team was building wrong, your team was feeding, your team was behind in levels. Kata was building correctly for this game, Kata was ahead in levels, snowballed correctly. And tbh she died 7 times. That's a lot, not a clean victory in my eyes. I'm disgusted when I win a game with more than 3 deaths.
: Tankarina
You should ask the guy that rage posted about how 'Tankarina' got a quad and he was mad 'cause he didn't find it balanced. Her base stats are high, in any league below plat or diamond I guess this should be fine, since people don't know how to take care of business.
: Katarina killed yasuo in lane so easy...regardless of his MR and what difference does MR really make against someone with 47AP?
It's not just " someone ", Katarina is a champion with high base stats because all she has to offer is damage. She probably killed Yasuo in lane so easy because he is a noob. Kata had thunderlords and 13.5~ magic pen + battle trance mastery + 2% ability damage + merciless mastery. And look how far ahead she was at 20minutes!!!! http://prntscr.com/e3smc1
: I actually got it from a free random chest {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
well considering i paid 500+ for that yeah
Loonsta (EUW)
: I finally did it DELETED THE GAME.
: Lol 4 enemies all full hp vs kat and shen... It's ridiculous damage regardless of CD on her resets... she's full tank dude with 47AP that seems a far stretch
She is vs a Vayne that can E her, a Karma that can W her, a Malphite that can R her, a Wukong that can R her, a Yasuo that can wombo that. It's pretty **stoppable** to me
: Explain to me how a Katarina full tank can get a quadra solo. Balanced...i think not
and I don't mean to offend but.. http://prntscr.com/e3si2f Bronze 2 - Silver 3 game.. bruh
: Explain to me how a Katarina full tank can get a quadra solo. Balanced...i think not
Found some time and did some research, the wukong had roughly 42 magic resist, so that guys dead real quick, no matter how much AP Katarina has, she is level 15, maybe 14 at the time of the penta, vs people that are 3+ levels LOWER than her which makes HUGE difference. The hardest person to kill for her should have been Yasuo, with his wind wall, phantom dancer, merc treds, and hexdrinker. The blue team had 5+ towers at the time of her quad ( i assume ) and 2 drakes. Your team had 1 tower only. The enemy team was ahead by roughly 11k gold. Easy quad on full tank Kata.
: Explain to me how a Katarina full tank can get a quadra solo. Balanced...i think not
Katarina is much like Vlad in terms of what she has to offer, damage. Building her in any way can get her a quad, especially with her resets. Her base stats are high enough to get a quadra vs a Vayne, Malphite and Karma that didn't achieve to what it seems to be 10'000 dmg average~ of that game. Also you details are very little, was she solo vs 4 enemies with full HP? Was it a team fight? If it was a team fight, Multi kills on Katarina are very common! Balanced or not. I could go into a lot of details, but I don't have the essence of time. Don't blink ;)
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IG Mohebb (EUW)
: Who spilled water in the EUW server room again??
Do I need to show video proof? You think it's just random that me and a friend of mine that doesnt live nowhere near me dc at same time? Edit; IN DIFFERENT GAMES
: How did your friend tell them you will be reconnecting if he was also disconnected? He must have been in the game before the 3 minute mark. Why is it you were not? Seems inconsistent, are you sure it was the server and not something your side? There are many things that can occur that'd sever your connection to the League servers without affecting Discord, or your internet connection.
English your first language? Re-read what I typed. Let me quote it for ya. > I am on discord with my duo that is in the same game as me, AND with 1 friend that is in ANOTHER game. I even put AND to make it clear. Seriously dude it's not my fucking connection. I'm not a pleb that has a McDonalds connection then blames Riot. Discord connected, youtube connected, internet sign connected, league? noo. How can you even question that it is not league if it happens to me and someone else that is not even in my game at the same time. EUW server mate. Read carefully next time.
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Epicology (EUW)
: Where's the counterplay
Don't be a bronze and use your brain.
IzzŸ (EUW)
: If you're going to break the meta, do it right.
*reads title* ah this could be legit > I just had an ARAM game ... Really dude.
: Chat restriction for a ridicoulus reason
holy fuckballs were u afk the whole match ? So much typing. How about you just dont type at all. Plus if you re-read your own post, you will find how much of a hypocrite you are.
: Will of the Ancients R.I.P 2010-2016
BoeBu (EUNE)
: Most of LoL players are noobs
Do you even read the FaQ on the League Client ? It explains demotions. btw Normal games train you to be a fukin bronzie / borderline silver.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: The feel ... When this pop up ...
Thank you kind sir! +1 assist 0/0/1
: go on and find that "high elo Sion play" nobody fucking plays Sion in high elo and there s a reason why dipshit
You shouldn't be ranting as a silver v bronzie
: Disappointed in Sion
Lol you are Silver 5 aka borderline Bronze. Can't believe people actually wasted huge paragraphs trying to explain to you. How about you get gud. Step 1: Realise you are a noob. Step 2: Get gud. Watch high elo play of Sion and get rekt.
: 14 5-man premade games, 14 losses
well its probably cuz ur 5 man group is noobish. You guys probably talk to much ( most people do ). Your mindset is different when you 5 man. Most of the time when you go 5 man group, the enemies are 5 man also. So it comes down to which 5 man group is more determined to win. Never have I ever lost 14
diaalotfi (EUW)
: Nothing happens after clicking LAUNCH?
: Riot, fix your stupid champion select!
How old are you? /facepalm /thread
Riryz (EUW)
: look thats the problem. you have tons of ip left becasue you have all the content you want that buyable with ip. you have leftover ip and want to gift your friend a champion. if your friend plays he can get it for free. but now you have pay riot for riot points so you can gift your friend and then youll be left with some leftover rp you may never spend, that means riot keeps part of your money because you didnt spend the all the rp you bought.
Spending the money you bought or not, they keep all the money lol. I am not bashing on you, but do you even realise how dumb that sounds? Example Goes to the store and buys a Coca-Cola, goes home and drinks 3/4 and throws the rest away... the money you paid for the Coca-Cola stays in the store no matter what. /facepalm
: Ranked 5vs5 team
Gold 3 in promotion for Gold 2 Jungle - Mid - Top....... ( bot ) > 18, Geneva Switzerland - 1st Language = English, 2nd Language = French. wassup
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Bombardox (EUW)
: Kha'zix finally buffed in pbe
The early game snowballing.. it begins... :>
Raymaxe (EUW)
: If there was a way to transfer from paysafecard account to a card or to another account, which as much as i know isn't possible, I would have helped you as I have a bit less than a euro on my account that i cant do anything with
Thanks anyways then :D
: Am I special? I can add how many PaySafeCards I want. I've had 3 PaySafeCards with small amounts on each one to get enough to buy the least amount of RP.
Exactly what I'm trying to do :/
Riryz (EUW)
: i dont think it works like that. you cant combine a paysafecard. you can only use a paysafecard multiple times. so for example you can use a paysafecard from €25 to buy rp for €20 and €5 (because you cant buy for exactly €25. but you cant buy for €10 rp if you combine 2 paysafes with €5. you have 1 spot to fill in the paysafecard code so it can only register the amount of 1 and if the amount of money isnt enough then you get nothing.
I can, on the paysafecard website, it allows me to check how much is left in a paysafe card, and you can even put that remainder onto your account. So for example, if someone used a paysafe card to get 20 euros worth of rp they either had exactly the amount, or a little more. Which in my case, I always need a little more to buy them because I buy in Swiss Francs, then they convert it to euro's online. :/ I've already done it before, sort of annoying though that I always have to get that 50 cents to 1.- more :( -------- Shenanigans ---- * In a week I'll have my credit card though... Just wanted a legacy skin before it goes away tho :x RITO U TOLD US U WOULD NEVER BRING EM BACK. That's the only reason I bought them in the first place back in whatever year.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Your thoughts on taking kills on support?
I always try to LEAVE the kill to my teammates. Rito thinks.. a lot, and support items are generally cheaper then other items, which is why we achieve a full support build, at the same time others get their full builds, only with assists. If your ad and ap is fed fast, then the less brains they need to win ( usually )
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: Do you report people who say easy/ez at the end of the game.
IG Mohebb (EUW)
: Britney Spears? So Toxic.
I spectated * irl * my friend in Bronze :3
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Errigal (EUW)
: RP price adjustment in Europe
Horrible. Do the prices really matter that much for Riot ?! Really?! For us as indiviudals it matters. For Riot, people that have the most popular game to date... does that really matter. Show me the math and EXACTLY how much you would be losing, then make a public poll to see who thinks that it's reasonable enough to up the prices. {{summoner:11}}
: which jungler to buy [poll]
Vi is a broken champ, don't pick her if you want to play her in ranked a lot, cuz she banned all the time,otherwise go ahead and ~~fuck~~ people up in normals. Heca and Rengar usually make it past the ban phase. Hecarim if you like the more **"tanky in your face watch me run on my pony with 1hp "**style. Rengar if you like the assassin** "where did your adc go?"** style
: Top 5 Broken Champs In LoL.
Katarina broken in Bronze and Silver. Otherwise for me she does not make the top 5 list at all. Vi is something worth looking at. Nidalee is spear dependant, and if you engage a fight before she pokes people down, its all good. Annie exhaust as she does her stuff. TL:DR Vi + LeBlanc are OP, take LeBlanc has always been that way, take a good plat+ main LB and you can't beat 'em. At least not alone.
MistWind (EUW)
: So...i cant carry in silver but i can carry gold/plat games WTF?
On your smurf are you using the exact same runes / masteries ? If not then there is your problem. If so, then the problem is " silver " that IS the problem.
: Lol dude this aint my main account... so **** off
Figured you'd reply that. Why don't you ask how to close both accounts? If you can't figure out how to delete one, how will you know how to delete 2? You can get scores like mine vs gold+, no need for me to justify.{{champion:48}}
: So why is no one saying anything about Jinx?
How about you just play better.{{champion:48}}
: Delete account?
Make a ticket in the support center. If you can't figure out how to do that, you don't even deserve to have your account deleted. Other possibilities: -Never log in again -Type random letters -> Gsdiw1 -> Copy that , go to change password. Paste that. Confirm. Just make sure you don't remember the code. -Eat a donut
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