: Its a fitting word in this term, are you one of those who simply wont use the word because of the disease? Ofc, Cancer is bad. But its no reason to not use the word.
Plus I have had several family members die from cancer in the past year
Strigina (EUNE)
: I remember Ryze and Sona pre-banned the first time URF came out. Few days later they added Soraka on that list because her Q spam without any cd was insane (it was before her rework). I think it's not bad idea.
The healing debuff helped to sort soraka and sona too
: HAHAHAH WAT 0.o listen maokai is garbage. step 1 pick nidalee or any other ranged champ with infinite mobility and high damage. step 2 stay under turret throw your spears and thats literally it. if anything chases you go cougar and just w every second and you'll be impossible to catch. its like having 600 movement speed. Also if you get hit your e heals you for more than half your health every 3 seconds. Heal throw Heal throw. God speed brother. ps.urf isnt supposed to be balanced at all. AT ALL.
Moakai garbage? sapling do 1/4 your hp at level 1 and in top lane he can throw them under your tower easy peasy
: everyone crys about the same champions, at some point i understand it, in the first or second urf, alistar kassadin ryze sona and i think heca were banned from the gamemode. i hope they do it again for the next one next month, and add lulu to the list, shes pure cancer in urf
: Should some champions be completely banned for the URF game mode?
There are like 10 champs that should be pre-banned imo the others are just really annoying but can be dealt with
Nuunna (EUW)
: Why does riot not permanently bann people for making fun/cursing with Cancer?
I feel you man lost several Family members in recent years to cancer and everytime I see it I legit feel like just leaving the game right there and then. It comes down to a thing of either i get a band for afk (never been banned or anything on league) or let them continue. Muting doesnt quite do it because once it is said it sticks
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: Why URF was so good the 1st time and why it's unplayable now
I'm 100% with you I even created a thread myself. Champs like Maokai that clear your wave or kill you under the tower are not fun to play against at all and there is no margin for counterplay
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