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: If there would be champs that are actually more successful without requiring skill (or less of it), they would be...well...more successfull. Neither Akali nor Master Yi are extraordinarily successfull right now (especially not the latter) , so your theory about them is wrong. In general these champions are not called noob champs because noobs play them very well, but because noobs struggle against them. Since you are currently in Bronze, it's no suprise that these champs appear strong to you. In your elo they are. But with some experience you will learn to handle these champs. If you want to do that the first step should be not to blame other peoples champion choice for your failure, but yourself. Blaming others never helped anyone, especially not someone who wants to improve.
: This build gives her that late power she lacks xD, also, her early is good even without items and an extra on-hit is good, btw don't forget that this is a stupid build i came up with while loading a lol game xP
Please let me unread this, the late power she lacks? What are you building normally? Edit: I get that Rek'Sai is better early but she still does A LOT of damage late if you build/play her right
: Is this a new trend?
It was on pbe; no one reported issue; released on live; bug occurs; being fixed as soon as possible... What's the issue?
FadingLife (EUNE)
: RITO PLS Friends list ideas
I like the second but you shouldn't rename "General" to "Friends" as general is the name of the group
Ethaerial (EUW)
: With the new client update riot should add a wishlist.
ahh yes, give the e-girls more ways to get free stuff.... hehe xd
: Make cursor bigger
Change the resolution in the esc menu
: Need help from a high elo jungler.
I had this problem for ages and still do sometimes, i find just taking the kills so much easier, if i can tell the player is good then maybe let them have some kills but otherwise i just take kills and try to carry
: Thats not correct. You got 6 notifications, 4 of them are spam related, 2 of them flame related. Amongst others you were punished for stuff like this: > Fuck all the polish kids in the game. I never can get out of Bronze V because of noob teams . > full braindead kids And of course you spamming "I don't give a fuck" pictures under other peoples threads. All these things are direct and pretty severe violations against the [universal board rules]( If you want to avoid further bans, follow the rules of this board and watch your language.
LOOOOOOOOOOL this has to be the funniest thing i've read in a while. "I did nothing wrong"
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Saying something offensive once is not the same as consistently being offensive towards others just to be offensive. There's a large difference between those who reach an emotional breaking point and say something they normally never would, and those who consistently abuse people. It's the latter that's being punished, because nobody is being punished for being human.
It's a video game, playing cod when I was younger, the best player was the one who could talk the most s**t and thats what made it fun. League shouldn't promote it but let it be, talking trash is one of the best parts of any video game
: Hey looks guys, the first "Where's URF" thread
raps1355 (EUW)
: Why do people chat so much shit in this game?
People talk s**t in every game. CS:GO is way worse as is COD. Talking s**t in league is one of the only things that still makes this game fun
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: The skins are now useless and cannot be used. i only want them transferred so I can actually use them in game.
That's the point, it's your punishment, hopefully you have learnt, don't be toxic
: Wanting skins to be transferred from one account to another.
Why would they transfer it? The point of a perma ban is you lost what you had
Phorce (EUW)
: Unreasonable list of "Riot should..."
You know there is a reason that featured game modes aren't permanent that riot has told us so many times? It would slaughter queue times and people would be split up across too many different queues
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Terafyde (EUW)
: [Help!] Can someone explain how the Grade system works?
The jungler had more farm than you. You get S when you deserve it. Enough said
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: Hi my scutle friend ,je i see no problems with this Ezreal skin either , i would rather focus on Green {{champion:54}} or Deathwatch {{champion:20}} ... or was it deafwatch ? hell if i know , those skins deserve Reworks 2000x more than this Pulsefire skin..
: Your thoughts on Fiora post nerf
I still find her strong (yes, not as op as before but still strong) which causes me to ban her out most games. The win rate is affected by people who can't play her, if you get in a game with a very good Fiora then it's difficult
akramfcb (EUW)
: record program
I use OBS, allows me to record and stream easily. Theres loads of guides on youtube or just come to my stream sometime and i can talk you through it :)
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: U see problem Rito has they produce more champs than manage to balance, maintain and update. And given how each new champion has either new tech or is more made with more details, it makes look older champs like crap faster and faster. They should seriously start thinking about stopping making new content and rather fixin their old and broken shit. Coz they just pile more more garbage on seriously high trash pile which is about to go down.
Here we go, so you focus on the negatives and forget anything good that riot do?
: ULTIMATE? Ezreal Skin
Whats wrong with pulsefire ezreal that needs updating?
: Gold Support LF , TOP, ADC & Jungle
Hello! I main jungle, main rek'sai but play a variety: zac, sejuani, gragas, xin, yi and learning elise atm. Msg me :)
: The thread says you posted this 5 minutes ago but the twitch stream says you're offline, are you streaming? Nevermind it kicked in like 4 minutes later, lagging behind I guess.
obs hating me today, had to restart stream as i entered game
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: Am I lucky?
I got hextech annie
: Often Imitated Team Need TOPLaner 'n' Jungler
zHooligan (EUW)
: Looking for Players | Team Dangerline | Silver +
Age:18 IGN: Get Trolled Speak English: Yes Current rank: Gold 5 Primary lane and what champs: Jungle (every meta jungle) Secondary lane and what champs: Top (teemo since s3, garen, malphite, naut)
Mister ADC (EUNE)
: Question about hexcraft loot system.
Doesn't matter what mastery level the champion is, just on the performance (need atleast S- I think)
: Are we witnessing the end of Nidalee?
I'm so happy, she been destroying my life since I started in s3
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Champion Essence and Cosmetic Essence
I like this, I don't own all champions but own most and keep getting champs i already have. Would be cool to get something out of the repeats
: Oh. So it's actually is new recall animation. Then it's pretty cute. :)
I'm pretty sure, will double check and edit this comment EDIT: Nothing amazing but it's something
: Suggestion - Hextech Annie recall animation
The current recall is pretty cool though, I just unlocked it and the abilities look soooo good anyway
: My highest Grade in Rengar is NA level.. FeelsBadMan
Are you a bad Rengar? As everyone knows NA is trash xD
Sffc (EUW)
: Hum, yes and no. You're slightly wrong. In practice, on average most accounts are placed lower than new accounts. In reality what happens is that every account's MMR goes down a bit, placing Master/Challenger players in Diamond; Diamond/Plats in Plat/Gold; Gold in Silver and Silver/Bronze in Bronze; Since most accounts are Silver and Bronze they end up being ranked lower than new accounts because new accounts start out in High/Medium Silver
ohhh i understand, was s2, placed in b3 after winning 8, then had a smurf i fed all 10 games, also got b3 xD
: Things you may know or not about being in unranked from MMR
I have a couple of ranked accounts and found that new accounts tend to be placed higher than accounts ranked in the previous season, is this meant to happen?
: euw crashed .. again
It used to happen to me, then i bought £50 of rp and i swear on my life it has never happened again #paytowin
: are you jungle brand? because that icon...
{{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} buuuuuurn
Derifrest (EUNE)
: I like putting Flash into my D key on the keyboard.
F is for {{summoner:4}} , D is for damage
: Hextech Crafting Problem
Yeah, you lost the skin, unlucky :/
: How not to die(and fall behind) when you gank lanes?
Simple check list: 1. Do they have escape (flash, dash etc.) 2. Can they fight 1v2? (requires a decent amount of game knowledge to work out sometimes) 3. If you do go for the dive, are they able to stun you under tower? (sometimes this ok later on but early game it can be riksy) The main thing for me learning was, not every gank must result in a kill, even doing some damage, burning flash{{summoner:4}} or making them back is good. If burn flash you can always gank right after. One thing I like to do is gank, burn their flash and leave straight away then just wait in bush for 10s, if they push back up (at low elos they do) and just gank again for kill. Hope this helped :)


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