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: The game is over? Are you braindead or what? You're literally the guy OP is talking about making dumb ass report calls asking Jax to be reported.
I'm going to assume this is a troll response, because you'd have to be pretty darn stupid. When you have someone grieving/trolling during a ranked game, it's 100% reasonable to report. Now, as far as pubs go ... go ahead and do your thing.
: Mouse 4 is now alt-tab?
YESSSSS. I'm not the only one!
: Now I've seen it all
The best is when someone is actually trolling but no one will report since it gives them a free win. Example. Your {{champion:82}} goes top against {{champion:122}} and dies twice within 5 minutes so he rage quits then your {{champion:24}} who was trying decides hes too tilted to play it through and instead jerks off in the enemy base while spamming "Who wants a piece of the champ?". Your on your last promo and ask both your team and enemy team to report both afk and troll just to be told " Jax isnt trolling, Jax is TRYING" Come again?

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