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: Cry over a game? Ffs you are supposed to play for fun, not to cry, change your attitude when you enter a game, play for fun or stop playing and find some hobby you can have fun with, you clearly don't have a healthy approach to league right now. Consider droppig the game for real if you continue getting so emotional over it, only advice I can give you.
as u said , unhealthy approach ... i guess i should retry again , i will not play any ranked games for a while i'll try have some fun in arams and normals thank you for your support !
Sanguin (EUNE)
: Mental Support in Games
well , same thing happened with me .. i couldn't think or focus , so i started crying while playing the game eventually we lost , not only a game or some lp i lost my patience , my nerves and alot of time just typing : hey chill we can win this i lost hope for the whole league of legends game
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: you might want to take a look at this post
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: Greetings. Failing to keep up with cs is a common struggle, but trust me, you already made a good first step by noticing that problem, instead of just wondering why all enemies have better items than you do after the game :-P --- Lasthitting is really a muscle-memory thing. Once you got it, you don't really need to think about it at all. >i really can't focus between farming, freezing, pushing, harassing/poking You don't need to split your attention (for now). To learn a specific skill, you should try to **only** focus on this particular skill. That means you should first get into a custom game, and only attack to kill a minion. You should also practise taking those minions under the turret, practise mode comes in useful here. If you tried a few rounds of that, or got bored quickly, jump into a normal or Co-op vs AI. You can still ignore freezing, pushing, and (mostly) harassing and simply try to get a good cs lead. (Don't get discouraged if the enemy is stronger thanyou, you can't build a cs lead on all matchups.) --- Finally, if the mechanical aspect of last-hitting is no more problem, focus on the timing of it. Many players (especially in lower elos) start mindlessly grouping midlane and fighting, without caring about cs anymore. So go visit those sidelanes every now and then, to keep up with cs.
such a helpful reply , i will try to focus more on one task for now ; and i will go for practice tool and you're right about the low elo grouping midlane and fighting thank you for helping me out
Keitra (EUNE)
: I too was bad at farming. But i got better. I main Riven lvl 7 in top but I can do well with Riven mid or jg too. My farming technique is last hitting, when I see the enemy going to last hit, I harass him so he would back off. I farm half the wave, then stay for a bit. In the meantime the next wave is back and I can farm easily and do it over and over again. I recommend playing Nasus. He is great for learning how to farm. Because he scales of farm. When you get better with Nasus, go back to your favorite lane and apply these techniques and of course modify it a little to suit your gameplay style :) good luck :)
i will try for sure ^^ thank you
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Jinx has one of the hardest time to farm at lvl1, but it gets easier after that. Unless you start q. Go to intermediate bots(custom), take midlane, take jinx and focus solely on farming. That way you will learn when to get cs and when to actually back off. Never use abilities for cs'ing if you can avoid it. If bot comes for trade, trade back but dont go all in. Thats the most common mistake people do in lane as well. Oh, and start with cull to learn last hitting. It's extra gold indicator makes you notice real fast, when you are falling behind. That item should be gone from your inventory at maximum 15 minutes in to the game.(dont remember when it was perfect cs). Once you know how to last hit with jinx, repeat the process with ashe and then mf. Oh, if you happen to have freljord or project ashe skin say from hextex chest, start from her first. Their AA animation is clearer, so you can practice AA canceling. That comes in handy when last hitting under pressure. Oh, and finally, DO NOT TAKE ANY OFFENSIVE RUNES. TAKE ONLY DEFENSIVE RUNES. Having way lower ad means it is way harder to last hit, same with attack speed. This means also, that if you happen to get mid or top and have to play full tank or ap mage, you know how to last hit with mostly aa's, giving you the ultimate advantage in lane.
yes jinx is hard at the very early ( till i buy BF sword i guess) , and yea u're right about the runes and about the trades too i will practice more for sure , thank you for helping out
Lightno (EUW)
: the best way to practice farming is to practice last hitting, and the best way to do that is by first getting used to it by using champs that make it easier. {{champion:119}} perhaps the most difficult, but the extra damage on q makes last hitting easier. {{champion:39}}for last hitting practice use q, you get punished with q cd if you miss a cs. {{champion:59}}passive gives extra damage on a target has a cd. {{champion:21}}passive gives extra damage on a new target. {{champion:80}}attack an enemy that is below 15% hp causes your attack to crit. {{champion:17}}E gives extra damage, and poisen the target, which also could get you the cs. {{champion:412}}E passive ramps up extra damage based on your ad, and souls collected. {{champion:238}} passive deals extra magic damage against targets below 50% hp. honorable mentions would be {{champion:23}}Q gives him extra ad making last hitting easier {{champion:75}}Q rewards you with extra damage if you can last hit properly {{champion:11}}E passive gives extra ad, active gives bonus true damage onhit, but when its on cd you lose the bonus ad. if you have learned how to farm you can check vids on youtube to learn when to freeze/push/poke. i would suggest solorenektononly he explains in almost every vid how he manages the wave, and for what purpose. training how to farm is best dont in practice tool, and if you are really bad i would suggest making an all ad runepage to make it easier, and use whatever mastery you can, and slowly revert the runes and masteries to viable pages as you see yourself progress.
i will try , thank you for such helpful infos
Eambo (EUW)
: My farming is pretty bad, but I know the basics of it. Honestly one of the best ways to learn to farm in my opinion is to try in a practice game with no items. If you can last hit with no items - you can last hit with items :-D Ideally you want to keep moving, and avoid hitting until you get that last hit. You don't want to push up when farming unless you're getting really pushed back, or you're planning on recalling soon. You should also practice last hitting under tower - this one is pretty easy, as normally: - Melee minions take two tower hits, then one AA to kill - Caster minions take an AA, a tower hit, then an AA to kill If you get used to remembering that, it makes last hitting under tower mostly a breeze. It's especially helpful if you have a support who knows that as an ADC - because the support can get the "poke" AA into the casters for you, leaving you to farm up as the tower hits them ^_^ As cliché as it may be - practice makes perfect, and you now have the tools to do it! :-D
thank you and sure i will practice more to reach more cs as soon as possible ^^
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Praes (EUNE)
: adc main hates supports
i'm an adc main , and all what u said is real because it's annoying , everytime u do a simple human mistake they "????????" i don't know why :'( at the end usless mf , usless jinx , useless ashe ... and they are usefull adc is a hard role , u have to focus at cs , trades , poke, stuns , support , ganks , mid ganking , top tp , shaco , evelyne , whole team focus u because u have the squichy champ , yi comming out from nowhere ult =oneshoted, Xin is a horror movie for me , zed ult , ignites takes 50% of ur health (haha u can use heal :p useless ) , oh look yasuo is low health i'll ult then => wall .... i hate adc :'(
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: I'm done
did u tried to watch streamers ? youtubers ? i personally found motivation to learn more from them (even i suck thou , but i'm learning ) ONE DAY , I'LL BE LIKE THEM !! I'M SURE
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Shrêk (EUNE)
: Actually a lot of players have this problem with fps and its acutally bcz of the patch,my fps was 130-200 and now im getting 80-100.
: How is your day now?
i'm quitting lol , i can't play anymore i'm a pharmacy student , a lot of work should be done x) so far for today i studied :3 also , i have a huge fps drop :'( i can't play in team fights i used to get 100 at team fights , now i have 10 to 35 fps not only me , but a lot of people said the same , and i think it's about the new update 7,5
Antenora (EUW)
: Why can {{champion:69}} turn {{champion:54}} to stone. Why does {{champion:17}}'s Q blind {{champion:64}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: Deinstall the reinstalled version of the game and install the version you installed before you reinstalled it.
it is confusing xD but i get it i'll try this
NitroDaxs (EUNE)
: Huge lagg in patch 7.5
YES ! same problem here , this is weird :( i tried everything
Łµx (EUW)
: well i dont know ur laptop model but mine is MSI GT73VR , and if i want to be honest its perfect in any case but some times as u mentioned it getting really hot cuz yeah i agree that fans are weak abit even im using cooling pads it still getting very hot sometimes , but for gaming i highly recommend msi laptops cuz the quality is brilliant
:( i'll try everything and i'll let you know if it's fixed try to report that to riot btw
: Aram Bots
YES ! indeed , this is a huge problem i always report them but , they're still there ...
: window 10 ? go to xbox go to setting, select dvr, close dvr.
nope windows 8 also i tried closing every software and reinstalling my drivers i think it's all about the new 7,5 patch
tripasdapas (EUNE)
: Insane fps drop after 7.5 patch
yes , same here my fps was 100 , but after this update , i can't play anymore my fps is 7-20 worse case , 01 fps i can't see anything at all riot plz :'(
: Latest version v7.5-4023534.4062082 buggy as heck
yes , indeed :'( i have the same problems ... also my fps dropped massively , i can't play on team fights or i only see pictures x)
Beasty2K (EUW)
: same
so it's about the new update ? if u can please report this so that they do something
: Remake System Broken
well, sometimes i just can't reconect ; due to luncher issues last game my luncher was too slow , when i checked why i found that he was upgrading x) and the game was running but i couldn't reconnect .. my idea is why can't riot just add an option that allow you to send your team that u can't reconnect anymore so that they don't report you .. also , i think remake should be at 5 min
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: Help , my luncher is downloading over 12 gb
: BUG - Rek Sai Ascension Bug.
This is helpful :3 but it's not here where u should report check the board : Bugs report also, i don't think there will be a reward x)
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: Can't login to chat (AGAIN)
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: How much do u play ?
actually ... i did install it .__. i played for 3 days , and uninstall it again xD Thank u for ur response
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