: How to get blue essence now?
This new systeem sucks :( I don't like that we dont earn any blue essence from games now. Now you can get champion shards woohooooo. the only champion shards I have right now are worth 90 BE. This prolly feels pretty bad for new players
: Can not open blue essence orbs
Does not work for me either :( I still need that 75000 BE
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MrGerund (EUW)
: Custom game modes
Yea in the old client you can still make a custom game for the featured mode but you can't create lobby's for featured game mode in the new client.. would love to play urf or all for one on the howling abyss or be able to play hide and seek on the crystal scar map.
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: Team builder is trash and always will be. But like always, when an inferior option leaves the table, people complain that it was great and works even though the amount of threads calling it a terrible addition to the game is in the thousands
Yea I know lots of people thought It was thrash caus certain times people had to wait a little bit longer. I usually used it to play with 3-4 friends and only had to wait for 1-2 people, which never really took long. In my opinion it really beats normal blind pick and draft is just a whole other thing. For me and a bunch of friends teambuilder was the go to gamemode in league of legends. Now it's way harder to play what you feel like playing. And I feel that is what league is about. If you just add it as a side option the people who don't like it can just play the new draft or blindpick, right?
: hahaha you may jungle if you want to play with me and some friends :)
oh sorry you play on EUNE
WolfChases (EUNE)
: Stop crying like a baby >.< My main role is Jungle and I was forced to play support last 5-6 games in a row. Totally did not enjoy.
hahaha you may jungle if you want to play with me and some friends :)
: yup in Team builder if you felt like playing that one and only champion in a specific lane you could, now it either gets banned or the other team picks, or tries to be a try hard and hard counter it. I wish I could ignore Secondary pick seriously. If I don't want to play any other lane and just that one why am I forced to play it if I get it? There are days where I just feel like only playing top but I'm forced to play other lane because of forced secondary pick.
Yea I totally feel you, the other day I did not get to play mid at all until I had 4 friends with me which I had to force to let me play mid... which was not fun to do. Only caus of the secondary pick system. Not fun to get 4 games in a row secondary pick :/
Arsene (EUNE)
: Why dont you just play normal draft its the same thing T_T
No it's not. Draft takes for ages..always some one who does not ban anything or is butthurt caus they can't play what they want to or something and they leave.. then you got to wait for the bans first again up to 35 secs each. And player picks as well 35 each.. Which means up to 9 1/3 minutes.... and then last second some one leaves and repeat this painfull process
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EpicMouse (EUNE)
: Bring TeamBuilder Back!!! Can't play role I want anymore.


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