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: Riot Has Lost It
they bring awsome stuff and then remove or change it always , like that dude inside xins body its not xin anymore and i bought a skin that makes me feel like i trown away alot of money cauze i play since s2 and allot of champs where i bought a skin for is replaced by a other champ with the same looks and name but the rest isnt the same ( soraka , heimerdinger , yorick i can go on like this ) i never ever ever ever ever spending 1cent on lol anymore they just change the reason u bought it anyways
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: where was this time stated?
they didnt thats why it shud be here when they day starded , otherwise they needed to put a time in it
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Jirhaya (EUW)
: It's unreadable.
sorry was pissed that it stil wasnt here
: i think its better urf multiple times this year than only on april 1...
if they do it longer then 2 days yes , its easy to miss 2 days of lol and specially not knowing when soo in my opinion not
: Sorry riot
yea its true but can u understand how i saved for urf the champion 2 years ago xD i mean . i thought i wouldt let riot fool me again but geus what xDD i can understand the whimy community at this time i dont say its good but still i can understand it
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: 1. Riot doesn't owe you jack shit. 2. Riot doesn't have to please the community. 3. Riot said there would be no URF on April 1st.
1. riot lied about every message they posted about 1april so most of the people asume its a april fools joke (that urf didnt come back on 1th april) and second they dont have to put urf back , but we dont have to play lol , and i aint gonna if urf aint coming back thats what's this crazyness is all about in my opinion
BalanZac (EUW)
: Stuck forever trying to reconnect - BUG - [SERIOUS]
open internet explorer its fixed its really weird but had the same problem once
: Riot's way to show how mutch they love the community
i always tought riot didnt care but you guys see how many people are getting crazy over urf and they keep ignorring the players , i didnt care about riot since {{champion:74}} chanced{{champion:78}} they destroyd my fun and same with{{champion:98}} and{{champion:78}} and now they cant bring urf on schedule i just wanted to show how i feel about riot
: Riot's way to show how mutch they love the community
my point is why making a awsome game mode if not using it even if 90% of the players want it ,
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