: Me and my friend have the exact same problem. We both have high end pc's and usually fps of 300. For about 4 days now when we go into game the fps starts dropping and dropping and eventually reaches such a low level that it starts affecting game play harshly. There also appears to be some sort of input lag. Weve sent a ticket to Riot, they didnt admit any serv problems but they HAVE to have some, this is happening to so many of us... Oh and we both have at least 100mps internet and never really experience lags.
I have sent a ticket to riot support and they say me to try to repair my client with the hextech repair tool. I will try it to night. But I think it will don t solve the fps drop.. I think riot don t know why a lot of their players have fps drop, so they are searching how to solve it. I don t have any lag issue, only fps drop, but i think they just %%%%ed up with the lunar event and they don t know how to fix it at this time. I hope the patch 7.2 will solve it ...
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: **Are you using the new client?** If so , Use the Legacy _**old one**_ , because the launcher remains open while your in-game , so that makes you laggy **Play with no sound** I do all the time and i get like 60 fps minimum , it kinda suck but you'll get used to it. **Use Toaster Mode** you'll find it on client options , not sure if it exists on Legacy, but i does on Alpha
Thx for your answer, I try to use both client and it didn t change ... And i tryed the potato mode for toaster ... But the drop is here anyway
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