: Wrongfully Banned
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xZoe (EUW)
: Banned 'MMR Boosting'
Same thing happened with me. Mostly accused of hiring a kai smurf because for some reasons sticking to the main champions you know well enough is very suspicious. If you'd like to read here's my post https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/GUesrzy8-wrongfully-banned I don't think we're going to get unbanned and compensated tbh,it's very unlikely even tho their ban system is flawed. Let me know how your case goes tho and good luck!
: In normal games he goes 1/2/1 on Kai'sa. In ranked he goes stupid scores like 17/1. Go figure?
Yeah? So we're just gnna ignore every other game? http://prntscr.com/lh7ci8 http://prntscr.com/lh7crl Here's what happened in the 1/2 game http://prntscr.com/lh7cx4 Only one left was Xayah it took one person to ff. Bro,there are better adc's than you. I just so happen to be the best you'll ever see,go figure if you think i'm going to be you and pay someone to boost my ass out of silver lmfao
: >Let me clarify then,when i say "No one has touched my account" i meant i have not willingly let anyone use it. >That random login could have been my account being slightly exposed. Hope that clears it up Your attempts to foreign ignorance make me consider to not lend you any aid. Someone beeing in possession of your login credentials is a _huge_ thing. Downplaying it like that is something only people do who feel guilty and uncomfortable about this topic (or are absurdly ignorant). Denying both those feelings and still seeking justice is unwise and a point where I won't help you from anymore.
Of the two years i've had my account,this was the first and only time this has happened,it also happened while i was already logged in so i managed to instantly change my password in the space of a minute or so. If i was guilty or uncomfortable then i wouldn't have put myself in a position to show it my dude. I'm not guilty of anything and i'm definitely comfortable with putting as much info as i can into my case,if it means adding someone logged into my account somehow then i'll say it,plus i was in a lobby with a friend of mine.
: I sometimes use a VPN (USA IP Address) to listen to pandora.com. I sometimes forget to turn it off.....so what, i am gonna be banned now?
Straight up i have a VPN too and lately i've been thinking if it had anything to do with this. I never turn it on and if i do,i turn it off and make sure it's off right when i'm done using it,so i'm not sure. To answer your question,no,BUT if you play ranked there's a chance,yes.
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings ImHeatless, It seems this is your first time being punished for boosting, it is therefore 'only' a 2-week ban, and removal of all previous ranked rewards, so you have NOT lost the account as you're making it sound like. Due to security practices, Riot won't tell you what they've looked into regarding your account, to determine that it has been used to for boosting purposes either as a booster or a boostee. What I can tell you, is that the one detail you brought up, which is your IP is only a very part of it, and is rarely used with a high degree of accuracy, due to the many ways in which you can mask They're not going to point out a specific match or method you've used, because it'll compromise Riot' future investigations. While I understand this can be frustrating for you, based on the discussion with the PS agent, he seemed absolutely convinced that it was a watertight case they had against you.
I realize that may look like i'm exaggerating but it's the principal of it. I earned something that i put in A LOT of time and effort into getting only to get it stripped away from something i'm confident i didn't do :/ Every time i hear "boosting is taken seriously" my blood pressure rises because i simply didn't get boosted. Like if i was offered a deal,to stay banned but i get to keep my end of season rewards,i'll say you know what,instead of banned until the 22nd,make it until December 1st. Hell make it until January 1st 2019. As long as i get what i worked so hard to get,and the thing is i may not be a very high elo player but playing with silvers is very frustrating regardless of winning. Most players have their eyes set on kills to get fed whereas i have my eyes set on turrets. If you were to check all my matches in ranked solo q's,i can guarantee most of the games i had most damage done to turrets/objecitves. Like i said,i'd rather my account gets locked up until the end of 2018 but still get the rewards i rightfully deserve than to lose it all.
: It was mind blowing. Thing is my friend is in Canada how is he going to boost me? He also made it seem like anyone that aspires to play a champion is a crime lmfao. I'm a big D adc,i go all in when i know i can win the trade,but nawh i apparently got boosted our of bronze lmfaoooooooooo
Their support is not the best. Having the info i need would make things a lot easier. Right now they pulled out their D and smacked it on my forehead and told me to stay quiet. You can look at all my proof and have the right to be a little suspicious,but for you and the other dude to come and say it's "justified" is wrong. Neither of you know me or know how i play,i love playing Vayne and Kai for the fact that they do so much but in return they have to be very close and can risk dying very easily. AI can still make mistakes and so can humans. Instead of them telling me to be quiet and closing the case,i would much rather they slapped the proof on my face and THEN whooped out their D and smacked my forehead with it.
: > [{quoted}](name=ImHeatless,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=GUesrzy8,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2018-11-09T20:41:07.849+0000) > > There is one case where someone logged into my account while i was already online,maybe a month ago or so. Not sure about the IP but i instantly changed my password. > [{quoted}](name=ImHeatless,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=GUesrzy8,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-09T05:21:17.024+0000) > > Nobody has touched my account either. I'm telling you,this whole thing is bogus. My last ranked game was 6 days ago,then the one before that was 18 days ago (When i hit gold). It's hard to help you if you contradict yourself. Also it doesn't help your credibility either. If you want justice you'd better set aside all your personal interests and tell the truth, because every boosted player just wants his account back, you'd be no difference there.
Let me clarify then,when i say "No one has touched my account" i meant i have not willingly let anyone use it. That random login could have been my account being slightly exposed. Hope that clears it up Edit: I'd love to have my account back but that's not the main concern. My main concern is getting what i legitimately earned all by myself. I made the final push for the border as well,not just the bragging rights.
StormF (EUNE)
: The amount of bs he is talking is absurd I barely read all the way threw...
It was mind blowing. Thing is my friend is in Canada how is he going to boost me? He also made it seem like anyone that aspires to play a champion is a crime lmfao. I'm a big D adc,i go all in when i know i can win the trade,but nawh i apparently got boosted our of bronze lmfaoooooooooo
lalalagirl (EUNE)
: The exact same thing happened to me yesterday!
What did they say?
: The booster who was playing on your account likely showed up as an IP address from a different country. Unless you were playing a bit of league on holiday?
There is one case where someone logged into my account while i was already online,maybe a month ago or so. Not sure about the IP but i instantly changed my password.
: This is the last time I'm replying to you, because you have pretty much only confirmed my theory up to now. "Only difference is that last season I wasn't as good as I am now" Naturally, people tend to improve unless they go on hiatus. I never said that you didn't improve, in fact, I stated that you used the time that someone else was on your account to practise ADC so it woudn't be obvious once you took your account back. The friend you mentioned is _exactly_ in the elo I guessed your booster would be of which I had said it would be a friend that mains adc (Vayne). You went ahead and pinpointed a friend that falls precisely into my description, as if I needed more confirmation. Also you say last season you could just barely push out of silver 3 with your ex (? ex what? girlfriend? boyfriend? friend?). This was outside of SoloQ, I know this because else it would show on your OP GG as s7 silver and when you hover over it it'd say silver 3 and with how many league points you had. Your SoloQ ranking for season 7 is Silver 5 with 84 LP. It is very likely that you were placed in bronze and had your friend boost you from your computer at your place or at the internet cafe you mention to silver. It's not that big a jump, nobody would notice and you would have at least some sort of reward. You thought you'd get away because you're right, you weren't on any IP you shouldn't have been, but tough luck friend, the system detects your playstyle and so it probably noticed what I noticed with Jinx, only it noticed it for more champions: your positioning became _worse_. It means you practised, you had the cs, you could throw the KDA and winrate on bad luck, but having such a spike in how much damage you take means you have been playing more reckless than you did last season. That's a shift in macro that is dubious to say the least, especially if the system detected it on more champions than just Jinx. I'm not a person that is very confident in the Riot judgement system, but seeing as you've been dancing around my points so far, I can only view my theory as confirmed and regretfully I'll side with Riot on their decision. That'd be it. I won't be replying anymore. Again, good luck next season.
You are by far,the dumbest,the most DELUSIONAL person i have EVER met. My relationship status and what i prefer is non of your business so i never mentioned "ex what". All you've done and anyone else including Riot is let me know how much of a god damn good ADC i am,idgaf what anyone says anymore,i did so well that Riot deemed it necessary to ban me and apparently you deem it right to ACCUSE me of something i would NEVER do Thank you for letting me know how much of a bad ass ADC i am,i see you still won't take up my offer on that game so i'm sure you realize that you're in the wrong. Good luck in your life,i really do feel bad for anyone that gets in your path with all the amount of accusations you've been throwing around claiming they are "true". Petty.
: It's rather unlikely that you got banned for playing good though. I do pretty much the same thing as you, just with way lesser ranked games but a higher winrate. On another hand, boosting doesn't need to be intentional, could it be that you let one of your friends play on your account, maybe just to show you how some things are done? Even if it's just for two or three games and doesn't give you much of any LP. Like I would let a challenger friend of mine play on my account a ranked or two just to learn how to deal with the players on my elo. That shouldn't really hurt anyone.
Nobody has touched my account either. I'm telling you,this whole thing is bogus. My last ranked game was 6 days ago,then the one before that was 18 days ago (When i hit gold).
xTigax3 (EUW)
: I don't understand it I have so many smurfs which I play and none ever got banned for "MMR Boosting" even tho I easily get huge winstreaks on champs those accounts have never played before etc because all smurfs own different champs because I have a huge champ pool. I also know of people who obviously got boosted and they are also not banned so I am quite confused on your case, sry to hear so
For the life of me i can't figure out why either. Neither in season 6 when i first started nor in season 7 where i semi tried have had over 40-50 wins. The one season i try and i succeed i get the shaft? It really makes no sense.
: That's this season, as I already stated, Riot is probably banning you for something that happened last season. And I think I know enough with what you just gave me. Good luck next season.
Last season is the same as this season. Only difference is that last season i wasn't as good as i am now. Last season i could just barely push out of silver 3 with my ex. This season i had better knowledge and figured out the pattern of the average silver player and used it to my advantage of taking objectives like there's no tomorrow. If you still think that i was actually boosted,since we're both in EUW then would you like to play a game or two with me? I'm willing to go the extra mile to prove that this is a mistake.
: His name and rank would make for a good start.
Can't give you that info,the man is quite toxic and gets banned a little too often. I'd say he's a solid high gold player,can't go over due to his impulse in game that leads to throws. The last account i know of is in NA,named Miaa Malkovaa or something along those lines. Named after a pornstar lol. Before you get on with that i think you're implying,notice how i spammed the living hell out of Kai'sa and not Vayne,for obvious meta reasons.
: More interested in the friend you mentioned that mains Vayne.
What would you like to know?
: What do you think you could have done, that an investigation gives a positive result?
I think that me actually playing at my full potential made them think it was a boost. I do this in every game,i start off normally,i gain more exp and stay away from ranked,at a certain point i feel like i should try a competitive match and see what i can do there. Only difference is that in this case i'm being accused of something i didn't do.
: Don't be fooled by that. The reason that MMR boosting takes your rewards from this season as well as last season is because Riot takes a long time to double check this. The actual ELO boosting therefore probably occured in last season rather than this one, which is why all these post so confidently state they did nothing wrong in this season. Now if you look at his past rank information and compare that to this season, you're going to notice something funky. Namely, 21 wins and 13 losses on Jinx last season with 212 average cs and an average of 15k damage taken which is significantly lower than all the other adcs he played a lot that season. Then you look at his Jinx this season and he suddenly takes an average of 20k damage, same average cs but a winrate of merely 38% (this implies a change in positioning). That's just the Jinx thing though, and that can be explained by being unlucky and tilted in this season. Happens to the best of us and it's why my Xayah winrate plummeted this season too, so I wouldn't just judge him by that, BUT, he has an enormous champion pool in the previous season in which he plays a lot of high skill champions and wins while losing on very low skill champions and only playing them once or twice tops. He has 100% winrate on completely viable and good champions too, but he doesn't use those more than once and they are not all on the ADC role. They are mainly jungle, top and mid. It slowly becomes more likely that he was boosted by an adc main last season and then learned adc himself in the meanwhile to cover it up. The booster was probably a gold - plat friend, meaning his skill level wouldn't show as a drastic difference from silver either. He ended last season in silver V so he probably really wanted to get out of bronze. He's gold 5 now.
I was never in bronze,not when i started,not now. Last season i cared so little about ranked matches and never tried to better myself. This season i did everything i could to better myself and achieve what i'm capable of doing,there are multiple reasons but i am mainly tired of having a bad game and someone calling me a "silver" and that i can never climb out. So i did,i got to gold 5 and i've never been so proud of myself. My massive champ pool is from the amount of money i spent on the game before the loot system changed,trying to get skins and whatnot. Which resulted in all champ shards being rerolled. A season lasts almost a year,in a year of playing the game are you saying it isn't possible that someone could do much better? I got to level 252 for a reason. I observed a lot and learned everything i could about my main role. I got into playing adc because of my closest friend who introduced me to the game was an adc main,more specifically,Vayne. http://prntscr.com/lg2yjy That is a screenshot of my top masteries/mastery score with my champions. Notice the adc's. https://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/summoner?summoner=ImHeatless&region=EUW That's the link if you'd like to see more.
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