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Fador (EUW)
: iQ Looking for players for Team (Silver/Gold)
1. season 2+ 2. promo to plat 5 3. ADC>JUNGLE 4. Sivir>Cait>Ash no need others)
Ziaja (EUW)
: [Team Extremity] Looking for a new skilled JUNGLE - Read before adding -
Fluent English Speaker? Yes Silver 5 or above last season? Yes(G1) Main the role you apply for? Yes Have Teamspeak and a good mic? Yes *Be able to play at least 4 days a week? Yes
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Lóvéll (EUW)
: I Got Banned For Toxicity
there are liek 90% of players who suck at this game imporsible to stay calm i got like 5 accoutns banned and i still gona say what i think... if u suck then u just suck... if u think about the problem problem is not the toxic behaviour its the NOOBS playing ranked. get rid of the couse then u will get rid of the problem.
Turmoil (EUW)
: Revolution Wild Recruiting! (ANY RANK! Pref Silver/Gold)
-Main language dutch russian english -Age 27 sep 1987 -Rank gold silver 3 atm 9w 14L -Server EUW .... -IGN Im Tolik -Reason looking for team to improve
: Plat 5 Supp Making new team (serious) EUW
AGE: 28 COUNTRY: Holland ROLE: jungle/adc RANK: just got acc to 30 silver 3 max gold 1 MAIN CHAMPIONS: whatever team needs shaco xin sedjuani noc sivir cait twitch lucian WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE TEAM: there is no point for me atm to play solo, im not getting any expirience from this, need serius team.

Im Tolik

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