Cypherous (EUW)
: Well you'll need to be able to run 3 instances of the client, which either means 3 computers or 2 VM's and a native client, i mean riot doesn't "forbid" playing on multiple accounts aslong as none of them are breaking any rules, but its still pretty pointless to waste time on 3 accounts instead of just levelling one :P
No there is this whole business with people just leveling up accounts to level 30 for smurfs to buy and have fun smashing iron, bronze, silver and gold players as. So leveling 3 accounts same time means saving a lot of time, not wasting.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Why do you ban Yasuo?
I ban Yasuo because there are so many onetricks out there, i remember i forgot to ban him once and naturally being the only game in about 50 where yasuo was not banned he instantly gets picked by someone who has almost a million points on him, and against that im supposed to have a chance as my 10th time lux


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