: thoughts on tanky junglers? how do you carry games as one?
Rammus,Amumu, Cho and Warwick are good choices for this. Rammus and Amumu have their AoEs, and can shut down any team fight. Warwick can basically choose any squishy to remove once per fight and has stupid sustain. Cho has essentially Lvl 18 Smite at level 6, scales infinitely, and his E makes camps a breeze to clear.
: Evelynn - A small problem
You mean like half the current junglers (Yi, Warwick, Mundo, Fiddle etc)?
Icedue II (EUW)
: Why is this happening? Any help is appreciated.
Welcome to the Spiral; a phenomenon denied by all above Silver...(I'm stuck in this s**t as well right now). As far as I can work out, is what happens is after a few bad games your elo matches that of people who have the odd good game but otherwise feed/tilt hard, and then they are in queue with you. Most games someone will feed, or tilt, or open a lane. My advice is this; take a carry role, ideally top (because I've found that they tilt the most), and try to make amends for your team. This is most important right after a demotion. Good luck, you'll need it.....
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