Sılk (EUW)
: Cant select or edit runepages in champ select
: Editting runes bugged
i also have this but i cant even change the rune page
: Is running down mid with 5 man banable?
  Rioter Comments
: game dropped...
this still happends just gotta deal with it happened to me 3 days ago too
Mat LeBlanc (EUNE)
: Account suspended due to USE OF SCRIPTS
When was your account banned? I also got banned for using a third party program on the 27 of janurary, alot of people got banned because there was a bug in their banning system alot of people got unbanned after but some didnt (im one of those) i have contacted riot support many times but they just say: "the ban is rightfull and the suspension will not be removed" i would love to prove to riot that i never cheated but i cant, and you cant either you will just have to make a new account. im sorry bud
Octavia (EUW)
: Anyone else on EUW getting big lag spikes / packet loss? (champion jumping around and stuttering)
today i had a game where everyone was lagging and everyone had packet loss even at one points everyones disconected and the game disapeared
Meriipu (EUW)
: I used to be low-mid plat
get a new boosting partner, EParadoxx has been gettin worse lately ;)
HollowMimic (EUNE)
: S rank doesnt show on Shen


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