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: Thx! I missed the "WilliRex" icon. Now I have all.
: Wow, this is legit working. I don’t really speak any language other than English, but I still like the icons. :p Thanks mate! :p
you're welcome :)
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gile31 (EUW)
: What happened? I remember seeing all channels removed and the next morning the entire server was gone.
a moderator went and banned all 1000members while every admin was offline somehow now we are rebuilding the server. If you want you can come back now but we are only 300members so far. Invite link:
: Server is alright but would be better with karaoke {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Will maybe be once we grow sir :)
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: Better try find that out, eh?
yes {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Lol I just wonder if Discord would be able to handle that... even with a thousand people I think it would be pretty crazy
yes but there is a limit im pritty sure for ammount of people there are in a discord server
: Sounds interesting, are there any requirements or rank for these players who may wanna join? **"We will have 5v5 custom game"** I like that, perhaps gives me a chance to be a bit better :)
no requirements but i guess lvl 30 would be nice to be, and guessing after a while we could do like silver & gold only and such but we need more members
: So... you're making a server for... ~10 million people? Or, whatever is the rough amount of people playing in EUW
yes, why not? So far i havent seen a person being disappointed with it and its not like all the EUW league players will join a discord server
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: after reading everything {{summoner:3}}
just kidding, i only looked at the pictures and the title names{{summoner:6}}
: Pro Tips: Rule the Jungle
after reading everything {{summoner:3}}

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