Hansiman (EUNE)
: Being negative on a stream is not the same as being negative ingame. Riot has no power over what a person says on their stream, since that's not Riot's platform. If streamers are negative ingame, they get the same treatment as you, which there are several examples of.
on their stream ? what are you saying he just typed GG in a game where 3 of them died why isnt he banned yet please do explain, ah right because he tyler mother%%%%ing 1 and i got banned for nothing, and when i said i was going AFK, i went afk for about 20seconds, thats how long it takes to check an opgg
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Key word here being: > football with friends You know the people on your team, and they know you. That's not the same as playing with 4 complete strangers that have absolute no knowledge of who you are. Is your log representative of how you would talk to a complete stranger for the first time you meet them?
i wouldnt talk to him, at all, unless he started talking some shit, like this rengar that i had in my last game, and go watch streamers a little bit they talk "negative" like every other game and why arent they banned ? and i am please do explain
RageChaos (EUW)
: ***
Idk maybe its just me but when i played football with friends we would be actually toxic like that arguing that i had for getting permad thats %%%%ing nothing thats pitty talk like holy shit dude has internet turned into this SJW %%%%s that cry about everything, a guy in that game legit called me cancer, to kms, i write a ticket to the support, OH WELL JUST MUTE THEM ALL, %%%%% do you think i can mute them all in real life, these players here are a %%%%ing joke
Smerk (EUW)
: This game is pg 13 and yes, this is bannable, lots of negativity and blaming.
Magneset (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=II2BII,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LA5JNEEj,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-11T17:27:09.824+0000) > Game 1 > II2BII: ur gonna %%%% your whole team (Negative attitude > II2BII: ff15 please (Negative attitude) > II2BII: gl getting me banned (He didnt need luck) > II2BII: ff15 (Negative attitude) Oy boy its already getting juicy > II2BII: lets check your opgg (Negative attitude) > II2BII: afk > II2BII: 125 games > II2BII: and ur still gold 5 = > II2BII: ? > II2BII: damn > II2BII: do teach > II2BII: tell me how to int > II2BII: o > II2BII: really > II2BII: ur that bad > II2BII: you have 125 > II2BII: and you are still gold 5 > II2BII: banned ? > II2BII: banend for what > II2BII: UR GOLD 5 > II2BII: WITH 125 GAMES > II2BII: AND NO I WONT GET BANNED CUZ I DID NOTHING > II2BII: o > II2BII: g4 > II2BII: wow (Negative attitude) > II2BII: add me > II2BII: so i can message you tommorow > II2BII: and tell you i wasnt banned :) (hahahahahahaha) > II2BII: FRENCH > II2BII: LMAO > II2BII: makes sense (Harrasment) > II2BII: dw i will take all i said back > II2BII: 125 games > II2BII: g5 > II2BII: bud > II2BII: in 30 games im gonna be gold 2 > II2BII: and ur gonna be gold for ever (Negative attitude) > II2BII: o yes > II2BII: i will > II2BII: xDDDDDDD > II2BII: i talk like that every game > II2BII: for the past 88 games > II2BII: look > II2BII: im still here > II2BII: so > II2BII: gl > II2BII: with it (hahahahhahahaha) > II2BII: yikes dude > II2BII: there will be no leaver buster > II2BII: UU AA > II2BII: woah > II2BII: playing since S5 > II2BII: and max you got was Gold > II2BII: thats > II2BII: sad times > II2BII: right there > II2BII: monkey > II2BII: idiot The punishment system works like a ladder. 10 game chat restriction 25 game chat restriction 14 day ban Permanent ban You can also skip tiers depending on how serious the offense is. After consistent positive behavior, over a long period of time, you wil eventually drop punishment tiers. Based on what i read here you are extremely toxic and based on the whole "I have played whatever amount of games talking like that" its fairly obvious that you don't seem to learn from your mistakes. Remember that bans for toxic behavior are never lifted so the only way of getting back into the game is to make a new account and at least try and learn from your past behavior.
Bud, have you EVER, EVER had irl friends that played sports ?, if i had to guess none of you guys did, if its 0-10 7 minutes into the game you really think im gonna bother playing when i have annie support, a top lane with WRONG RUNES, please dude
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: deathfire mastery removal fked him. i played only a few games on jhin since mastery change, but i immediately noticed the drop in dmg as a direct result of mastery rework.
I mean he was good before the rune system cuz you couldve went full lethality runes, items and ACTUALLY do damage, now its just ... like eh
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: khm...täke sorcery or fleet footwork precision. proceed to wreck
wreck who exactly ? every champion out dpses him, even twitch in early game just no dude hes pure garbage
: Then how is it possible, that people who consistently play low win ratio champs and are otp with them can have 60-70% win ratio on these champions. All these nerf excuses are insane. S7, popular spam “ADC 2017, LUL”, in season 7 tank could 1v1 adc and stay full hp, yet ADC player Deft managed to climb into Rank 1 for some time on Korean server. All these nerfs aren’t really nerfs, they are just being balanced and if you know how to play these champs properly, you cannot have bad win ratio on them.
Yeah, idk if you played ADC when that role was a meme, but you did %%%% all damage, you got 1 shot by everything, yeah fun time, ah wait i didnt even bother playing in that cancer
: they are buffing his ult lol or they did in 8.2
50/115/180 to 50/125/200 LMAO ARE THEY JOKING HAHAHAH THATS LIKE NOTHING PHAH WHAT dude im dying out of laughter rn, riot balance team is taking a piss
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Happy Birthday Jhin, Karma and Ziggs!
Yey a 46% winrate for his bday gift, a damn disgrace this is why i really hate this game, they leave some champions in the gutter for ages, how %%%%ing hard is it to balance a champion and not analy demolish him ffs


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