Silent Note (EUNE)
: Most disappointing skins you've bought?
Not skins I bought, as I don't buy that many unless they're on discount and I like them. But form boxes, I got vancouver Amumu which I hate. It's colours are so blocky and it just looks cheap and tacky.
: sooo... what's your age?
kwimbik (EUNE)
: Thank you for your opinion. I realize the 2016 skin is not avalible throughout the whole year, but the fact it isn't labeled legacy in client confused me. I know it is pretty obvious, and to be honest, would be pointless to enter contest for other skins you can regurarly purchase. Also not really fair for original owners. I just think you should include the actual name of the skin you are giving away, thats really all. False advirtising may be a bit strong word, I admit, but i don't see this as much of a truble and it would spare people unnecessary threads like this one.
I completely understand where you're coming from. They can easily put 2016 at the end of the name to prevent confusion this like from occurring, it's not very hard.
KiogeST (EUW)
: League players need to stop flaming.
I agree, flaming should stop. If you're adult and mature enough, you'll be able to fight the urge to flame anyway - I would hope. However, kids do play the game too, and there's some people who just can't seem to control themselves. You get flamers in any game you play and you always will. You just need to learn to ignore them and get on with what you're doing. Try and take some things they're saying as constructive criticism. For example, if they're flaming about your build, take that constructively and maybe look at what you could build instead that could help your team out because maybe, you do actually have a stupid build that doesn't seem to be working. Also, I do understand why they were flaming you. You're a bronze playing in a high silvers ranked game, in general, they should be better than you and you'll find it difficult playing again people of higher elo than yourself. I would personally just stick to your own ranked games playing with and against people the same rank as you, and if/once you rank up, you can play with your friend. That way, no one will really have an excuse to flame at you for being bronze.
kwimbik (EUNE)
: I didn't really belive I was getting the old one, i though thats what would make the contest.. spicy. Anyways, you said it does hold title legacy. In client, if you run over championship skins, most of championship have legacy on, 2016 doesnt, am I missing something then? And yes, it is true that they said 2012 riven shall never return. But that has happened few times and they gave people a chance to obtain normally limited and no longer purchasable skin. My point is, there should be a clearance. Writing Championship Riven 2016, which is the actual name of the skin, instead of plain Championship riven wouldn't hurt anybody.
''Legacy Skins are skins that are only available for a limited amount of time upon release, after which they will become unavailable for purchase and be placed into our Legacy Vault. Some, but not necessarily all, Legacy Skins will be re-released from the Vault for limited runs in the League of Legends Store'' Championships Riven 2016 is Legacy - it does not exist in store permanently but can come back every year during the championship events. That's what makes something Legacy. Limited however, should be (and I realise Riot has crossed this line before) available only once, and then never again, which is the Original Riven Skin. It is not false advertisement as they never stated which Riven skin it is, and you can't presume either. It's pretty obvious it would be the 2016 one in my opinion.
fohr3al (EUW)
: not receiving loot crates while getting first time s+ rating on champions
What mode are you getting S+ on because it won't work on ARAM or Twisted Treeline - and from your previous matches, it seems to be Twisted Treeline you're playing and getting that kind of score on.
Chime (EUNE)
: Star Guardian Xayah's color scheme is odd
I read somewhere it was something to do with Rakan giving her his light so she's like a mixed colour but meant to be his Green, and he's not really any colour as he gave his power or whatever away. Not sure if this is in the Lore or not though as I don't really follow all that
: Shoutout to all non-toxic players - how do you deal with it?
From a fellow female gamer who has never had a warning or ban or anything of the sort since I started about 4 or so years ago; It does get annoying, but I find the people who flame are normally the ones having the bad game, they'll blame everyone else but themselves. Obviously it can be other players or yourself too, but everyone has their bad games -I know I did for sure last night because I was so tired and bored, so I stopped after the second game. Just ignore people, if you try to argue, it'll get you in trouble too and things will just blow up. Just report the person at the end of the game and mute them and that is the best thing you can do. Try and be positive in all the negativity. Remember a lot of players are teenagers who are still in school, they're not very mature and will definitely argue. You can't really reason with them. Just let them take out their anger and don't respond. If people are playing this game, they can stick up for themselves so don't feel you need to do it for them. As for people hating female gamers, I've never actually had that issue, I've never heard anyone flame someone for being female in my whole 4 years of playing. Plus, people will only know you're a girl if you tell them (other than if you had a really obvious giveaway like a name). For me, your gender has nothing whatsoever to do with the game so it isn't an issue and people don't need to know what you are. Anyway, I hope this somewhat helped. I also work in a mostly male dominitive workplace so I know what you have to put up with 😂🤣
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Blakex13x (EUW)
You have to ask yourself and really look into your play style to find out what the problem is. I understand you do get trolls, everyone does, but not that often in all honesty, and even with trolls you can still win if you're good enough and don't tilt. I carried myself up from like Bronze 3 to Silver 1 in just over 100 games. I've now took a break and not played any more ranked for a couple months just for a fresh breath of air as I felt I needed a break before getting myself to Gold. Maybe you should take a break, it can be stressful, and you're obviously stressed. Just try a week or so, maybe practice different play styles/builds/champions and see where you go from there. You're obviously not bad at the game, and you do have a 60% winrate with Diana which isn't too shabby, but there's definitely a bit of improvement needed.
FireKingGR (EUNE)
: will the Sweetheart skins of rakan and xayah be back on sale next v-day?
I'm sure they will. It often works out that all event skins come back on sale during that particukar event. I.e halloween, valentines, christmas etc.
253IQ (EUW)
: I don't want to see idiot people playing my main and saying Chidori in chat every %%%%ing 5 secs . This will be annoying. I would prefer a good skin like Dark Star or smth.
Ahhh of course, as long as you get what you want, no matter what the majority think, that's fine. Gotcha! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
253IQ (EUW)
: nah, I just don't like the sasuke/Kayn skin.
Then you don't have to buy it. I personally think it's a pretty good idea, but I'm really into the anime and style anyway. There's some skins in league which I really dislike, but that doesn't mean they should never make them because there's plenty of people who do like them too. We already have anime based skins (Sailor moon/Madoka) so I don't see why they wouldn't make more.
Rioter Comments
: Hello everyone. I just want to give a little defence to Riot. How many of you, who attack Riot for problems was/are game developers? Or any kind of program developer? I belive none. Since every programmer understand how coding is. You can have a great working code, and then , when you add just a little change, maybe a line, or a semicol, your whole program stops working. Its frustrating for the developers themselfs, and believe me they fully aware of that this happens right now and are trying to solve this. Sometimes, when i try to solve code problem, it takes me a day or two. So please, stop attacking. You dont understand how hard it is to be developer. Attacking them won't solve the problem. While you here try to blabla, i bet they are hard working on trying to fix the problem and are already frustrated by the problem itself, your not helping. If you don't like the game, just leave. No need to stress yourself and other people about your negative attitude to the real world. This is how the world works, kids, it has problems. And Riot here to solve them. Btw, if any Riot member reads my post.. You've made a great game. I was working on my first developer project with a guy, we had office for us two, he introduced me to League, it was when Jax was realeased (don't remember season), since then we played 7 hours of league at work and 1h of work :D. I still play the game, and i see a lot of great stuff you've made. Definetely the only multiplayer game i will stick with. Have time only for 1 game and my choice - League! 4ever. <3
Finally someone who understands. Coding and decoding programs is insanely difficult, and it's not like the problem comes out and speaks - you have to dig in and find it yourself, and it is like a needle in a haystack. I did programming in school and we actually had to make a small game, it was only about 10 minutes long, but damn... just for 10 minutes it took at least 2 or 3 months (bare in mind it was in 1 to 2 hour lessons a couple times a week, so would actually be relatively shorter if you had more time). There's a tonne of different coding that goes into 1 simple thing, and when you're working for a game that has so much pressure, is extremely complicated and has a hell load of data, it only makes things 100 x more difficult. I really wish people would understand this. You could be the world's best programmer/coder and I bet they still would not have made league up and running by now.
Ibn Sena (EUW)
: Because I actually am paying them(just to fix their issues)? you think they would be here if they were a charity who makes games just for people to enjoy and no profit purposes? And who said they are paying me? If anything they are paying themselves by fixing their servers allowing me to Potentially pay them(not that I would ever do that).
Yes, but my point is, that's your choice. You don't need to spend money in that game. You go ahead and pay people when you make an uncontrollable mistake that affects them, that's essentially what you're saying. Something has obviously happened with their system that's caused all of this. Now they have to spend more money anyway to try and fix it, and then there's players out there who miss half a day of playing a game and expect to be compensated? I do understand your point, and obviously they wouldn't be as successful had people not spent money and they had not become so famous that they get money for competitions. However, I would never expect to be compensated. Hell, they compensate anyway so they probably will give everyone a little something, but I'm saying they don't need to, and it should never be expected. Especially when it is due to something they obviously can't control.
BboyThe8 (EUW)
: Look at the 2nd post reply THANNKSSSS which I have also copied and pasted below since you have a really difficult time trying to find it xD:- the programmers have nothing to do with that one. I'm a system administrator and i can tell you, if the servers are under heavy load (currently almost everyone is trying to log in) than the servers have to prioritize running over logins. This means, they are not trying to get 500 people on a servers when they can only handle 350. Now comes the tricky part. When they get under heavy load, they try to work as fast as possible, this is called "Maximum performance service" but this doesnt mean they will be as fast as never before, rather this means that they have to handle too many requests and they have to go through everyone of them. It looks like this. User Server Login -----------------------> got it! Authenticating <-------- let me check your creds Are they right? -------> .... login queue <--------- yes / no --------> failed attempt This takes not much time for a single person trying to get on a server but once the numbers are getting pumped higher into the thousands, hell yea. It's a pain in the ass for the servers when you get 25000 requests per minute. And believe me when I say the servers are working as their fastest now.And not everyone is on the same server, you might login with another at the same time and you access server 1 and get into queue with 15k in front of you and another server 8 with 4k in front of him.
Hahahaha That isn't a Riot employee. That is just someone who works for some company as a system administrator. If it's a Riot Employee it will say so next to their name, just for future reference. :)
Ibn Sena (EUW)
: Ah another "ItS fReE gAmE" %%%%%%.
Yeah. So tell me why you think a game that you don't need to spend any money whatsoever on, should then pay you because it's requiring issues and crashing?
BboyThe8 (EUW)
: Well if you didn't read my last 2 comments back to you hun, RIOT HAS replied back to this board. And they to usually reply back to summoners on most of the popular boars which is what is important. So again, RIOT can defend themselves :^) Again, your personal opinions shouldn't define how you want others to act. Just bluntly saying 'You don't have to pay a penny for it and you're complaining' rather than actually explaining your point like you just did in my reply isn't going to solve anything is it? :PP glad you're thinking more luvesss :) Also if you read the comments above, others have mentioned about riot compensating in previous seasons due to crashes even if it was for one afternoon so I don't really understand why you are trying to deny that they give compensation regardless xD Again, that is YOUR personal opinion and of course you are free to say what you want hun. But, just because you think that people shouldn't play because they complain, it doesn't necessarily mean that others need to think that way also xD. I mean I complain a lot about RIOT to my friends all the time, but that doesn't mean that I hate the actual game or I don't enjoy playing it. They are both separate things ^.^~~ Well I'm sorry that I judged you and assumed you didn't report because in my eyes clearly you were replying out of frustration rather than reporting and now after my comment, I can see after the comments have disappeared ;P. Anyways, Overall, RIOT can defend themselves, no need to do it for them. Boards ARE useful and if RIOT didn't like it or if anyone in general didn't like it then it would be deleted anyway so no need to waste your time and effort replying and making yourself look bad trying to defend RIOT. ^.^. (but that doesn't mean you can't say what you want) but you'll have to lean to deal with ppl anyway xD I hope you have a nice day.. RIOT FIX UP PLZZZZZ
I asked if you can actually show me the post they said because once again they have not replied to this board post, which you say they did. I did explain my point, and very clearly haha. Take a read and please quit nit picking. (: Yes, I am aware they're separate things, but these are people actually saying they hate riot, and yet still playing, and once again, and for the last time, that is the point I was making if you can just take a few minutes to read through everything. What comments have disappeared? I was replying to back someone up actually because everyone was hating against him, and it seemed like I was the only person who understood his point and felt that needed bringing forward. I forget League is full of kids though. I really couldn't care less about what people think of me. I will defend myself and defend what I believe in. I am not a sheep and if someone posts something I don't agree with, I will say so. The point of forums are to have discussions and that is what I am trying to do. There's nothing wrong with that at all, and for you to tell me just to give up and save myself time is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. It's part of democracy. I can deal with people. I work in a hospital and have to deal with complaints all the time, so thanks for the tip, but I am perfectly fine doing what I'm doing. Anyway, I'm not even going to reply anymore because it seems pointless. You're not understanding me, you won't ever, and you seem to be saying the exact same things, even though I'm literally disproving what you're saying. So thanks ''hun'' for the pointless discussion that's just gone around in a loop and hasn't changed a thing. You have a nice day too. Kisses to you babez xoxo {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Feed Me (EUW)
: Europe's economy has grown 2.4% this week as everyone's had to go outside. {{summoner:12}}
I love this, gave me a good laugh.
BboyThe8 (EUW)
: 1) If you don't care about S2-4 then why comment saying you don't care - adding fuel to the fire. fufufufufu 2) You were also reply back to people who were genuinely expressing their concern telling them that they are insulting others?? Look back at what you wrote plz. Again, if this board was of SOOO much concern to your frail heart my love, i'm sure RIOT would have deleted it by now, which also adds to what I said again about the comments above about RIOT employees replying back to THIS board explaining what the issue is meaning this board is NOT pointless ahahahahahahaahaha. 3) Well,... I think you should understand that people DO pay for RP in this game, including myself, so saying that 'we don't pay a penny' for this game is a lie and not applicable to everyone. Thus making that whole point invalid, which was also expressed by another person in the comments which you chose to ignore lol. 4) Basically i'll repeat what you said again, what gives YOU the right to tell others to play the game or not regardless of what issues it has?? If you are so concerned about this, then league is not the game for you my love xx And i'm glad you're using the report button :) Means that YOU ARE ACTUALLY LISTENING TO EVERYTHING I SAY BECAUSE ITS RIGHT :p
Uhm because they made a statement so I'm going to respond like you are to this? ^.^ I think Riot has more important things right now than to read through at least 100 board posts about the same exact thing that they are already aware of. ;P I do too, thanks. But are we forced to? No... it's our decision. You never have to buy anything or spend any money in this game, and that was the point I was making. I personally don't feel anyone should be given compensation because the game is down for half a day. As I did say, if we had to pay for this game, or pay monthly for this game, then yes, compensation would be a definite. It's called free speech ''Love''. I would never call a game bad, and then still play it. That doesn't even make sense. Or maybe I reported before you even came to this board lol? Everything you say is definitely not right, but I'm glad you're proud of me. Thanks for that compliment :) Also, can you show me where Riot exactly responded to this post, because once again I think you don't understand what I am saying, because they haven't. :)
BboyThe8 (EUW)
: i don't think i have misunderstood anything when you've clearly stated in your posts that: 'you don't care' - so why are you arguing back to everyone? 'boards are pointless', -- then why let it affect your feelings? If riot had an issue, then they will reply to these boards like they have above. 'You don't have to pay a penny for it and you're complaining' - No one has to right to say that sine YOU as well did not pay a penny. **This in itself is an insult to everyone who came to this board or plays the game so you're actually not even following up behind your point.** ' just doesn't seem to work, simply don't play it anymore' - Saying comments like this is like adding fuel to the fire which goes towards the opposite direction of you're point of 'don't insult people'. You're basically saying if you don't have the patience to wait till its fixed then uninstall. Again, if you think insulting people is not okay then report them. I think you're missing the point here ahahaha.
Ah nit picking, nice one. I don't care about the people talking about season 2/3/4, look at the comments first please hun. This board is pointless because it is just insulting, not giving ANY USEFUL information that could actually help solve the problem, look at the comments first please hun. Makes no sense as I said that in reply to someone thinking they deserve compensation and I said we don't pay a penny for this game so why should we get compensation. Look at the comments first please hun. No, I'm saying people are complaining that is happens all the time, Riot are incompetent, the game sucks, and yet they still play it? Lol, what can I even say to this? Makes me giggle. I did report them, but thanks for that little bit of information I never knew I could do! Shocker! You literally just proved everything I previously said about misunderstanding me, so thanks for that too. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Warix3 (EUW)
: "The game is free so you shouldn't complain" is possibly the most stupid argument and I hear it so often. If the game is free that doesn't mean they make no money, in fact they make a lot of money (over $2 billion profit last year) If they used at least a small portion of that profit to upgrade euw servers there wouldn't be problems like this, but they are just too greedy. People are spending money on the game and they deserve a quality and at least a stable game in return.
Woah, looks like you skipped everything else I said? I replied that you should not expect free things for servers being down, especially when the game is free. How on earth can someone complain that because the game is crashing, they deserve some sort of compensation? It's not as if you pay monthly for this game, in which case I would understand compensation. That is the point I was making, so maybe read everything first next time. (:
BboyThe8 (EUW)
: The reason why boards exist is for players to express their concern about their in-game issues. Your point is actually not valid in that case. I am a regular player of league as well and these boards are for people to post their concerns. If you are unhappy about the way someone has said something or find something offensive, **there is a report button for a reason. **Without these boards, players like myself wouldn't actually know the extent of certain problems such as the current riot login crash that is taking place. People can become frustrated and I think that it is in their right as a player of the game regardless of if they pay for a game or not to express their concern and anger. Therefore, your approach towards this whole issue is wrong. I'm sorry if i hurt your feelings as an adult but kids are going to be kids and adults are going to be adults. You can't tame everyone on the internet and again, which is why there is a report button. **In conclusion, you shouldn't let what others say affect you like this and say that the 'actual board post is pointless' as riot has this board for a reason. If you feel like it is inappropriate, then report it. That's all. **
I know it is, why else would it be here? I never said boards are useless, I said insulting people is. But hey, if you're fine with people insulting other people, so be it. I was stating my opinion. I think you've completely misunderstood to be honest. (:
: You clearly didn't play in season 2/3/4. EUW severs was down every other weekend pretty much, for months. all we got was a ip boost. kek
No, I never said I did and I honestly don't care. Got nothing to do with this.
: Free game is never an argument. I thought that complete shills became smarter after a while, but it seems that you still think that the game that has free access can crash all it wants. It doesn't work that way. EUW crashes too often. Do you understand that word? If it happened once in a while no problem. Everyone knows some things can't be controlled. But it happens too often and with their money there is no excuse. Free or not they earn more than thousands of games that are pay2play.
You do know what shill means right? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Now where on earth did I say it can crash all it wants? I said I agree it needs sorting out, no one can deny that. I never said they don't have the power, the resources or the money. They do. You seem to be missing the point entirely which is this actual board post being pointless. There is no use insulting people and that is what I am saying. It's somehow spiralled completely. I also said the game rarely crashes for me. So I don't know whether people are exaggerating, which younger people tend to do a lot, or if I'm just a lucky person and don't experience what everyone else does for some reason. I'm not complaining. As I said, they are at a loss here too. I am sure they realise that they need this game up and running to even be able to get money. They are probably more annoyed than any of us because they are trying to fix it, and they're obviously doing something wrong if it keeps happening. People just need to be considerate and realise they will be trying to fix it. Now calm down, do something else and stop insulting people.
SambaHong (EUW)
: Someone gets it, thankfully.
Literally. Some of these comments make me laugh at how ignoramus people are. People don't seem to actually understand what is happening, and think these things can be fixed in a matter of minutes and then are guaranteed never to happen again. Sure, Riot should never have made a guarantee in the first place, but you are just as moronic if you believed it. Hey ho.
: Player who's been playing since s3. Euw has been crashing constantly for years and funny that we never get a single compensation for it however NA has always the fastest reaction to problems and then compensations. Players have all the right to be upset after million of problems euw had. Not mentioning EUW beside being bigger server than NA is treated the worst of all servers.
It's a free game. You don't have to pay a penny for it and you're complaining YOU don't get compensated when something that is uncontrollable at the time happens? Makes me laugh. I've been playing for at least 5 years, so I do know the game pretty well, and honestly, I rarely experience crash issues, and when I have, I refresh or restart my computer and it's fine again. I know people will always have different experiences, and where you are based will always have something to do with connections to the game. I never said people can't be angry or upset, it's only human and natural. What I and Samba were saying, and for some reason what everyone seems to missing the point of, is the fact posts like these will have no affect on, nor help anything. Go ahead and insult people and see where it gets you in life. There's people out there working their asses off right now probably trying to find a solution and the cause of this and are now trying to fix it. It is THEIR game, and they are essentially losing money too. Edit; Also, there is no one forcing anyone to play this game. You don't like the fact it has ''frequent'' crashes or bugs, or just doesn't seem to work, simply don't play it anymore. Thing that really makes me chuckle is the people complaining about and insulting Riot employees and Riot itself, and then they go right back to the game, are addicted to it, play it for hours and hours, spend money on it. Can you get any more hypocritical and contradicting? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Be glad you weren't playing before season 4 then. It was a complete dice roll if you were able to play a full game. ...and when Riot guarantee that the Beta issues **will not** occur on the live servers, and then they do - together with Riot being able to actually resolve the problem in the first three days that this has happened, when **everyone** new, after the first day, that this would be a constant issue. Well, it just really %%%%s everyone off basically, especially when the company responsible comes across as completely useless.
I understand it is frustrating. I was in the middle of a game too. However, posts like these - which is the point I am making, are absolutely pointless. You can't call everyone who works for Riot, which is what? Hundreds if not thousands of people incompetent losers. That's like you have a problem with one shop like Next, and have had to return various items for some reason, and then calling the whole Brand ridiculous and awful even though there's thousands of other stores. Yes, something should have been done, but again, we don't know what is behind all of this. Is the the new game? Is it the latest bug fixes? Who knows. It can take a while to figure things out.
SambaHong (EUW)
: People talking like they know what has happen or what is wrong is comical at best.. Hell, even circumstances out of Riot control could be at fault. And yes, it sucks, but posts like this helps no one. But I guess people with a full time job, getting paid are incompetent losers, and not you making this very positive and extremely helpful post.
Why are people down voting this? He/she's telling the absolute truth. Yes it is bad this is happening, but for me it's the first time I have EVER experienced something like this to this extreme. Sure, write posts to make them aware of the problem, but complaining, swearing, insulting is getting no one anywhere. Most of you don't know the first thing about running a game of this size and what it takes to do so. Every game has their problems, and it will be fixed. Chill out lol. Seems like a bunch of kids, on their day off getting hella mad because their poor game is down and they don't know what to do with themselves.
: Something wrong with the client?
I was about 15k in queue, took about 5-10 mins until I got in, as soon as I got in I immediately got disconnected again. Riot will be well aware of the problem now, so best you can do is just log out and wait. No point reconnecting as it lags (mine anyway) the computer, and as soon as I got in, I had to reconnect and do it all again.
: WHY IS MY LASTNAME OFFENSIVE!?????????????????
Sorry, but why would you even want your real name, especially surname to be your username?
CJXander (EUNE)
: What's your favourite ward skin?
I love the halloween cat/pumpkin ward where the cat hides inside and then pops out, so cuteee 😍
: autofilled
I personally find it weird you got autofilled when you chose support? I main support and have never been autofilled as anything else. However, I would recommend to learn at least 1 of each role, that's what I have always done. I have at least 2 champions for all 5 roles that I am level 5+ with and would feel comfortable to play if I did get autofilled in ranked. It seems most logical and most safe to be honest.
: and every time you ask you believe them? do you understand turkish to determine it even if they lie? there are quite a few languages spoken in europe
Turkish is quite an obvious and easily recognisable language to be fair.
: DDos
Firstly, someone doing a ddos doesn't need any of thise things to do it. If they do a ddos attack in your game, it will affect all of your team and cause the game to crash. It's used for gaming so basically your team will be unable to connect and they will just push and win, however to ddos LoL will be extremely difficult. Possible, yes, but very difficult to do, and even more difficult to keep up the attack long enough to actually win the game. I highly doubt it is a ddos attack you're experiencing.
: How many seasons?
End of season 3 or beginning of season 4, not quite sure. I know I got ranked in season 4 though.
: illaoi is not a tomboy. Nothing about her behaviour is masculine. She's just a strong, muscled woman. And Vi? She has those candy skins and her hair are pink. I wouldn't call that masculine / boyish.
"Tomboy type". You do know tomboy is right. ;p A tomboy can like pink. A tomboy is a GIRL who just has more boyish characteristics and enjoys the more typical boyish things. Seeing as it is a game we're talking about, you can only really go based on looks. Illaoi definitely LOOKS more tomyboy in my opinion, and Vi looks more tomboy compared to most female champions. I definitely would not call either of them girly. Either way, it was an example and makes my opinion even more valid if we don't already have tomboy like champions as you suggest. I think it would be cool to have a tomboyish like champion and that is the point I was trying to make.
: Silver 4 to gold 1 in 98 matches
I went from Bronze II to Silver I in about the same amount of games. Really isn't hard
Skorzx (EUW)
: Extremely unfair matchmaking
Level has nothing whatsoever to do with skill. Sure, they can be more experienced. But what's to say any other level 30s you are teamed with aren't a smurf? You can get level 300s who are in Iron and Bronze and level 35s who are in Gold.
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Female character design in LoL
I would like another tomboy type champion like Vi or Illaoi. Maybe in more baggy clothes like they're a martial arts fighter similar to Lee Sin. Shorter hair, not particularly skinny with a big ass or big breasts.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: How do you get into the habit of trading in ARAM?
You're overthinking this way too much lol. It's a fun mode, a random mode where anyone could get any champion. I've had games before where all 5 of us had below 10k points on our champions, and then I've had games where we're all level 6 and 7 on them. Just play who you want to play, don't take it seriously.
: Perma Banned for having a bad day.
If it really was a bad day, as in you got banned for intentionally feeding but you actually didn't, message riot about it. We can't do anything here. If you flamed, and as you mentioned below have been banned before then yeah, well you deserve it. It really isn't hard NOT to flame. I have no problem whatsoever and have been playing this game for about 4 years and never even had a warning or suspension.
Nävë (EUNE)
: Step One: Create Something, Step Two: Ignore it
Morgana got a halloween skin that I really like. Can still do with more, but I wouldn't say she's on the top of the list, and I main her. Shaco also has a new one coming out, finally! Looks amazing though. As for the rest, I pretty much agree. Can't remember the last time any of them got new skins.
: Qiyana's character design makes no sense
Yeah cus Annie can throw fire out her hands and yet they're perfectly smooth. It's a game, it doesn't need to make sense. I'm pretty glad they shaped her how they did, instead of tiny with big anime type boobs like most of the others.
: Eune vs euw
Personally, form my experience as I am from England - so this is my main, but lived in Cyprus where I played EUNE, I found EUNE a hell lot more toxic, like incredibly so. I got people being toxic to me for literally nothing. I read Greek and I would have people speaking Greek and flaming at me thinking I couldn't understand it lol. EUW has been a lot nicer - still bad and very toxic - it always will be, but a hell of a lot nicer than my experience in EUNE. I actually ended up quitting that account because of it.
: > Also, do you actually realise why 2 and 12 are more unlikely? Because it's a 1/6 chance for each dice to roll a 1 or a 6. That's the only number they can roll for a total of 2 or 12. However, if you want to get the number 7, a dice can roll a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, and the other dice can roll a 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 to match. Basically if I have done this correct, to get a number between 2 and 12, each dice has a 2/6 chance. So your ''theory'' is flawed and that is exactly why games make you have to roll a 1 or 6, or 2 and 12. No, "my theory" is not flawed. First, it is not my theorie - it is the theorie of probability. I am studying maths, so I know a little bit of what I'm talking about. :D Again: Random does not mean that everything has the same chance. Even if you have a single dice where the number 1 has a 90% chance, it can still be random. That's just the definition of it.^^ > You can't be ''63%'' more likely to get a Janna AND a Ziggs. Yes, I can. If you look at "4 out of 7 games", you have 70 champions, so basically there is a chance to get 17 champions 4 times or more in the same 7 games. If the results aren't disjunctive, then it can happen. You probably think that it can't be, as the sum is about 100% - but you don't have to add it, but have to take out the chance that both things happen at the same time. > I just don't believe it's random. I repeat myself: Randomness does not mean that everything has the same property. Perhaps champions from free rotation are more likely, I don't know that. But it is still random. Randomness is a concept which is really hard to grasp for most people. Let's just take the Birthday problem as an example. The question is: how likely is it that in a group of 23 the birthdays of two persons are on the same date? Every date has the same chance and a year has 365 days. What do you think? Most people say that the chance is really low - but actually the chance is greater than 50% (!) You are currently talking about a lot of champions... First it was "a lot of Janna", then 3 Varus, then 3 Anivia... That's exactly why you need A LOT OF INFORMATION to make good statistics. Also you have to differ between what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. "I had 3 times the same champion in 3 consecutive games in the past" is a very likely incident. So if you just look back and say "I had 3 anivias", it is nothing special - but that doesn't mean that having 3 anivis in your next 3 games is very likely - THAT is unlikely.
''No, "my theory" is not flawed. First, it is not my theorie - it is the theorie of probability. I am studying maths, so I know a little bit of what I'm talking about. :D'' But it is flawed. You must have misunderstood. If you have 2 dice, these are the ACTUAL probabilities on what you'll roll. It's not equal at all, as I said. Sure, it is random, but you do have less chance of rolling a 2 or 12 and that's just basic knowledge. The chance of rolling a total of 2 is 2.78 percent The chance of rolling a total of 3 is 5.56 percent The chance of rolling a total of 4 is 8.33 percent The chance of rolling a total of 5 is 11.11 percent The chance of rolling a total of 6 is 13.89 percent The chance of rolling a total of 7 is 16.67 percent The chance of rolling a total of 8 is 13.89 percent The chance of rolling a total of 9 is 11.11 percent The chance of rolling a total of 10 is 8.33 percent The chance of rolling a total of 11 is 5.56 percent The chance of rolling a total of 12 is 2.78 percent Also to your ''You are currently talking about a lot of champions... First it was "a lot of Janna", then 3 Varus, then 3 Anivia... That's exactly why you need A LOT OF INFORMATION to make good statistics. Also you have to differ between what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. "I had 3 times the same champion in 3 consecutive games in the past" is a very likely incident. So if you just look back and say "I had 3 anivias", it is nothing special - but that doesn't mean that having 3 anivis in your next 3 games is very likely - THAT is unlikely.'' That is a prime example of what Hansiman posted below about Gambler's fallacy. Only because it has happened 3 times consecutively does not mean it is less likely to happen again afterwards. If it is true that you're more likely to get a free rotation champ, then that is not really random either as that will pretty much double your chances to get a champion from free rotation than one you own already.
Sarokh JR (EUW)
: Weird... I've played on eune 3 years in row then on EUW 3 years in row (while playing in EUNE as well) and I have to say I disagree a lot... Most people who states that EUNE is the more toxic server are toxic themselves and thinks that they are godlike so that eune-players have to obey for them and if they dont they are toxic to euw-players...
I wouldn't know about that, and I am probably one of the least toxic people in game i just can't be bothered to argue with kids so I tend to ignore them. I have never had a warning, suspension or ban. To disagree is fine, people have their own views and experiences on things. My experience was bad and extremely toxic, yours obviously wasn't. It is interesting though.
Courter (EUW)
: Voice chat for the whole team (inculding non-premade)
I agree it would be pretty cool. All those saying about flamers, you can just leave the chat and mute them, simple as. The only problem I would point out is that if someone joins the chat and is saying ''%%%'' etc, you can't report them and they can't get banned because there's no actual proof they said it. I think people would use this to their advantage and you would get a lot of toxicity just because they can say what they want without getting banned.
Gillusion (EUW)
: Ok now that's not fair
You actually flamed a lot. The worst thing you can do in this scenario is to argue back. I agree, they should have probably got a ban too, but I won't say you didn't deserve it, because if you were saying that in a game I was in, even if it wasn't directed at me, I would have reported the both of you. Be the bigger guy and ignore. Just use pings and ask for help, but don't start swearing and flaming and getting aggressive.
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