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: Dear Toxics in champ select.
Dear trolls in champ select, fuck you.
: Im dieing to find a music
You mean this one? One of my favs. as well.
Koscum (EUNE)
: {{champion:27}} - Because he's the biggest effin' troll in the game. {{champion:432}} - Ass-crazy mobility mechanic, very fun ult, and completely different playstyle. {{champion:201}} - CDR tank build is crazy fun; you get to jump around the battlefield shielding everyone :D. {{champion:45}} - Portable (and compact) arcane nuke. {{champion:154}} - He's just fun. {{champion:62}} - Mind games. {{champion:31}} - Om nom nom. Go for the HP + size build or AS/OH + size build. If you have Lulu on your team, you'll easily tank by the virtue of taking half the screen.
Wukong - Mind games. lol
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: I'm starting to not enjoy this game anymore and i think ill stop playing it.
ITT: Challenger player complaining about Yasuo. This is almost unbelievable, as you go in higher elo, you will see Yasuo has less and less winrate because he's really squishy with terrible base stats. Once you shut him down, he won't likely come back. He is the ideal example of a "feast or famine" champion. If you get destroyed by him even after killing him a few times, you need to learn to play against him.
: Normal Game Matchmaking lately
No, it is because of being premade as 5. If the system can't find other 5 people premade team having almost same rankings as yours, it will match you with people of higher divisions instead, because it thinks you have much more communication advantage by playing as 5, so it compensates for it by matching you with better opponents.
Larry (EUNE)
: "stop feeding please" is not acceptable behaviour and here's why
The phrase you used to deliver your point "stop feeding please" is not the same as "stop feeding you fk noob" or "gg this top lane, report". That phrase means someone on your team is humbly requesting you to play careful, you can't expect people to type things like "please care my dear top lane, you are 0/3 but it's ok I know you have 20cs lead and it's fine, just keep playing and try to stop dying" because they are playing the game as well. If someone says "stop feeding please", instead of taking it personal, you should just respond with something like "yeah I'll try to play it safe" or just ignore them if you didn't LIKE it. Sometimes giving away 3 kills is not worth the 20 or so cs lead you have, you might have put a carry top laner or enemy jungler ahead and it can easily turn into a snowball. Staying alive is the single most important thing in this game and you should learn to live with it.
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Bombardox (EUW)
: The only thing i want to know about flamers .....
I want to know how 0/10 main mid laners look like irl.
: Suggestion - the old in game voice back please
You have to wait until Riot is done with their LE EPIC LORE MEME XDXDXD.
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: yi has a sword not a dagger
Yi has sword while Yasuo has sward, thus the attack range difference.
Messeery (EUNE)
: I am not a yasuo veteran.I never play him actually because I am really bad with him. A problem most yasuo players i see in my games do is going super agro mode on the enemy laner and either dying to him or dying to the jungler. And please for the sake of your teammates if you are behind start building defense after your core items don't go for the botrk when you are 0-19 because you will need to survive.
> don't go for the botrk when you are 0-19 because you will need to survive. Ok :D
: Llder is the best Yasuo EuW he is away for now but watch his stream or spectate him he taught me how to play Yasuo and now i'm so confident with this champ that i can literally blind pick him no matter my team or enemy team. The thing is you have to know when you can build full damage build or when to make core items and 2 defense items build. The main problem with people on Yasuo is the team fighting. You die instantly after you ult a cluster of enemies. You just need good decision making and a really really calm mind while playing Yasuo. And always keep in mind that if your opponent is letting you to farm then take it happily don't go stupidly to dive into them if you are getting free farm cuz Yasuo is item dependent all you need is safe gold to become a monster. There are very few matchups where u have to max you Q like trynda irelia etc but most of the time you should be maxing your E. practise doging Skill shots, and most importantly Yasuo is one of the easiest champion to gank with point and click abilities so always ward your lane as you are most likely to get camped. (don't go for Llder's yasuo build which he uses personally cuz he can he is skilled as fuq ! )
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your tips and support. I watched his {{champion:157}} montage few days ago from the Reddit front page and he definitely is one of the best Yasuos in Eu. I'll send him a request (not sure if he'll accept). Could I add you please? Since you learnt from him, you are basically a Lider v2. :D I could spectate your games when possible.
DragonH (EUW)
: man the last games are not on ranked rofl, u think i would go ranked with teemo only? that's me releasing my stress, ofcourse, there's games i start 2-0 and then my team feed the jungle and i get 2-9s easly when they camp
I'm talking about your ranked history, you played 8 different champions in your last 10 games.
DragonH (EUW)
: Just got demoted from GOLD IV to GOLD V
I was going to sympathize with you but then I saw your history. You deserve it, every single ranked game you are trying different champions and going 2/10 to 2/8, do you really think you deserve any higher than G5?
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I'm interested. Rarely ever lose my lane, main role is jungle but can play other roles well (you are free to check my history) and I don't get flamed (since I don't do bad enough to get flame) and not easily offended. I'll be fine if you can carry at any of your preferred roles.
: Looking for a duo (euw)
Your match history has no Udyr games.
: Stupidest thing you thought/did when you started playing Lol?
I always built stinger as first item on Nasus and continued to go full ad, I didn't know about stacks until I was level 30 and I was "maining" Nasus.
: Some part of me thinks you're a robot who doesn't understand basic human traits. You can't be good every single game. Especially if you play tons of them. You learn from mistakes, not from success.
You don't learn from 0/10 at 15 mins too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Idaisa v2,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=R73EEvs2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-04T00:45:41.836+0000) > > The classic "it's just a normal" excuse used by every retarded player ever. Btw you used to post on old GD right? I think I remember you. Yup.
Ah, then you and I were pretty similar there. Always getting downvotes for this kind of threads and posts. Trying to differentiate between flaming and criticism and all the GD will bombard the thread with downvotes. Sadly my main got banned (the one I used to post there).
: > [{quoted}](name=Idaisa v2,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=u0rYK10L,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-04T00:51:34.031+0000) > > Here you go: > > Now no one will flame you and all the toxicity will magically disappear. Trust me, it works. Lol, when i go 20-2 as jayce, 26-4 as lucian, the flaming is worse even by your own team-.- "OH YOU STOLE MY KILL NOOB". "not when i did most of the damage, besides i let you have the other kills because im ahead" "OMG REPORTING YOU FOR FLAME" like wut
The kill steal "flame" usually ends after level 30. But "reporting you for flame" is the classic retarded player statement which will always exist, when those people are done with these kind of statements, they come to boards and post threads like "I got flamed, this community" "FLAME OMG" etc. If people can be offended so easily, they shouldn't play this game to begin with. If they do, they should not bitch and whine. Flaming is excusable but being a whiny bitch isn't.
: Jungler Sub needed for Silver Elo Ranked Team
Jungle is my main role and I'm confident of doing well most of the games, I can be a sub if you guys don't have the "LE ITS JUST A GAME LETS TROLL XDXD" mentality. I wish to play seriously.
Messeery (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Idaisa v2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0dkAzQ6k,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-04T00:44:16.774+0000) > > I completely get where you are coming from. :D > > About the last part: > > You need to play him to understand it. I used to play him, he is fun and all but i am bad with him so i don't take him into ranked. Also they guy i was talking about only played 1 yasuo game before the game we played together, was an aram 4 days ago where he went 1-8, why the fuck would he take him to ranked?
It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 50 games with him, unless you understand his kit (which 90% of Yasuo players don't), you can't do well with him. I don't know, people pick him because he's fun to play and all and if you're lucky you might end up doing well. But picking him for the first time in ranked, picking any champion for the first time in ranked is just downright retarded.
: Don't understand toxicity in this community.
Here you go: > GET GOOD. Now no one will flame you and all the toxicity will magically disappear. Trust me, it works.
: Curious about Ekko's lore , how is he both friend and rival to jinx?
Not long before Riot is done with their LE EPIC LORE MEME XDXDXD, circle jerk threads on boards start. Srsly, can you not?
Manifer (EUW)
: this game has started to put me off
Here is the harsh truth; get good. Literally, the moment you will get even slightly good at this game, all the toxicity and flame will disappear like a magic. I don't remember the last time someone flamed me? Why? Because I don't make retarded moves which would make my team do so.
: ''who cares wut i ban, its a normal huehueheuheu''
The classic "it's just a normal" excuse used by every retarded player ever. Btw you used to post on old GD right? I think I remember you.
Messeery (EUNE)
: Stop playing yasuo in low elo please.
I completely get where you are coming from. :D About the last part: > What is so attractive about this guy that makes people lose ranked games just to play him. You need to play him to understand it.
: This game is almost unplayable during the summer.
While I agree with this, there is a solution to this problem. > Play in relatively high elo. Summer kids can't be in high elo, am I right?
momo247 (EUNE)
: noobs
Boards is filled with those noobs and kids who you've met and flamed in ranked and they are here to flame you back, you've come to wrong place.
: Discussion: should harder to play champs be stronger?
If this was possible, {{champion:157}} won't be in his current state right now. :[
: why Yasuo
Because he is too easy to feed with, unless you have like 100 games with him, you will end up 0/4 or worse before 10 min mark.
: Can we please have a way of directly reporting deliberate trollpicking in champ select?
Boards is filled of those champion select trolls, you are looking at wrong place for such suggestions.
: when will ppl stop playing hecarim top with ignite teleport
Wannabe LCS pros, just like wannabe LCS supports who leave their adc on lane from level 1 and pretend to be "roaming". On the other note, you should only dodge when you have a Yasuo on your team.
: Do Riot Ban Smurfs?
How do you imply them being smurfs?
: There's a difference between "Flame" and Criticism
To be honest, you should always say what is in your mind, be a nice player but to those who deserve it. Your constructive criticism or flame isn't probably going to change that player suddenly and being nice to such players is hardly ever rewarding.
Puckab (EUW)
: Impossible to get out of bronze
Here listen, last year, first time I reached level 30 and completed my provisional matches, I got placed in Silver 4. Afterwards I went on a losing streak until I reached Bronze 4. I was frustrated and thought I definitely didn't deserve this elo and why I was getting "bad teams". I had the real desire to get out of Bronze, therefore I started to play the champion I liked to play the most (and luckily it had heaviest carry potential) aka {{champion:114}} . I played her every game, when I couldn't get to play her in blind pick because someone picked her before me, I dodged. My friends used to make fun of me for doing that, I used to build 5 blood thirsters on her, long story short, I was bad. I started to read guides and watch videos to learn builds. Eventually I got to the point where I could "carry" games with her. I could be the only person in my team who was single-handedly carrying the game. My teams were grateful to me and they actually followed my calls. I slowly started to make the climb and eventually reached Silver 5 in a few months, this time I knew how bad I was when I was on the losing streak, playing Ryze support in ranked for the first time and etc. Tips you can get from me are the following: - Only play one or two champions, all right? ONLY one (I recommend it) or two at most and get REALLY GOOD at them, like silver or gold level good. - Carry games, WIN your lane (focus on winning lane) then carry your team. - You won't win every game but all you need to do is win more than losing, you can win 11 and lose 10, it's fine, you'll get better. - Play champions who can actually carry. - Watch videos of pro players play that champ(s). Try to get that champion in ranked and if you truly will do good, I'm sure you will get out of Bronze. It's my honest advice and I'm sure you'll get some help from it. Good luck getting out of Bronze. :D
Ebola san (EUNE)
: I just can't comprehend it... I used cheats too, but in PS2 games, like, Prince of persia, Need for speed and stuff, offline games. Online, what's the benefit from it, apart from winning tho i've seen people scripting and still losing, lol. But, what is the mentality behind this? Think about that, we are irl friends, and we go in a lan store to play there together, we are both in Diamond for this example and you are a scripter... And we go a duo ranked... There, you will not have your scripts and fail horribly.... How would that make you feel? really, wouldn't you be embarrassed? i would be, i'd wish i'd be swallowed by earth and dissapear... Being a scripter just for the lp and the rank is easily uncovered. so.... Why? I can't comprehend their mindset.
I don't mind your curiosity, to be honest the only reason I started scripting was curiosity too. Afterwards I got so addicted that instead of keeping it to my smurf, I risked my main account as well, later on I lost both accounts. About your question, it varies person to person, let's say me, I continued to script because of my desire for winning (not gaining LP as I played normals mostly). While my win ratio didn't jump to 80-90%, I definitely started to win a lot more and losing felt much less stressful as I weren't putting any real effort. You know that feel when you try really hard to win and you still lose right? I got rid of that feeling which made me enjoy it despite of it not being my real skill. Your own skill or not but believe me, making all those flashy plays and getting penta kills with Yasuo (champion I was not good with my own skill) always feels good. One more thing, scripting doesn't mean you will insta win lane or game, it needs knowledge and practice too, you can use every script possible out there and still lose lane.
Kouèn (EUW)
Best thing to do with these people is to keep outnumbering them, they will eventually go afk or rage even more, always fun to see them raging.
: He has been around for a while. Actually a fair few of us, especially those who joined later in GD's glorious life, are still about! I think you just fancy U Wot M7 M8 M9! Oooooooh!
His name isn't easy to forget and he had pretty funny comments back in GD. On the other note, boards are just plain boring, in forums you could post anything and get attention instantly because it would be the first post on main page. Boards are basically a worse version of subreddit.
Nixodelic (EUNE)
: Repair the fuc*ing servers... Ping like 999 on EUNE... Its not funny anymore
Who needs servers when you have lore? {{champion:32}}
Mecar (EUW)
: So I was winning a promo game, and then this shit happens ?
Don't worry Riot is bringing new lore to you as compensation.
Valindria (EUW)
: Shh. and stop being a sherlock when you're not.
Can confirm, not being a Sherlock since my main got banned for scripting and I know how and why exactly accounts get banned.
Valindria (EUW)
: Im really disappointed. ban.
It's pretty obvious your account got banned for scripting and not for flaming/elo boosting (because elo boosting doesn't issue perma bans) but k to whatever you are said. Good luck with "stomping" and "afking" games, implying that's your life's purpose and implying it will have any effect on anybody's life besides yours.
blllack (EUW)
: WHyY AM I BANNED?!?!?!
You don't get 20 minute penalty for nothing, it means you AFK'd a LOT of games. Which means you made the game a terrible experience for a lot of people and you expect some fair treatment for yourself? Talk about irony.
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