: >but first I'd like to justify what I was saying. no matter how good your mental gymnastics game is, that is something that is not justifiable ban deserved >Im Literal Trash: Its just normals xD i don't know why you'd think this is a valid excuse either. toxic is toxic, regardless if it's pvsai, ranked or aram, if you're toxic, you'll get punished >Riot will ignore players who are 100x more toxic than me, int, troll, etc. le typical flamer's defence. "but others did more than me so bla bla bla bla bla" no
Lol did you even read that section of the chat log? I said 'It's just normals xD' because my team was telling everyone in /all chat to report me for stealing my mid laner's penta, to which I responded with that. It was completely unrelated to when I was toxic to Shaco. If you read the whole thing which I'm presuming you didn't since you took what I said during that part of the chat log out of context, then I suggest you read it again and not jump to conclusions next time. Have a good day :)
: If it really is that hard to just not type, then here's a constructive idea. I'm positive you can already do this with a bit of creativity, though I never tested it. - Make a new account, and befriend it with your main. Use an easily quick-typeable summoner name. - While flaming ingame, start each message with the /whisper command (maybe this isn't the name for it, but i think it can be used with /W too) and send your things to that new account instead of the team or all chat. - (if it isn't the command, I believe there is a /help that shows you every possible chat command, thus you can find it)
: Sadly not really anymore, it's 2 weeks ban first, then perma.. that's it.
Did Riot remove chat restrictions? Because last time I checked it was 10 game chat restrictions, 25 game chat restrictions, 2 week ban and finally permaban. On my first offence I got a 2 week ban though.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
My suggestion about chat restrictions failed, but my self-mute suggestion has yet to be tested (if it ever is I hope). Clearly like @ChaosLlamma said, you can't be reasoned with.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Even if that was the case, wouldn't it still be better for the community as a whole if players could rage without anyone seeing? I don't see the issue with having a self-mute option. It's a win-win situation for all players really- people can say whatever they want without anyone having to see. In turn, no one gets offended and it improves the community as a whole.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Some people, like myself, prefer to type their rage rather than shout it. If everyone talked to their monitor, then there would be no toxic people in league which clearly isn't the case.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: There are actually a lot of players who've played for years without any need for punishment :\
But that's not what I'm referring to. What I was saying is that, regardless of whether the players got banned or not, I'm quite sure most players have said at least 1 toxic thing in their whole months or even years of playing. Be it as simple as 'noob' or as severe as telling someone they're autistic.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
If optional chat restrictions were an issue and made people express their toxicity in other less detectable ways, then Riot should at least give us an option or command which allows players to type things without the other players in our games seeing what we type. This way, players can express their anger in a way which no one sees it. This would allow players to freely express their emotions without anyone having to get offended or butthurt. The idea of communication between players won't be completely revoked with feature. Players will still be able to talk to their teammates without the ideal command I'm talking about. But if players do happen to tilt during games, they won't have to take it out on others. They'll be able to type without having other players feeling offended.
: But how do you know this? How do you know that no one else found this offensive? Are you some kind of mind reader?
Because everyone in chat ignored it and the person I said it to replied to it with "xD" and "<3", as I've mentioned many times before. If someone had a problem with what I said in game I'm pretty sure they would've said something about it lol.
: Will you stop going on about what other people are or are not doing! This is about **YOU** and nobody else. Take freaking responsibility for your actions will you. Be a damn adult.... There is no justification to say the K word in league! None.
I love how people like you in this community act as if they've never said at least 1 toxic thing to someone else, even if it's something as simple as 'noob'. But judging off what you're saying, you must be the one angelic player who's never flamed in their whole time playing league. Kappa.
: "Im Literal Trash: %%% Im Literal Trash: %%% shaco Im Literal Trash: Because you love to one shot my ass" You deserved the ban. :)
Did you even read how I justified myself? Lmao
: And what about the other people in your team? Did they find it **FUNNY** ?
They didn't care lmao. The only person who responded to what I said was shaco and that was it.
: My 14 day ban appeal.
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: My 14 day ban appeal.
Alright I understand where I went wrong, even though my opinion on how I think the system is unfair for people who int and troll remains. Is there any way I could chat restrict myself in game when my suspension ends? I really don't want to risk getting permabanned since I don't want the hassle of starting a new account. If anyone could reach out to me on how I could chat restrict myself in game to prevent something from this happening again, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >Just to clarify, it was NOT the enemy shaco who reported me. He took what I said as a joke and left it behind. Now here is a fact for you: YOU CAN't KNOW THAT. You assume that he took it lightly and didn't report you but you simply don't know that. What if he out "XD" in the chat but still took offense to that and reported you? Death is something you should never joke about. Joke or not, you still told another person that you do not know to kill himself. That is highly offensive and not anything to joke about. It doesn't even have to be shaco. It can be his teammate or your teammate who thinks it was offensive and reported you which makes the report valid.
Even if he did report me, which I doubt he did, I still feel as if the system is unfair for banning me for a saying something like that in a single game whereas other toxic players repeatedly flame and troll every game and still get away. It seems as if nowadays the system only punishes people who are toxic without the player being able to justify themselves and inters and trolls get away clean. Lol.
Cypherous (EUW)
: It doesn't matter if they took it as a joke, the system doesn't care about context for things like that, and besides, even if the person you were directing it at took it as a joke, there are still 3 other people who could have taken offence to it and reported you for it, don't joke with stuff like that, you learned this the hard way
But the people who reported me did it for a completely unrelated reason? Also I understand what you're trying to say but I still thinks it's unfair that Riot lets people who actually toxic and call people autists etc. get away but I say one simple remark which was taken as a joke and I get a 14-day suspension. Not even chat restrictions. Kappa
: My 14 day ban appeal.
Just to clarify, it was NOT the enemy shaco who reported me. He took what I said as a joke and left it behind. The reason I was reported was because my team reported me for stealing my teammate's pentakill, it was my team who reported me for a reason unrelated to what I said, and not the enemy Shaco. I'm guessing they reported me for verbal abuse since there is no option to report someone for ks and this is how I got banned.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Im Literal Trash: %%% Was this that little 3 letter abbreviation starting with a K? :P Because if so, the system doesn't care if you "thought" it was a joke because its not something to joke about and carries a 14 day ban
But the person I said it to took it as a joke and responded with 'xD' and '<3'. I was reported by my team because I stole a penta.
GLurch (EUW)
: You may have thought of it as a joke, but fact is you were reported. Seems like someone didn't get your "joke". You know, some jokes are also just inappropriate. You don't go to random people and joke to them about suicide, just like you don't just joke to random people about child abuse or homophobia. You never know what others experienced and just not doing your "joke" won't cost you much.
I got reported by my team for stealing a penta. I think you misunderstood because the Shaco who I was 'toxic' to and said '%%%' to took what I said as a joke and responded with 'xD' and '<3' . The reason I was reported was for the last part of the chat log because I stole my teammate's penta
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