no hands (EUW)
: Recieving death threats from player, will riot do something about this?
You can just unfriend and block him? It's your fault to accept a friend request from a toxic guy. What did you expect, that he apologizes to you and sends you flowers and free skins? Moreover, just grow a pair and stop whining because he said mean things to you. Are you twelve?
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
: We want transparency on what's going on with the 2019 Worlds song!
Don't expect an answer from a rioter, they're on reddit doing their oh so funny jokes... And yeah I know, the boards are for "casual discussions" amongst the pleb- I mean players but still
: Alright, next time we'll just get the skins and nothing else. Screw the missions. Ungrateful. . .
: I grabbed my popcorn and some coke.
Stuck in Draft phase at 0 seconds. Anyone else?
: Do remember player support gets thousands of requests and most of them they can’t help with... you likely encountered blitzcrank, the bot they use for responses to tickets that support can’t help with. Generally speaking if it’s about changing something in game even a bug report like what you do then your gonna get blitz tell you to come here (but generally NA is better if you want a rioter, we’ve got some but they come here mainly as players not as rioters).
No not at all. There were three people helping me (vic7orr, ZER05 and GABS88), none of them being a bot. They even gave me the link to the EUW boards but none of them said the useful tip of going to the NA boards.
: Firstly I can’t delete it. Secondly you are gonna be here for a while... the boards isn’t for contacting riot it’s for talking to players, and moreso the rioters who are here are EU rioters therefore server maintenance and player support... they can’t help you with this. Go over to the NA boards if you want a rioter to see this, cause your just wasting your time and clogging up the boards the way your trying to do it.
Finally someone who says something useful. Why can't anyone tell me this after the first post? Then I will just do as you said. Thanks for being more helpful than the player support...
: Don’t keep posting the same post every day, it clutters the boards up and is against the rules... one post will do.
Then delete it, I don't care. I will keep posting until either I get an answer from Riot why it can't be fixed or the probem is fixed.
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Hemșo (EUW)
: stop
Why u dont know grammar?
: The good thing is ..
And emotes with SOUND!
: Riot Has Lost It
EUW has had so many problems it's not even funny. I would be glad if they at least TOLD us the reason for this. But this can't be expected, because all resources of the smol indi geme compony are in more meaningful departments, like creating a sound for each emote
Golmoris (EUW)
: What happened to this game?
Don't worry. League is in still in early access, like fortnite. But unlike league, fortnite has stable servers
: stuck in the login screen
New feature by riot don't worry, you'll get a summoner icon for testing it
rInG23 (EUNE)
: Cannot complet any quest
Yeah, but I am glad that I can have emotes with sound now, so the ranked queue issues, clash and mission fails and login issues are forgiven and forgotten.
: Euw(client bug) an unexpected error occurred while logging in please try again later
Yeah me too, but you have to understand that Riots priorities are more emotes. Having good servers is secondary
: Euw(client)/An unexpected error occurred while logging in
Me too, probably a new feature to reduce toxicity
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: Blue essence ward skin dissapeared?!?


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