lil pëep (EUW)
: Ekko...can we all just admit riot fucked up? He cant be nerfed!
It's not ekko dude, its the items (tank ones)
: Skype and League of legens made my pc freeze 4 times in a row
Nevermind, it just crashed from itself so skype is not the problem. Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
: The one that is provided for free in the LoL client itself since alpha.
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: Use another client, skype is heavy on pc resources. The best ones are teamspeak (, mumble ( and discord (
It's not my pc, everything was fine till windows 10 downloaded twice... But ill try an alternative, thanks!
: Why don't you use the voice chat in LoL client?
: try closing skype?
Works, but when premade i'd like to speak with friends :p
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Azure9861 (EUW)
: I suggest lowering the time LB has to go back to a W by a second
: lol "normals are about trying your hardest, not having fun"... oooooohkay then. my bad i thought videogames were about having fun. if its just about seeing who is the tryhardest metasheep i may as well just stay at work. while people are beholden to each other to not do anything to ruin the game, at the same time its not ranked m8. if i wanna try alternate tactics to win instead of just picking brainless meta that cannot lose lane then ball up for teamfights, thats my decision and im allowed to do that. also WTF is with people not knowing what "tryharding" means. i see threads all the time that say "omg stop saying tryharding im playing to win theres no such thing". Tryharding isn't just "playing to win". its trying WAY too hard to the win, to the point where the game is no longer an entertaining challenge, its just one group of people being forced to interact with another group of really unpleasent tryhards that dont see that games are for enjoyment, and you dont gain anything from winning a normal if you dont have fun doing it. splitpushing when your enemy DCs because rito servers OP and they cant defend with less people is tryharding. trying to mock people in chat to tilt them is tryharding. people who only play meta champs, not because they enjoy them, but because they will do ANYTHING for a slight advantage, even if it takes the fun out of the game. the kind of team that (in normals) will use 3rd party websites to research the lowest ranked enemy, to camp them and try to tilt them. this is against the spirit of the game. if you enjoy a meta champ, play that sure. if you use teamwork to gank bad players, great job! by all means use the tools the game gives you to do your best and have fun. but underhanded tactics that sacrifice the fun of the game in the hope of cheesing a win you otherwise wouldnt be able to earn is disgraceful. it cheapens the experience of everyone involved.
Coraxo (EUNE)
: it's not only the premades, it's the system that is broken. i was excited and racing to diamond, now i don't want that anymore.. i don't want riot to pick a role for me just because queue times are long, and now you can't play 5v5 anymore. sure you can go to a normal game and play with full team premades, but what if your team wants a challenge! but no, now you can't do that. let's not forget the unfairness of matchmaking, sure riot would match premades up against opponents with higher mmr, but that doesn't make it anywhere near being fair in high elo, just that premades can communicate using skype makes it extremely unfair for the enemy team, imagine 3 premades from an lcs team playing together while being able to communicate. i watched a youtube video somewhere, it was talking about DQ in high elo, and how one player had 19 wins out of last 20 played games just because he was playing with 2 or 3 premades. i myself, once tried it in platinum. i queued up with full team premades, we used skype. and guess what.. we made the enemy team open mid. they weren't a full team premades like us.. soloq with 5v5 team ranked were fine in high elo, why fk up things just for the sake of change. this game is broken, and there's a huge and many differences between high and low elo, which means riot should not use the same balancing methods in these elos, for example DQ and balancing champions (like Nidalee, she's shit in low elo and now even shittier, but in high elo she's broken) is totally fked up in an elo, while it's really okay in the other. it's really embarrassing how a company this big can't be professional at all.
Maybe if i'll reach higher elo I notice the difference you mentioned (: Thanks for the explination
Coraxo (EUNE)
: of course you like it, no offence but you're silver. on the other hand if you're plat and above you probably hate it. +14mins queue time, playing against full team premades when you're playing solo, free elo boosting, etc.. i once played with a master +200lp on my team, guess that wasn't fun for the enemy team, was it?.. (i usually play with high plats, low diamonds) but yeah, if you're gold and less it equals free lp for you, just gather a bunch of friends + go on skype and voilà! welcome to platinum!! if only riot brings soloq back but only for platinum and above, that would solve everything..
I indeed cannot speak for higher elo's (and don't worry I do not care about my rank so im not offended ^^) But I do not see the premade's stomping everything problem, maybe im just blind for it
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It's dangerous to make threads like this, you could get downvoted. As for me, i don't see a difference between DynamicQ and previous soloQ. Some reasons that people give for not liking Dynamic Q tend to be something that doesnt affect them, isnt dynamicQ related or just the same problems as in previous soloQ, it's just a new thing to blame.
Oh no, what happens if i get downvoted too much? xD
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: Nidalee nerf changes her play style and not just her early game.
The same case with the fizz nerfs a few years ago, on his q ^^
Swerii (EUW)
: Return of the 5v5 ?
> [{quoted}](name=Swerii,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=LWrgtd1i,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-03T21:28:25.591+0000) > > let's be true, noone likes this dynamicQ Only the people who don't like it whine about it. The rest of them is quit. I for instance, like dynamic queue
moonborn (EUW)
: its stupid that it's not coming. especially after at first they said that it was coming. but okay, if its not coming, they should work on dynamic queue.they should just let you choose if you want to be queued up together with premades or with solos only. they should work on more possibilities for solo players to get queued with other solo players.
Then what is the difference between solo queue and what you are suggesting? ^^
: why silver 1 player must wait ~15 min queue to get jungle/mid in ranked ?
: New Brand vs New Malzahr
> [{quoted}](name=ÜFudginator,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rvdfguGb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-28T12:35:07.158+0000) > > This is like comparing Apples and Pears. > > Each has their own unique strengths, weaknesses and playstyle (flavour). That ^ And malz is almost always banned (at least on my elo which is silver ^^)
Amateràsû (EUNE)
: Do you think that we should have a Solo Queue for just solo players? ( preferably ranked too )
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: It means it is a legacy skin, which you normally can't buy in the store. You are pretty lucky {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: It means an rare skin that is not anymore obtainable
Oh cool, too bad i hate nunu xD
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: Two simple things that will make your Jhin pick way more useful in 5v5 teamfights.
I always go for stormraiders surge on jhin. This makes his mid and early game easier :p
: yes its flat. yes it combines with lifesteal from items and runes. i think your maths for the mastery is wrong tho because if your at 10% should be getting the full 20% lifesteal
Yeah that was the question, my english is not really good so :p So thanks for the answer :D
TTekkers (EUW)
: I'm pretty sure it's flat lifesteal - I've played against a couple of hypercarry ADCs with this mastery and they just had tons of sustain in lane with D-Blade. And Olaf, that champion is ridiculous with this mastery - combined with his W (bonus LS & AS) and his passive (AS at low HP) he just doesn't die XD
Okay thanks :D
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Reenen (EUW)
: Dear Riot: You said ranked games played before dynamic queue would count towards placements
Dunno about the first one, but try to hit the more popular roles as second. (I useally pick first jungle and second mid and im 90% of the time jungler)
: Backdooring will gain new meaning after new patch introduce.
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Rhosta (EUNE)
: When they solve overload problems. They are testing fixes on some smaller server, currently.
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raps1355 (EUW)
: Dont mind a mode for serious 5v5 practice but we would need flexible options like starting lvl 18 unlimited gold etc so we can practice specifically at the stage we want. I think it will be too hard or we will end up with a few useless preset options. We still need a sandbox mode which riot is really resistant about but i think they will ultimately cave but its a case of when as often developers dont take action until its too late.
until it's too late. That sounded dramatic :p
: For 2016 can we have a christmas Summoner's Rift please?
Probs too late to make a new map now, would be cool tho
: I think this is the best way to fix THORNMAIL
I like the idea of lifesteal reduction/removal
: Kalista ult > spellshield
Maybe you were too late or too early with the shield?
: Poppy's new ULT
Every time I hit or get hit by that thing I laugh. Always .
Takeoff (EUW)
: [Champion Suggestion] Welqiz, the balanced mage
TaigaT (EUW)
: Let's make this clear
Lets make something else clear: Something like yasuo free does not mean your teammates "force" you to pick that champion. They are just suggesting it...
Draqone (EUW)
: Too hard to play for me. :(
One can always practice ^^
: Im very proud of my friend who made a montage. Can u guys give him some feedback, he's fairly new
Im sorry to say that I find there are lots of normal plays, like not really special ones. Add some more spectacular plays
QueenD88 (EUW)
: Current Meta - Less Skill = More Benefit
When i read title i would have agreed, but i'm sorry to say that your arguments have some flaws...
: Dear Bronze
With all due respect, when the enemy is already destroying your nexus they are probably just chasing the irelia for fun since they think it's already lost anyways
HellSoda (EUW)
: Riot HATES Him! Learn how he got Diamond Elo With this one simple trick!
: Rengar enhanced leap range
i think his leap range is rediculous already. Make it so it does not work on both of them please ;p
Bombardox (EUW)
: Stop being salty in normals
> Stop being salty There, I fixed it for you ^^
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