: https://imgur.com/qEwTw59 There was a 6 level difference :) I can 1shot lvl 4 bots with a lvl 10 nida spear, draven auto attack, syndra R, veigar W,velkoz R, karma RQ, lethality garen with dark harvest Q or E, Lethality Udyr Q, rumble R, Kayn Q+auto, shaco backstab, should I continue or you get the idea?
Totally balanced. Free farm game and just R. Skill compehensation. Also a good MMR on the matchup. Plat vs low Gold.
: Well obviously you can cause karthus managed it just fine... either don’t let a champion free farm to an insane level or farm better yourself...
He can free farm with this meta lol. He spends 0 mana on jungle, he spams R to get gold. And fastly gets all the money. You'll see. You will start seeing more and more Karth + Nunu games. Hope you enjoy these games.
: So he was extremely ahead... therefore this is still the same point... most champions that far ahead will do similar... feed anyone enough and they will one shot no matter if it’s farm or kills. And there are a ton of items and abilities which can prevent karthus ult from having an effect... use them
Man, its a game where we're all LVL 10. We can't even finish an item at that lvl...
: Well any fed champ is unalanbed then :/
He was 5/2, and he's so balanced that managed to farm 300 minions on 17 min. Free mana + gold x hit every ult.
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